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    Sticky: Re: Today in the Apiary

    Went out to see the girls today. Took each hive a ziplock of sugar syrup. Shims were already in place from jan feeding. (I am counting today as feb.). It was nice to see bees buzzing on all hives....
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    Re: Spring is on it's way!

    Its my understanding that the queen will, if foodstuffs are plentiful, lay increasingly larger circles of brood in the center of the hive during the late winter into early spring. This way when the...
  3. Re: First hive and can't manage queen... suggestions?

    My first hives were almost all burr comb and natual wonky comb. I cut sections from outsides away and replaced with fondation and frames a little at a time.
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    Re: Bee stings lead to staph infection

    I had a similar experience last year in the late summer.

    I had ordered an Ultrabreeze suit after reading similar horror stories. The second or third time out with it, I had a hive boil onto me...
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    Re: Pros & Cons of full vented sute's

    On real hot days when I might be out for quite a while, I take a drink cup with a straw, or a bottle with a nipple type of opening. I can un-unvelcro just a bit at the neck and take a drink.

  6. Re: After treatment- bees removing others- just curious why

    If they are dark and sort of hairless, they might be virus diseased.
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    Re: Pros & Cons of full vented sute's

    I wear a full ultrabreeze. When there is a breeze you certainly have an advantage. When you dont its just another hot day. Its better than long jeans and a thick shirt, however. Their is air...
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    Re: Changing Ultrabreeze zipper to plastic

    There are several ways you can lube a zipper. pencil lead is very effective, but obviously potentially messy. It would not matter on my suit as it is tinted orange from clay, and a grey smudge on...
  9. Thread: thin honey

    by rolftonbees

    Re: thin honey

    The first nectar in some areas is from honey locust trees, and it is a thin light , almost clear honey.

    It might make since to find thwt in a brood nest of they harvested ot early before a super...
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    Re: Hive base/stand

    I painted two 2x10x8 boards then cut off a foot from each the touched up ends. I put the One foot sections between the long pieces about a foot from the ends. I then screwed them from the face of...
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    Re: Honey Paw Uncapper

    There is a youtube video.
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    Re: Color of Honey

    I have a friend who lives in Jax and his honey is all quite dark. Both his early and late harvests are dark.

    I suspect it is impart due to the amount of pines in duval county. Pines produce...
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    Re: Pour syrup directly into drawn comb?

    I was advised to feed a week hive this way by an old bee keeper in my area. I was concerened that a front feeder would freeze. I asked him after he gave a presentstion in our local bee course...
  14. Re: Very light capped honey. Is this normal?

    In my area there is a locust tree honey that is very light. It is my understanding that a strong hive will come into spring with enough foragers to collect it while it lasts.

    You might keep a...
  15. Re: What are your goals as a first year beekeeper ???

    I was given two hives, and moved them to my property last spring.

    Their foundations had collapsed and the deeps they were in were a convoluted mess . My goal was to ger the mess cleard up by...
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    Re: When to start feeding?

    When I am done harvesting for the year and the bees have retreated back into the brood boxes and I have my 1 or 2 deeps and a super configuration and the last flow is over I will feed as needed for...
  17. What a difference between flow and dearth in behavior.

    I harvested, extracted and bottled last week. Then got busy. today, I reassembled the clean and dry extractor, put a plastic bag over it and returned it to the shed. I washed out the wheel barrow...
  18. Re: How much money can a beekeeper make in a year owning 100 hives?

    Late to this thread but cannot resist:

    As little as he or she desires or even less than that.
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    Re: Extractor Help

    That extractor is made by saf natura, and itslian company.

    I have the one that does 9 med. Or shallow radially, or three deeps tangentially.

    I held off until I could get a radially extractor....
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    Re: Slovenian type Bee Houses

    It is illegal in the USA to use a type of hive that does not have removable frames.

    There are many types of boxes that would lend to a bee house.

    A more square shaped of frame that can be...
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    Re: I need new glasses!

    Dont whine....I have had trifocals since my late 20's.

    Fortunately I can use those ultra thin lenses and where small styles, and can remove them for close up.

    This thread gives me an idea, to...
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    Re: Extraction fail any tips

    I am askinf this for a reason, you will all guess.

    Dod you have the comb between the center of the ectractor and the bars on the frame holder?

    Putting the frame in jail can help with blowouts.
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    Re: I had purple honey and blew it. Sigh.

    And here I thought it was from the 50 or so acres of kudzu that are growing on lots around me that are owned by absebtee owners.I am pretty sure there a r e no dumpsters in the 5 mile radius.

  24. Re: How much money can a beekeeper make in a year owning 100 hives?

    I take mine to the gardeners I know and neighborhood farmers market and trade it for produce. I think I am doing much better than 3 dollars per pound.

    People who are about to take their unsold...
  25. Re: Is there such a thing as keeping the bees too warm??

    Adequate food, dry hives ie ventilation, and low mite loads are the best winter preps.
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