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  1. Re: Measuring varroa based on number found in brood

    According to Swiss research varroa in drone cells is not a good way to estimate varroa populations. Varroa numbers increase and decrease, they have had changes up to 600% in the space of a week. ...
  2. Re: spacer between honey super and brood box?

    I use 3/8 inch strips on the top of the excluder and the bees respect the space above the excluder. I think that because the bees are using the open side as an entrance you may not have as much burr...
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    Re: Feeding nucs during dearth?

    You could take frames of food from the colony and give to the nucs, then feed the colony to replace their food stores.
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    Re: New Queen Question

    You will not be able to determine if she is laying drone eggs in worker cells until they are capped. This happens on day 9 after the egg is laid. If you mean what size and kind of pattern she is...
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    Re: Sugar dusting

    Yes Dominic, that is the booklet I was thinking of. I did not mean it for just information on PS dusting, but for overall information on varroa and their control. The Dutch method described was for...
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    Re: feeding question

    If you are not in a nectar flow, slow feed a colony improves the chances of queen acceptance. The feeding should begin a day or two before the caged queen is placed in the colony. Use a feeding...
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    Re: Sugar dusting

    Regular powdered sugar works well, no need to powder granulated sugar because of worries about corn starch. I would recommend powdered sugar over the pollen substitutes because the bees clean up the...
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    Re: Afterswarm tinimg

    I have seen after swarms in as little as 3 days after the prime swarm, but it is usually 7 to 9 days afterwards.
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    Re: Optimal queen excluder hole size?

    The distance between the wires of a queen excluder is .162 inches. In some cases it is better to not try to invent the wheel, it is better to purchase factory made excluders.
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    Re: Varroa and drone brood

    They not only know if the larvae is drone or worker, they can tell the age of the larvae. They enter the worker cell about 20 hours before it is due to be capped, getting their cue to enter from the...
  11. Re: Weighing hives from the back; how accurate ?

    I have weighed the entire hive and the same hive from the rear and doubled the weight. Both weights were within 1 or 2 pounds of each other. You will have more variation due to differing weights of...
  12. Unusual Swarm Cell Conditions in Colony

    Day before yesterday I had a colony cast a swarm. I saw the swarm start to depart, but because the queen was clipped and could not fly, the swarm clustered under the screened bottom board. I...
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    Re: Sugar Treated New Package

    That is one thing that most beekeepers do not know is that dusting with powdered sugar will drop Small Hive Beetles as well as Varroa. For what it is worth, the nucs I started in April and dusted,...
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    Re: Decaying Brood vs EFB

    If the sealed dead larvae/pupa is decomposing, does the liquid mass string out when mixed with a stick, or is the liquid a water/granular type? European Foulbrood mainly dies in open cells before...
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    Re: Placing foundation in frames

    No need to remove them, the bees can move from one side of the frame to the other without the hole.
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    Re: fumigating supers

    With that many supers paradichlorobenzene is probably what you need.
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    Re: Powder Sugar Dusting For Mites

    You will be dusting from the top of the hive and most of the sugar will fall down the face onto the bees, missing the cells. Some sugar will enter the cells and some brood will be lost, but not a...
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    Re: Powder Sugar Dusting For Mites

    The best time to dust with powdered sugar is when there is no brood old enough to contain mites. New packages are in this condition, as are nucs made with frames of unsealed brood that is less than...
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    Re: How deep is a deep

    All Langstroth style boxes are the same width and length, 16 1/4 inches by 19 7/8 inches long, outside measurements using standard lumber. They come in different depths depending on what size frame...
  20. Re: The BEST queens are mated after the Solstice...

    Queens raised in June will continue to lay during the summer darth instead of shutting down the way an overwintered queen does. The solstice has nothing to do with it.
  21. Re: Need method to move swarm from empty nuc to one with frames

    Just open the box and put in frames. If there are more bees than the box will hold, add a second box with frames on top of the one they are now in.
  22. Re: Superscedure, when do they kill the Mother?

    I have had a mother and daughter laying in a hive together for as long as 5 weeks before the mother disappeared. When both queens are present and laying, I don't know whether the workers kill the...
  23. Re: 5 Hives-2 Quarts of Sugar Syrup a day!

    Inspect and see if all of your foundations (if any), have been drawn out, if not continue to feed until they are.

    If your bees were installed on drawn comb check each colony to see if you have...
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    Re: What are these bees doing

    It is called "Wash Boarding" because of the movements of a laundress scrubbing on a wash board. They appear to be cleaning/polishing the surface around the entrance of the hive, and they stroke the...
  25. Re: 1:1 sugar mix vs. 2:1 sugar mix--> ? regarding pros cons

    For what it is worth, a study by a Waller, 1972, and reported in the Hive and the Honey Bee, 1980 edition, states that the percentage of sugar in syrup that causes the greatest hording activity is 30...
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