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    Re: 8 or 10 frame

    If you are worried about the weight of the boxes, just move frames instead of the full box. If you only plan have to have a few colonies, and are going to keep them in one bee yard, the heaviest...
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    Re: Best way to build up a lot of comb?

    I use 5 frame nuc boxes and the bees draw comb rapidly on foundations placed in a second box above the brood area. I feed through a hole in the inner cover and the bees start comb in the center...
  3. Re: Can You Identify This Famous Person in the History of Beekeeping?

    Nikolai Nasonov, who discovered Nasonov's glan in the honey bee.
  4. Re: Washington Post Article - DWV Caused by Man

    It has been known for years that varroa was spread by moving honey bees back and forth in the old USSR, that is nothing new. Last time I read anything on CCD there was still no cause determined.
  5. Re: Kelley news letter says: don't feed your bees GMO sugar!

    I know nothing about GMOs, but I do know about feeding sugar to honey bees. I have fed thousands of pounds of sugar, both beet sugar and cane sugar, and the bees do as well on one as they do the...
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    Re: Inferior Drones?

    A study done in Germany in the late 90s said that small drones from laying workers were at a "reproductive disadvantage" in natural mating compared to drones raised in normal drone cells. The drones...
  7. Re: Dimensions crucial for telescoping cover?

    The frame of the TC can't be too deep, the further down it extends the more wind resistant it is, just as ToeOfDog says. I have found 3 and a half to 4 inches will prevent the cover from blowing...
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    Re: Rough side in & propolis

    Propolis on the screen doesn't help the health of the colony, only that which is put on the parts of the hive that could have bacteria or fungus growing, and usually is adjacent to the brood. Just...
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    Re: What nails should I use?

    Decking or Drywall screws work really well too. They are slower to install than nails, but they don't back out.
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    Re: Hygenic test results on breeders

    I once asked Marla Spivak about the pin test for hygienic bees, and she said the colony must be checked within 6 hours of killing the prepupa.

    The test for bees that remove varroa that are...
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    Re: SHB OAV theory

    When I treated colonies with formic acid the beetles disappeared, then they returned in small numbers. The numbers for a month were much less than before treatment. After a month the numbers were...
  12. Thread: pollen?

    by AR Beekeeper

    Re: pollen?

    In my area the first pollen is from trees, usually Maples and Elms. Look at the trees and shrubs to see if they have buds opening.
  13. Re: Queen excluders & lower entrance colonies

    I use queen excluders and my bees collect as much surplus as do the other beekeepers around me that do not use them. I don't like to extract from comb that has had brood in it, and it is unhandy to...
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    Re: housel positioning

    The 3 years I did small cell I used it, but saw no benefits from it. Housel positioning is another of those better ideas that don't work when put to the test.
  15. Re: Install your replacement packages on a box of honey to avoid supersedure?

    I think the latest thinking is that supersedure in package bees is caused by an age imbalance in the adult population and can be prevented by adding a frame of emerging brood about 2 weeks after...
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    Re: The Mighty Mite Bomb...

    If my memory is correct Solomon lost a number of colonies the winter before he moved. He blamed winter condition and another beekeeper's treated bees, yet, here in a comparable location, treatment...
  17. Re: Opinions on mite drop and what it actually means

    Or you dust with powdered sugar 7 days after the package is hived. The mite enters the cell to mate on the eighth day from the egg, about 18 to 20 hours before it is capped. Do any of you think it...
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    Re: Feeding Honey

    Don't mix more than the bees can take in a day, it ferments fast. Usually the mix is 1/3 water to 2/3 honey. Close the entrances down because feeding honey will start robbing very quickly.
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    Re: Inner cover slot

    Make the hole a size that will allow the colony to be fed through it, a hole the size used to install door knobs is good.
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    Re: 2 Questions

    Italians are good wax workers, but there will be individual colonies that perform poorly and some that will outperform the average colony in the apiary. When I look for breeder queens in my bees how...
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    Re: 2 Questions

    My experience with small cell, 20 colonies for 3 years, is that it is no better than having colonies on standard cell size foundation. My small cell bees had as much or more varroa mites, they were...
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    Re: Shook Swarm Benefits

    The only benefit I can see to "shook swarming" is that it give the beekeeper an opportunity to treat for the varroa on the adult bees, and because there is no brood, the colony will have a healthy...
  23. Re: Preparing for spring & package bee regression

    If you don't like handling deeps use 2 mediums above one deep. Always leave the deep on the bottom of the stack and all you lift is mediums. Queens go down in mediums when they often won't in an...
  24. Re: Preparing for spring & package bee regression

    Why don't you keep a colony or two on the 5.4 foundation so that you can compare their progress with the 4.9? What you do to one, do to the other, and compare the results. The more colonies you...
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    Re: Roofing felt wrapped vs. unwrapped.

    On an 80 degree sunny day, the inside of an empty hive painted brown will be 5 to 8 degrees warmer than one painted white.
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