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    Re: Italian v. Russian bees

    I started 5 years ago with Russians from Kellys in Kentucky. Now with 19 hives I have noticed one hive is as golden as pure Italians will another hive is almost black and all came from the same stock...
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    Re: When should I put out swarm traps?

    I fed my bees early and heavy last winter and lost a couple swarms the first week of March. Needless to say I wasn't prepared for swarms that soon and they got away from me. I will put traps out as...
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    Re: How much to sell honey for?

    I sold all my last years production for $8 per lb. Most in pint or quart jars. It went pretty fast at that price.
  4. Re: Hive on the shoulder of I-65 between Indy and Louisville

    Happens more often than you would think. My brother in law works for Indot and has picked up a few for me along I65.
  5. Re: Do you let bees draw out the frames or do you use wax foundation?

    I'm not sure if anyone else does this or what most would think of the idea, but I have been using a soft wire and weaving it thru the frames alot like wired wax foundation would be and then let the...
  6. Re: does crush 'n strain honey crystalize more slowly than extracted honey

    I too have had crystallized honey, but it was because I let it get cold sitting in a minimally heated garage. The honey I left in the house is fine. I heated the honey in a double boiler and it went...
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    Re: Honey vs 2:1 sugar feed

    I fed honey that separated from my capping wax back to my bees this fall. As stated by MB they didn't seem to know the difference and took syrup with honey in it at the same rate as plain syrup.
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    Re: Syrup vs Dry for fall feeding

    this late I'm feeding 2:1 syrup.
    Recipe I use is
    10 lb sugar
    approx 12 cups water
    7 drops lemongrass oil
    7 drops spearmint oil
    2 tablespoons white vinegar

    My bees love this stuff, but they...
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    Re: Kill the Russian or Italian

    If you keep bees long enough they will probably be a mix of the two anyway. I started with dark Russians, but I see some hives now that look just like Golden Italians so they should combine just fine.
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    Re: Should I be feeding in Ohio?

    I am in Indiana and goldenrod is fading in my area. I will start feeding this week and continue till December. I use 2:1 and add lemongrass oil, spearmint oil and vinegar. My bees will take this...
  11. Thread: Purple Pollen

    by bmat555

    Re: Purple Pollen

    I planted some Indian Corn ( speckled colors) and my bees were getting a purple pollen off it.
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    Re: Nectar versus sugar syrup

    Even when feeding sugar I see my bees crawling all over such things as wet dung covered cow lots, salt blocks, cow and chicken feed, and have even watched them clean a mitersaw of every speck of...
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    Package bees delayed!

    I just received an email from Kelleys in Kentucky informing me that the packages I purchased in January and scheduled to pickup April 26 would not be available until the end of May. Has anyone else...
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    Re: Is there a rule when to start feeding syrup?

    I see you are not very far north of me so here is what I do. I fed heavy syrup until it got too cold back in the fall. They consumed or stored syrup until December 1 or there abouts. I did treat for...
  15. Re: Russians are flying today, Italians aren't, that can't be good

    My russians were bearding the front of six hives (mouse guards probably causing a traffic jam) yesterday with temperature about 58 f. My Italians are no where to be found, but I'm pretty sure they...
  16. Thread: red clover ?

    by bmat555

    Re: red clover ?

    Red clover is a waste of money for bees. I cut hay on 50 acres of mixed grass and red clover. My bees will never use it, but cattle love it. I planted sweet clover for the bees and they love it, but...
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    Re: Feeders for lots of hives?

    I spotted a nice community feeder at Kellys last spring and built a modfied knock off using plywood and gallon pickle jars. Works great in the warm weather. I use entrance feeders anytime that I have...
  18. Re: Thymol Crystals, Lemon Grass, Mint Oils, . . ?

    You will get lots of opinions here so I'll give you mine from experience. I use lemon grass oil, spearmint oil and white vinegar in my sugar syrup. I never feed without using this formula and my bees...
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    Re: All my bees died:(

    I had the same problem with two hives when I first started keeping bees. I don't examine my hives as often as some beekeepers and leave them alone for the most part, but I do now treat for varroa. I...
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    Re: Another Bee Tree

    Feed them all they will take both dry sugar and syrup. If they don't get robbed out, you may be surprised at their ability to bounce back if the queen is there.
    If you are in it for profit and not...
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    Bees eating chicken feed?

    Hi, its been a while since I asked you all a dumb question and here is another.

    I have ten hives of Russian bees that I bought from Kellys, two were started this year in April on existing comb....
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    Re: Bees out of a tree.

    I had two trees last year about this time with bees. I asked the same questions and got the same advice. Both colonies died over the winter. If I had it to do again, I would cut them out and get them...
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    Treat for varroa or not?

    I have read some opinions from beeks on varroa and have a few questions. Would treating after the Goldenrod is done be the right time. What about not treating at all? I may lose a hive, but would the...
  24. Re: Too late for trapping feral bees in western NC?

    I had two strong hives in trees last year about this time. I was advised to leave them till next spring by several beeks. Fast forward to spring: both hives were deadouts. If I had cut them out and...
  25. Re: Western NY bees not drawing out supers - what's up with that?

    My first year hives were doing the same thing on new foundation in the top box. I gave them old foundation in the bottom box and I started feeding them as much as they will take often as much as a...
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