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  1. Spraying pesticide tonight how to protect bees URGENT

    Tonight the people that farm my vineyards have notified they will be spraying a pesticide against mites (not bee mites) and I want to know how to protect them. Do I need to cover them in a sheet or...
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    Too much honey in brood chamber?

    Hey I was looking in one of my hives the other day and it seems that they have too much honey in the brood chamber. I added supers for them to expand into but is it bad for all the honey in the...
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    pollen patties for winter?

    Hello everyone i just went into my hive today to rearrange the frames to best suit them for the winter. I noticed there was not a huge amount of pollen inside the frames but lots and lots of honey....
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    reuse frames from deadout?

    My bees were killed by mites and there is still a lot of uncapped dead brood in the cells. There are about 2 deep frames filled with dead brood. Should i scrape out all the wax and bees and replace...
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    bees near a winery?

    hi my cousins are intersted in my new beekeeping skill and want to host a few hives in their winery garden. i am worried because they have a large winery with a lot of open area when it comes to...
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    help with dead hive

    This was my first winter with my hive and im a little confused. I thought i had plenty of honey left for them and something still happened. I see dead bees with their heads stuck in the cells and the...
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    Deeps or mediums?

    Hey everyone this year is my first year as a beek and I used 2 deeps for brood and 2 mediums for surplus, after having the second deep completely filled with honey and brood I realized how heavy they...
  8. Re: What are the beekeeping laws in California.

    is it mandatory to register though, like will I be in trouble if I don't have them registered?
  9. What are the beekeeping laws in California.

    Thinking about getting about 10 hives and wanted to know if anyone knows the laws about keeping them in San Joaquin county. I need to know if I need to and how to register my colonies and how much...
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    Lots of honey no pollen

    Hey everyone I just started beekeeping this year and my hive is doing great they are brining in a lot of honey, but today I noticed there is no more pollen ring around the brood separating it from...
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    Bees avoiding part of hive

    I have two deeps full of foundation however 3 frames in both deeps will not be drawn out by the bees. I left the next super off as to encourage them to build to that side and they started forming...
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    Hive taking a lot of sugar syrup fast

    I have about a month and half old hive that i feed 1:1 syrup since the beginning. They go through i full miller type feeder about 2-3 gallons in two days, is that execessive because it seems like im...
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    5 frame hive for garden?

    I am a beekeeper with a few hives and my brother in law is so interested he wants to start one of his own but he lives in the city with a small backyard. He doesnt want as many bees as i have so i...
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    When to add honey super?

    Hey im a new beek and wanted to know when and if i can add a honey super. I have them in the end of april and just added the second deep brood box yesterday because 9 frames were fully drawn. When...
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