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  1. Re: The jelly in Californian packages - what is it made of?

    it is a HFCS made with Agar. The Agar stays gelled to about 150 regular gelitain is liquid at 95 since clusters hang at about 92.....

    the trick is you can't heat HFCS when you process it, as...
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    Re: moffit loader

    I have 3, wouldn't use anything else. There are several option, Moffit Princton, spyder, and donkey being the main one.
    If you can get all wheel drive(3 wheels usually) do it. I run a...
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    1200 medium supers 800 shallow supers

    1200 med supers located in central GA, with cleats drawn comb 15.00 each 9 frames each

    700 shallows 8 frames, 8.00 each located in IL

    Email for photos.
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    Super, wax spinner.,uncapper extractor

    Upgraded and changed the systems this year.

    12-1400 shallow supers, drawn comb. 8 frames in 10 frame box. 10.00 each, some of the boxes a bit rough but usable equipment no doubt....
  5. Re: NEONICATOIDS ..........And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you

    unfortunately this is the same story posted before, totally devoid of facts and information. just a writers take on a study that is no where near completed.
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    Re: Who sells printed metal lids in the US?

    there are several out there that do that, there refered to as "tins" problem is them will have pretty good sized Min orders.
  7. Re: EPA grants $500K for projects to reduce risks to bees

    Yes I would like them to fund a study that shows the levels of pesticides in both healthy and non healthy hives. We seem to be runiing on a Zero tolerance most of the time, and sometimes on a...
  8. Re: Advantages I Have Had With Screened Bottom Boards (SBB's)

    bearding has to do with temps and ventialtion inside the hive. too many bees make it to hot for brood. While some worry about it, its not a huge issue, other than those bees could have been inside...
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    Re: Crystallization

    I would have recommended against a crock pot.. Even on low they will boil water which will ruin honey. The problem with honey is it takes TIME for the heat to penetrate. while a crock pot may...
  10. Re: Queens are relatively cheaper now than before Varroa????

    Wow I remeber ABBA too them blondes were nice....
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    Re: What is local raw honey?

    Really? you belive this?? you think thats its a HUGE massive coverup?? you don't follow the public very well then cause for every one of "bought off" people there are 10 wanting the 15 minutes...
  12. Re: Queens are relatively cheaper now than before Varroa????

    For good queens that can be TF 60.00 is a no brainer........ thats kinda been my point for months!
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    Re: Another Propane Fogger Oxalic Acid Idea

    My wheel is flat on one side for parking... Might want to wait till i perfect it...
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    Re: Disclaimer for nuc sales.

    I think I am going to use something like this for PACKAGES and NUCS.....

    Unfortunately we live in a new era of the internet and TF bloggers... A LOT of new beekeepers think you put them in a...
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    Re: Another Propane Fogger Oxalic Acid Idea

    Makes even less sense..... hauling the battery around is too much work, so we give that up for a highly expermental and possible dangerous method that requires a air compressor, power supply and...
  16. Re: Dr. Alex Lu Paper on Neonics Detection Methodology in Pollen and HFCS!

    Nabber, your missing science these days, it REQUIRES the tug at the heartstrings to get funding. its what its all about now.
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    Re: Packaged Bee splits?

    funny nobody mentions the real issues. Drawn comb and weather. IF you have some drawn comb for each hive, its not a bad plan and works fine. you will see about a 25% loss another words 1 in 4...
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    Re: Donated honey

    WAY WAY WAY too much information
  19. Re: How many queens can one person catch per day?

    Keep mateing yards a long ways from full size hives, and it shouldn't be a problem. Don't forget, you can't cage queens well in inclement weather, or on a cold day.... opening that brood at less...
  20. Re: Queens are relatively cheaper now than before Varroa????

    acces to cheap Mexican labor is an interesting term... I can tell you many of the larger guys have Mexican crews. The real issue is not the cost of that labor, but the quality. Most of the...
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    Re: Trapping SHB away from the hive?

    Cantalope/ melons are a 2nd best bait. But real hard to beat a hive....
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    Re: Some Science related to Beehive Colour

    No, painting is actually used to dissipate heat. (AC Delco Enginneer for 8 years) no particular color issue with heat, more of a cost/quality issue. (white hard to keep clean) Unpainted surfaces...
  23. Re: Queens are relatively cheaper now than before Varroa????

    Well here is an Idea... get one of those TF wizards to share his genetic line thats bullet proof (several swear buy it) and 50.00 a queen is absolutly no problem.....
  24. Re: Advantages I Have Had With Screened Bottom Boards (SBB's)

    Shin, them beetles DO NOT CARE screen or solid will make No difference with screened, the will be in the top of the hive so you may SEE more.....

    As for bearding. Its a good thing. I am...
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    Re: Punkin and pickle pollination

    I get 50 a hive from pumpkins.. Most of the issues are the landowners pumpkins can/do require a lot of spraying. IF<IF<IF<IF you can get them to spray at night its not a problem. Most guys want...
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