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    Re: Asian Hornet In Florida.

    If you do see an Asian hornet...
    ...kill it.
  2. Re: The shortest time you've seen a queen raised and laying?

    So... 23-24 days? Wait. jwcarlson are you saying an egg laying queen in 10 or 11 days?!
  3. Bees sealing the feeder holes?

    Why would the bees seal up the holes in a feeder? I replaced a number of feeders this morning as I turned over a couple of them, I noticed that all the holes where sealed up with propolis. One of...
  4. The shortest time you've seen a queen raised and laying?

    What is the shortest time you have seen a colony raise a queen and have her laying? I know the normal times, but what are the outliers?


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    Re: Goldenrod?

    I wondered about that. I saw it blooming last weekend in Hyde Park, VT. And I see it in Middlebury now.
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    Sticky: Re: Please Post your Swarm Dates?

    No swarms yet in Maine, Vermont or New Hampshire? It's June!
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    Re: Scouting vs Robbing

    If there's nothing in them, then it's likely just scouting behavior.

    Good luck!

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    Re: Scout bee advice

    From what I have heard from others and seen myself - they will occupy, clean and defend potential nesting sites - sometimes for weeks in advance of swarming. However - you never have a swarm until...
  9. Re: Irrational Response to Hurting a Bee?

    I understand all the points offered in this tread. However, I'm happy to have people of all sorts and all approaches here, and making the effort to contribute their perspectives.

    Welcome, Bee...
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    Re: 5 vs. 10 frame box for trap

    Tom Seeley's work on the subject of swarming is awesome and has been so helpful to me and countless others. That said, there are limits to his experiments. He did find that bees chose the 40L size...
  11. Re: How do you seal the entrance when relocation a swarm box?

    When I build my traps, I use deep lang boxes. I drill a 1" hole for an entrance, at the front/center/bottom. I cut a second, 7/8" hole at the back/center/top. I screen over the top hole with window...
  12. Re: One comb in your ten frame swarm trap - where do you place it.

    I saw the video of that catch you're talking about. Similar to one I had, where rather than choose any of the swarm traps I had ready, the huge swarm chose a stack of empty boxes. I don't have so...
  13. One comb in your ten frame swarm trap - where do you place it.

    I like to place one frame with comb in a trap. I usually place it way to one side, with one empty frame between the comb and one wall - then the rest empty frames. I feel like I want the bees to most...
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    Re: Queen Rearing for Hobbyists

    There was a thread on here a year or two ago (no idea what it was called), but in it, a number of seasoned queen rearing people talked about what a good ratio would be between grafts and mated...
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    Re: Queen Rearing for Hobbyists

    I loved David's article and have used this method and will again. It's just really good for small scale queen rearing (grafting 20 - 40 cells at a time - aiming for 10-20 mated queens per batch). I...
  16. Re: Is there an average time of day for swarms?

    I don't know if there is research on that, but I have seen swarms in all parts of the day. I don't think much happens in rainy weather, but if it's not raining and it's warm enough, they'll make a...
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    Re: Burlap in Nova Scotia

    I find if things seem to go out or burn too fast, you're not putting enough in.

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    Re: Burlap in Nova Scotia

    Try more coffee roasters Ben. Tell them what you're doing and see if you can work out a bulk deal with one of them. The Just Us in Wolfville used to dump them. Perry got a truckload from them a few...
  19. Re: "Thinking Beekeeper" center entrance/bars plan vs front

    In my opinion, a lot of tbh's are just variations of Phil Chandlers - made popular through free distribution. Christy's is one of them. All my tbh's have had entrances on one end.

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    Re: Warning to the wise

    Vance, your OP points to one of the hardest lessons I've had to learn so far.

    Two springs ago, I had a wonderful colony that I had caught the previous spring in a swarm trap - huge colony that...
  21. Re: Do bees prep a new home before swarming

    I'm with Odfrank on this stuff. I love Seeley's book, but I have maintained swarm traps on my front porch for years and have seen bees work very hard at cleaning combs and even defending - killing...
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    Re: Definition of a nuc?

    From what I'm seeing in the Northeast, the new norm is four frames - not five. With prices going up like they are, I expect this trend to continue.

  23. Re: Easiest type of cell builder for a beginner

    I used this method, written by David, and I really like it for smaller numbers. A well-presented how-to that I'm thankful to...
  24. "A Frame for Expansion" Is a 4 frame nuc the new norm?

    Looking around at bee sellers in the Northeast, it seems that it is becoming increasingly common for a 5 frame nuc to consist of three frames of bees and brood, one frame of food and 'a frame for...
  25. Construction Adhesive okay with Bees?

    I'm just wondering if any of you have used construction adhesive on hives or swarm traps. Does the smell of it bother bees at all once it's cured?


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