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  1. Re: Probiotics in prepared patties...WORD from the sacred Mountain

    Apparently, a lot of folks that either know Keith or are satisfied customers oh his, are saying so clearly. Keith has skin in the game, knows his stuff and that's all I am gonna say about that. ...
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    Re: Treatment free, is it really that easy

    Go by the end results. My experience is 12 frames of brood is about the max for any hive and taking away the corners and a few missed cells here and there and it would probably reduce down to more...
  3. Re: Probiotics in prepared patties...WORD from the sacred Mountain

    Since Keith is only in the early planning stages of his Texas plant. I done bought me a few ton of them thar probiotics plus patties. What can I say. Put em on one day, pulled brood out of them...
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    Re: Moonbeam stock

    I got some VSH stock from Adam in the fall of 2013. I usually expect II breeders to be little more than short lived genetic donors designed to mix with our own stock just as we did in the past with...
  5. Re: What's the "ideal" number of brood frames?

    We go through lots and lots of "broody" doubles each spring. It seems to me that they max out around 12 frames. Given that few full brood frames are actually "stick to stick" brood, strictly...
  6. Re: More Beekeepers Sour on Profession as Winter Die-Offs Continue- WSJ Article

    Agreed. I had the same impression.
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    Re: cool video i got from a bee web site

    Awesome. Interesting how uniform in size the skeps are. I take it that its a big bee auction site. Love their "smokers". Wonder what the hand slapping thing was all about.
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    Re: The pulse of the commercial operations

    I don't know that any one person really understands the whole story but I think it's safe to say that reporting on this issue is highly skewed by the perspectives and motivations of those involved in...
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    Re: Getting bees ready to head to cali

    My experience is that it's the little piece of paper that many border inspectors either laugh at or ignore when you try to enter the Great Republic of California. Just clean em up good and be...
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    Re: I will never buy packages again.

    Check, check and check again. Boy does MP really nail it in that clip. Before we were migratory we used to shake lots of packages each spring to keep our numbers up (pre varroa btw). One of the...
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    Re: Resistance to varroa : what mechanisms?

    Well said SP. We are always concerned about resistance but from my perspective as commercials learn new management techniques the big picture is that things are getting better not worse. Sure, I...
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    Re: Honey pipes too cold

    We plumbed ours so the pipe is straight and has a steady downward slope to the tank. It dosent take much, a 1/2" to the foot would be plenty, 1/4" would probably even work, assuming you have the...
  13. Re: Introduce virgin queens of a different strain

    Maybe someone who has done this could "chime in". I know from my experience in handling cells that can take some pretty rough handling at that stage but would need to be shipped with some bees to...
  14. Re: Jon Entine debunks theory linking neonic pesticides to honeybee collapse

    Yes, it's certainly attractive to bees but I've never heard that it actually needs bee pollination.
    I would be interested in reading about any research proving bees avoid plants that grow from...
  15. Re: Jon Entine debunks theory linking neonic pesticides to honeybee collapse

    Are there plants with neonic seed coatings that require insect pollination?
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    Re: bees only heat the cluster?

    Not saying I don't believe your "done" story but it would have been more believable to me had it been written in Italian.
  17. Re: Introduce virgin queens of a different strain

    Given your cicumstances as you have presented them this may well be your best solution.
    I found...
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    Re: bees only heat the cluster?

    Ha ha. Probably should have hung a smiley after that post. I find this thread amusing not annoying. Hey, it's the crazy season for beekeepers, they are either bored to death or all stressed out...
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    Re: bees only heat the cluster?

    Perhaps the definition of insanity as it relates to internet forums is repeating the same thread and expecting a different result.
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    Re: Apiary Registration

    None of us do.......and don't forget California. Just as warmer climates attract northern bees, so do northern climes and their summer flows attract bees wintered in the south and west. Like it or...
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    Re: Bees committing suicide.

    I used to winter a lot of bees in central Minnesota long before either tracheal or varroa mites were around. To me it was a given, the more dead bees you saw in the snow the better the bees were. ...
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    Re: bees only heat the cluster?

    Just small crop circles no doubt caused by UFO's
  23. Re: I need help designing a pump system for filling inside feeders

    The bypass hose should be placed back into the syrup tank. We just tape it together with the suction hose although I prefer to make the return hose considerably shorter so that you can get some...
  24. Re: Queen introduction next friday: a question

    The newly emerged bees will readily accept the queen.
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    Re: Cane or Beet Sugar

    I've never been able to discern a difference in how bees react to either cane or beet sugar. As long as it's white granulated sugar, it's virtually 100% sucrose.
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