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  1. Re: Curios, do bees harvest from Kudzu. Is there at least one good use for Kudzy.

    I'm right there with you... 25 minutes N of Asheville. Haven't heard of kudzu as a honey plant...the only use I've heard is to make arrowroot powder from the roots. My husband is trying out the paleo...
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    Re: Price of Nucs in your area ?

    I'm in NC too (western part), and our local supplier charges $140! That will get you *booming* nuc in April/May. Enough bees and a happy queen that you could potentially get a honey harvest from. If...
  3. Re: Looking for decent inexpensive extractor!!-- have only 2 hives...

    I don't know if your local bee club has an extractor, but we all voted to buy one together with club funds for all the members to use, and check it out from the local ag extension office. It's a...
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    Re: Beehive choices for newbee

    Yes- I wish I had done a little more research before I started... I've only been beekeeping for 3 years now, and the 10 frame deeps with shallow supers are already getting tough for me to lift (I'm a...
  5. Re: honey is too wet- how long will it last before fermenting? what should we do with

    Good point, Risky.... would hate to leave a bad memory of beekeepers for people.

    As of now I am taking others' advice and trying to dehumidify it more in the buckets, while I still have the...
  6. honey is too wet- how long will it last before fermenting? what should we do with it?

    So my husband and I just extracted 40 lbs of honey last night - our second harvest this year. The problem is, it's been such a humid, rainy season, the moisture level hardly went down after 2 weeks...
  7. Re: a sight to behold.... 40 feet up in a tree

    Cleo, thanks for the advice! I will definitely try that next time! And maybe invest in a longer hose. (:
  8. a sight to behold.... 40 feet up in a tree

    My husband called me outside, "Bees are everywhere! I think they're swarming!" Sure enough, I got outside and a huge mass of bees like a tornado was swirling in our backyard, 40 feet up by the pine...
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    Re: Seasonal Allergies & Honey. Opinions?

    Well.... I am not a doctor, but my dad is, and an allergist at that. I have asked him this question, as I'd heard LOTS of people talk about taking local honey for allergies. KHicks12, this is...
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    Re: Eggs not centered--a concern?

    It sounds like she's doing fine. The larva in the cells have to move around anyway for all their stages of development.
  11. Re: A new beek from North Carolina is looking for bees...

    You could try "Wild Mountain Bee Supply", he may have some nucs still. The website is I've gotten all my bees and anything else I'e needed from Jon Christie, the owner, he's...
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    Re: What to do.

    Here in the NC Mountains, the bees have been bringing in maple nectar - I'm not sure if there are any nectaring plants where you are in NC. This and the next few weeks are crucial for making sure...
  13. Re: dead pupae and deformed wings - is it too late?

    Bsquad, I hadn't thought about that! Hopefully there will be no need.... Maqs has been done and they are still taking feed. Maybe they will make it through. If anything, i'm certainly learning more...
  14. Re: dead pupae and deformed wings - is it too late?

    Thank you all for your advice. I've decided to treat them and watch their weight..... If worse comes to worst I'll combine. Thankful for the break from freezing weather where I can treat and feed!...
  15. dead pupae and deformed wings - is it too late?

    I have 2 hives and this is my 2nd year beekeeping. This year I decided to try sugardusting the bees for varroa treatment for 6 weeks. Today would have been my final day to treat. When I opened the...
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    Re: some questions

    could the flower be Dames Rocket?
  17. Re: Combination question - with crisscrossed comb

    There were some eggs/larvae, but the cut-out was difficult, and resulted in a lot of damaged comb. I don't think I got the queen because a couple days after we left the house (leaving behind a small...
  18. Combination question - with crisscrossed comb

    I did a cut out a 3 weeks ago - took some feral black bees home to add to my 2 hive apiary. I'm pretty sure I didn't get the queen, and yesterday I took a look inside - I didn't see any brood, just...
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    Re: Will a very new hive likely swarm?

    Last year was my first year with bees, and one of the hives swarmed after 2 months! It was a booming hive, and being a new beekeeper, I didn't recognize that I needed to be split! My neighbors, who...
  20. Re: First cut out - not for the faint-hearted!

    Black feral bees! Thanks for the clarification. These were definitely hot bees. I got stung badly on my foot - and my husband got a nice sting on the face, we both swelled up like watermelons! Having...
  21. Re: First cut out - not for the faint-hearted!

    Thanks for the video.... That is one massive colony!
  22. First cut out - not for the faint-hearted!

    On Saturday, I did my first cut out, out of a rental house (I work for the rental agency) that had called. Going into my second year of beekeeping, I was excited to try out a cut-out, with the help...
  23. Re: Renting extracting equipment: what would you pay?

    A beekeeper in our area (with a 100 hives) rents his for $20 for a 2-day period, but his is only a 4 frame extractor!
  24. Re: Checked Yesterday - had a dying hive, did I help them?

    Thanks for the advice. I ended up combining the hives via the newspaper method. I'll try a split later when I can order a queen!
  25. Re: Checked Yesterday - had a dying hive, did I help them?

    I shook a lot of the bees off (I was worried about accidentally adding the queen), but there were still a decent number on the frames when I added them. Do you think I should go ahead and combine...
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