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    Re: Abort Mission!!

    Did you smoke the hive? my survivor stock swarms are more aggressive then package bees by far. So I always smoke the hives and go real slow. not having a queen can make them angery and their hive...
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    Re: staining -vs- painting

    I use Sherwin Williams Duration plus a primer now on new hives I go and ask for the oop's colors and get it for a steal Plus Duration is warranted for life!
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    Re: Worst weather of the winter

    March 19th and its snowing this Morning!
  4. Re: I do not use smoke. I use sugar water mist.

    Because doing something the right way might save a person undue injury and or death. But maybe your right who cares. So this might be something Ron White would be proud of on how to fix something.
  5. Re: I do not use smoke. I use sugar water mist.

    What I see here is a underling not spoken thing I am seeing. I think this is coming from the anti-tobacco smoking crowd. Who thinks all smoke is bad and if it might cause the bees to get lung cancer...
  6. Re: I do not use smoke. I use sugar water mist.

    Smoke! it works every time! I would not in million years use sugar water to work my bee's! I also will never work a hive with out a smoker period. All this zen beekeeping bunk is just that bunk. A...
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    Re: ground rod for elec fence

    Rebar Can be used it has to meet some code and it has to be min 8 feet in to the ground 1/2 inch dia, and at least three place 6 feet apart from each other and have a #6 copper wire continually...
  8. Re: What type of paint for painting pictures on hives?

    WOW that equals to what? needing to put a clear finish on your home after primer and two coats of paint? A good quality 100% Acrylic latex paint is going last 20 plus years
  9. Re: What type of paint for painting pictures on hives?

    I go to Paint stores like Kelly-Moor Parker Paint Sherwin williams and get the stuff they screw up on with coloring. Some of my hives are strange colors. But the paint is of high quality at dirt...
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    Re: Hive Autopsy

    Cool Winevines did not know that placing the dead bees ETOH and H2O would do that to see mites from the dead bees. Thanks for sharing.
  11. Re: WARNING: Honey extractor - Betterbee vs. Brushy Mountain

    The main reason for Me never ever to buy anything from Maxant is the arrogant attitude to any one who does not buy his product. Sorry I don't belittle any one on buying what they think works best for...
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    Re: Yellow jackets!!!

    Just get the ones they sell at Home depot and buy the large attractant that you buy extra the wholes in the trap a honey bee can come and go but a wasp or yellow jacket can't.
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    Re: Harvest times.

    As a beek my first worry is getting new hives to next year and I never harvest the first year. Just me. but as soon as the blooms are gone I would pull my supers.
  14. Re: WARNING: Honey extractor - Betterbee vs. Brushy Mountain

    And you know what? my Timex keeps time just as well a Rolex it does the same thing. so unless you extractor moves my suppers de-capps the frames and bottles the honey too then I could care less. All...
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    Re: New to beekeeping and perplexed

    First off do you have anything blooming? no blooms no honey! I don't know what blooms in Mass. Here in Washington what blooms is apple cherry and plums bloom around late march to mid to late April....
  16. Thread: mean bees

    by honeydreams

    Re: mean bees

    Well First off the more they have to protect the more aggressive they become. the Italian cordovan are a great breed I have several hives with them as well as NWC both are great breeds. if you want...
  17. Re: WARNING: Honey extractor - Betterbee vs. Brushy Mountain

    Money! plain and simple as that I have a very nice nine frame motorized extractor from Brushy mountain and it does everything a maxant will do at half the cost. it all boils down to how much it costs.
  18. Thread: Earthquake

    by honeydreams

    Re: Earthquake

    Welcome to the world of the west coast. We get them little shakers all the time. anything above 6.5 we start to take notice. Hope every one is ok. Now maybe the east coast will adopt seismic building...
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    Re: One good hive!

    Could be.
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    One good hive!

    Well I had one hive that has been gang busters. I got off that one hive over six gallons of honey! the rest of my hives only so so.
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    Re: Has anyone used this extractor?

    no it is not if you want a good one that is not a arm and leg a saf from brushy mountain is great I have a SAF motorized extractor and it spins it out fast. Maxant is good too but i can't justify the...
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    Re: very painful stings...normal?

    Stings like that sound like angioedema and is a precursor to anaflactic shock. Wear a full bee suit wear the proper gloves and use a smoker and have a epi pen! I know from sad experience of this I...
  23. Re: What kind of bee's are these? Do i need to be worried about my families safety?

    bald face hornet. mean as they come!
  24. Re: Reminder to keep your epi-pens up to date and handy.

    I never had a problem too till I got the crud stung out of me a few weeks back.
    here is rules I follow now and advise all beekeepers to do like wise. Were rubber boots over your pants legs. Wear a...
  25. Thread: No Honey

    by honeydreams

    Re: No Honey

    your right on Concrete. This year stinks for honey for us. my goal is get my bees to next spring and hope for better next year.
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