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    Re: Cleaning Plastic Excluders

    Try soaking them in a tub of hot tap water for a hour or so then go over them with a stiff bristle brush. Then rinse off.
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    Re: Russian sage is impresive

    I planted 30 russian sage plants this summer. They have tripled in size and are full of blooms. My bees ignore it.
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    Re: Best weather to vaporize the bees

    I treated mine with out any problems as well. I just finished doing a friends hives and no problems there either. I choose to do them at daylight before first flight. I notice they are anxious to...
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    Re: Please Stop...

    Warning..I am in my first year. Lol...Speaking for myself, prior to taking the plunge I read several books and took a beginner bee course. I had a lot of questions and the frustrating thing was the...
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    Looks to be the right decision.

    To vaporize with oxacalic acid or not. Four nucs from spring in double deeps. 1 out of three booming and 2 superseded themselves and 1 suffering. The 1 suffering was maybe the strongest at one point...
  6. Re: Oxalic acid 1st experience doing it...

    Redbug my bee club is not using oxacalic vaporizers either. I had a high mite load in two of my hives and I am sure I would have lost them if not for treating with oxacalic acid. (Thanks snl). My...
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    Re: sweet clover

    Robbin I see you are from Florida. Sweet clover does not do well for us this far South. Read up on Durana clover. Durana is a better choice for us.
  8. Re: first year bee keep should i bee treating them with anything for winter?

    21 hives 1st year? Do you see a lot of small hive beetles (shb) inside your hives? Have you done any tests for mites? You need to research these 2 hive killers. You may be ok or you may have the...
  9. Re: Still making stupid mistakes. Counted my honey before I extracted it....

    I have 4 hives with double deeps and in June without supers ( first year hives) top boxes had 5 frames of honey and a couple in bottom box. Then by August a lot of the honey was consumed. Maybe...
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    Re: Sticky board above or below SBB?

    Leave them in all the time. I put a nuc in a 10 frame hive with a sbb and didn't put the tray in till the next day and 50 or so bees clustered to the screen on the underside. I moved them out and...
  11. Re: ideas/suggestions for hive inspections during the "mean" and lean season?

    Today 96 deg no breeze and high humidity. I was in my full ultra breeze suit with shorts and t shirt and was cooking. I was completely drenched In sweat. The ventilated suit is nice but a lot better...
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    Re: howdy from south carolina

    Welcome from Ridgeville SC. Sounds like you have a good problem. I started this year as well. Coming from a can make a nuc or two and let them make their own queen. If it does not work...
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    Re: SSRV Beehive transport system.

    People around where I live see a man on a moped the first thought is " he must have had a dui." ( in SC a license is not required for a moped) Then seeing you are pulling a beehive the thought would...
  14. Re: Ideas for "in line" filter and "automatic" valve

    Ridgeville to Conway is a little over an hour. Myrtle Beach is about 90 min.
  15. Re: Ideas for "in line" filter and "automatic" valve

    I am impressed Sqkcrk. I want to see you inspect a hundred hives this winter since you winter your bees a hour from me. I would like to see your bottling operation also but New York is a little...
  16. Re: "...honey vs. sucrose or high fructose corn syrup"

    The times we live in..just because statements are labeled " scientific evidence" mean they are facts or just someones inflated opinion. Money in the form of funding or even political pressure ...
  17. Re: "...honey vs. sucrose or high fructose corn syrup"

    How about someone with a small garden telling a commercial vegetable farmer how he should be raising his vegetables. about a person with a few hives telling commercial or sideliners or...
  18. Re: Setting up foundation-less frames questions - Wedge Style Frames

    I started this past spring with four nucs that are now in double deeps. I went mostly foundation less. If I had to start over I would have used a few more frames of foundation maybe all foundation. ...
  19. Re: Cleaning now Blackened Beeswax splotches from the driveway

    Try bleach with some dawn dish washing liquid . Let it sit on stains for about 10 min then wash off.
  20. 1 deep with medium vs double deep brood boxes

    Here in SC and down south the predominant hive set up is 1 deep then 1 medium for brood then honey supers. It seems more north you go double deeps is more the norm. Why? With our limited nectar...
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    Re: feeding bees

    Blake....I started this year with 4 nucs. 2 in early March and 2 in early May. I have been feeding 1:1 syrup since I picked them up except for 3 weeks of gallberry flow. The nucs were light this year...
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    Re: Drying plastic coated gloves

    Try doing an inspection without the gloves. I have done 2 complete inspections without the gloves. I like it a lot better. Better grip and feel. I don't have any hot hives and the gloves are close ...
  23. Re: Recycling Wax and Honey Back into Hive?

    When I scrape burr comb that has honey in it I spread it out in a pan and let the bees clean it up.
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    Re: Forest Fire Silver Lining?

    Fire is not all bad. When we control burn our pine woods it wakes up the forest floor. Months afterwards everything is green and alive. Our flow from gallberry is always stronger the next year...
  25. Re: SHB - Not so much this year ? So far.....

    I was averaging 25 per week dead on tray under scree
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