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    Re: What Ratio for Summer Feed?

    Yes, 1:1 ratio of sugar and water to feed when you are wanting them to build comb and grow. I know of a beekeeper who feeds 2 water to one sugar, giving a thinner feed. His thinking is that he's...
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    Morgan Freeman, Beekeeper

    Just saw on the Tonight Show that Morgan Freeman has started beekeeping. He said he started two weeks ago, and has them in Mississippi. It sounds like he got a package (he said from Arkadelphia,...
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    Re: Drone issues

    If it were me I would just leave them be. They may be outside just because of the heat, or the workers are keeping them out. They may still be needed for mating with queens, although your drones...
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    Re: My first year with 8 frame mediums

    Thanks, that's good to know. Maybe I won't have to worry if some of my hives don't get four mediums drawn out.
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    My first year with 8 frame mediums

    This year I switched over to all 8 frame medium equipment with top entrances. In the past, I ran two 10-frame deep boxes for brood, and then added shallow supers for surplus honey to extract. My...
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    Re: Some things I've learned about SHB

    I had to start over this year after a winter deadout, but I've never had much trouble with SHB. This year I didn't see any until about a week ago, I found one hiding on the frame rest when I pulled...
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    Re: Digusting Sight BeeHive

    The reason to burn hives infected with American Foulbrood (AFB) is because the disease creates spores that can live 50-70 years on its own. Antibiotics don't kill the spores. European Foulbrood...
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    Re: Skimming your clarifier

    I filter my honey through two mesh screens, the second being almost cloth-like in its tight weave. There aren't any particles large enough to skim, but there does appear to be a lot of small...
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    Re: Cockroaches

    They sell boric acid powder for this. The bugs crawl through it, it scratches up their exoskeletons, and they eventually die. It is not toxic--it is actually an ingredient in eye drops. You can...
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    Re: which bee magazine is the best?

    When I was new to beekeeping, I subscribed to both, and found some of the articles to be over my head. After a few years, I realized I needed to know a lot more to be a beekeeper, and not just a guy...
  11. Re: Beekeeping conversions/rules of thumb

    A couple I can think of that may fit your question. Regarding baking, you can substitute honey for sugar in a recipe in equal measure, then reduce the amount of liquid added by the volume of honey. ...
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    Re: Bee sting me under the veil

    Something I find helps is buttoning the top button on my collar and flipping the collar up. And whatever you do, don't take off the veil because a bee gets in, until you are well clear of the hives....
  13. Removing Queen for Brood Break, Increased Honey and Nucs

    I am thinking ahead to next year, and I had a thought. What if, from strong hives early in a good honey flow, I removed the queens and some brood to make nucs? As the brood in the hives emerged,...
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    Re: Why are people moving away from SBB

    Right now I'm using just a flat piece of Advantech board for bottoms. A one piece flat board cut from a 4'x8' sheet is about as simple as it gets. When I was using SBB, I had them sitting on...
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    Re: Why are people moving away from SBB

    This year I switched over to 8 frame mediums with top entrances. Previously I used 10 frame deeps and shallows with bottom entrances. All new equipment and a 100% winter kill caused me to evaluate...
  16. Re: what size metal lid to order for quart jars in mm?

    If you are talking about quart mason jars as used in canning, such as Kerr or Ball, they take a 70G lid. I think that is 70mm but not positive.
  17. Re: 5 Hives-2 Quarts of Sugar Syrup a day!

    If you are feeding week hives, be sure to have entrance reducers in place to prevent robbing. A nuc or newly installed package can't properly defend a large entrance.
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    Re: Hobby means 1 or 2 hives....

    I forget who first said it, but it is hardest to keep bees when you only have a couple of hives. The beekeeper with two hives who loses one has a 50% loss, whereas the beekeeper with 20 hives is...
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    Re: Mann lake Plastic Uncapping Tank

    I tried uncapping and draining--it didn't work for me. I tried them in the usual vertical position, then laid them horizontally, and got very little honey. I didn't try upside down, but I don't...
  20. Re: Help on hanging 5 frame wooden nucs in trees for bait hives

    Yours sounds a lot like mine:
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    Re: What's the best Material for Lids?

    This year I started using the Advantech, 3/4" thickness or thereabouts. I made migratory style lids and bottom boards, primed and painted with oil based paint. I also have some of these cut to size...
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    Re: Ok to feed old sugar?

    I think it should be okay, if it looks alright. I haven't used any that old, but I like to stock up when sugar is on sale, and have used 3 year old sugar that looked good as new. It probably will...
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    Re: Hauling bee don'ts

    Something I've heard the guys that transport hives long distance say is to leave the rig running. When you shut off the engine, the bees miss the vibration and become agitated. If they are confined...
  24. Re: First week check of package bees questions

    If they are building comb, they will benefit from 1:1 syrup. If the first brood box is about full, add another before they get honey-bound. Keep an eye on things. The queen needs room to lay, the...
  25. Re: First week check of package bees questions

    I would keep feeding as long as the bees will take it. You are correct, they put the sugar syrup up like honey--it is crystal clear with very white wax.

    The box that is full, for sure go ahead...
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