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    Re: How long should i leave my supers on?

    Would there ever be a time, with a very strong goldenrod flow for instance, that you would want to add a honey super at this time of year? My brood boxes are full of honey and I have a honey super...
  2. Re: Anyone with experience using 3 hive bodies for brood nests?

    They are 10 frame deep boxes. The norm is 2 deep supers here, too, but a friend from the bee club indicated that it works well for him. He had no losses (15 hives) last winter and already has lots...
  3. Anyone with experience using 3 hive bodies for brood nests?

    I have two new hives that have two hive bodies each nearly full of brood. Would a third hive body for the brood nest be a good idea to build up the hive for a cold mid-west winter? I have heard...
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    Cold, wet, and new bees coming

    I'm a new beek and will be receiving a couple packages and a couple nucs of bees next week. Our weather is way behind for this time of year and I am wondering if there is anything special I can do...
  5. Re: Frame assembly jigs: Walter t. Kelley vs brushy mountain

    Plans for the jig many referred to earlier are posted elsewhere on this forum:
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