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  1. Re: Simple Warre style improvisation for this Winter?

    I use quilt boxes on my 10-frame Langs, but recommend you use pine shavings instead of straw. I use the coarse pine shavings I buy at Tractor supply. Straw, like hay or grass, will have lots of...
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    Re: Why should people care about the honey bee?

    I don't quite know what to make of this, but I have often noticed something curious when I have been working intently with my bees for hours. As I walk back from my apiary to my house (@500 feet) I...
  3. Re: Are cedar shavings harmful to bees in a quilt box?

    I particularly don't use recycled old sheets and pillowcases because of the residue of laundry chemicals in the old fabrics, particularly the chemicals in fabric softeners. You might be able to wash...
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    Re: Sugar blocks and oav

    I take mine off (or delay putting them on) because of what I've read about the different physiological costs to the bees between OAV and OAD. Dribble is applied as syrup, and some inevitably gets...
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    Re: My overwinter setup

    I could live with having the bees in my bathroom, but not with how cold the bathroom would have to be kept to keep the bees alive in the bathroom. Even in my extremely cold house without any central...
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    Re: November Mite Count

    And don't move that incipient mite bomb back to your yard - your girls will rob it out when it crashes and then you'll have a 20% infestation rate in your own hives, too.

  7. Re: Why not feed commercial sugar cubes in winter instead of dry sugar or sugar board

    Lauri Miller's famous sugar brick recipe also uses a decent whack of cider vinegar and citric acid to invert the sugar to make it more palatable/digestible to the bees.

    And as noted, the cost of...
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    Re: New oxalic acid vaport treatment method

    I tried to do an OAV treatment from under the screen in my SBB last year but I found in the cool conditions where I am (northern NY) the screen was cold enough that it served to chill the vapors on...
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    Re: N.Y. Queen is still laying!

    Maybe she thinks spring has already come early? For some reason this Fall my upstate NY mutt queens all shut down brooding earlier than in other years. I think if they were transported to CA,...
  10. Re: New tech approaches to understanding hive health - Video and Data Analytics

    It would be interesting to see how this works in much-colder climates than SoCal. It would be the same in warm weather, of course, but as the flying season changes (ramps up and down in Spring and...
  11. Re: Rotating a hive - Any need to re-orientate those bees?

    I would do the move after all the foragers are in for the night, especially if it is cool or cold. That way any slow learners won't be caught out in temps where they can't survive.

    It's fine to...
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    Re: Tfish queens in spring hopefully


    I don't know for a fact that DWV is passed along genetically (as well as being spread through mite bites and possibly through trophylaxis among the bees and to fresh brood). That's one...
  13. Re: First Winter of Beekeeping...A Few Questions

    My bottom entrance is either the 3/4" rectangular middle hole, or the 2 1/2" half-slot on the end, depending on the internal hive configuration (I re-arrange the frames in my winter hives, running...
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    Re: Tfish queens in spring hopefully

    I'm not sure I would be propagating queens from a hive infected with DWV. I think it is possible that DWV remains with the bees, possibly even the queen, and may be transmitted congenitally by her to...
  15. Thread: Top entrance

    by enjambres

    Re: Top entrance

    All of my colonies use their top entrance in winter, but most of them voluntarily revert to using their bottom one when the main flow starts. But I have one which never uses its bottom entrance and...
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    Re: My recipe/method for sugar blocks

    Lauri -

    The plastic sheet thing is a very useful idea!

    I'll ante in with another: if you do get pieces or chunks of stray comb with honey in it during the course of working your bees, simply...
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    Re: MegaBee protein winter feed

    If you need to feed something in winter, sugar is the best. Next best is a specifically formulated winter patty, made with lower protein for safe use in winter in cold areas where bees can't fly for...
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    Re: New beekeeper already struggling with traditional vs natural

    Sorry for the late reply regarding weighing equipment.

    I use a Cabela's digital hanging game scale, combined with an over-sized carabineer (about 5" long and wide enough so my whole palm can fit...
  19. Re: Mutally exclusive strains of Deformed Wing Virus - one lethal, on non-lethal

    But wouldn't any form of DWV (low or high virulence) still wreak havoc by substantially reducing the number of healthy winter bees so critical for colony survival in areas with long winters? In...
  20. Re: Has wind ever taken out any of your hives before?

    I have all my hives strapped down with ratchet straps on days like today.

    Yesterday, the rain squall that blew through northern Rensselaer County about 8 pm blew off the lid on one of my hives,...
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    Re: Oxalic Acid Treatments for Fall

    Waiting for the broodless period is fine if you otherwise have control of the mites.

    If you are already at the thresholds for your area, then treat now rather waiting - and allowing further...
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    Re: Guard Bees in Winter

    You need to add a mouse guard to any entrance hole 1" wide. Do it right away as field mice are already looking for protected places to winter and with the bees clustered they will move right in. You...
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    Re: Top box insulation/feeder

    I doubt your bees will travel up the pipe to get at any sugar you install above the shavings. Mine certainly would not do that when it'ts even just moderately cold out. And you run the risk that...
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    Re: Preparing hive for winter

    Well, 103 pounds is OK,though on the marginal side, but hopefully you have been able to get them to take two more gallons of syrup, which should boost that up 15 lbs or so. Keep feeding them while...
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    Re: Lone November drone

    Or he could have been a drone from another, untreated, hive bringing fresh varroa in. I don't squash 'em, but i don't waste too much pity on them either. The girls know what they are doing.

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