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  1. Re: overwintering 5 frame nucs in a hot house

    Adrian, 8492 8493
    each nuc slides and abuts the opening.

    Michael, I cranked up the heat so they would be able to break the cluster and get the feed. My hope is they will start to bulk up for the...
  2. Re: overwintering 5 frame nucs in a hot house

    Thanks. Glad to hear I'm on the right track.
    I may have to temper the temperature.
  3. overwintering 5 frame nucs in a hot house

    Hello. I have a small temperature controlled out-building that I am currently overwintering 5-frame nucs in. My goal is to have them build out to cover all five frames for potential sale in the...
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    Re: Normal reaction to a sting?

    Dirt road, I have had similar observations. With Italians the reaction is not as intense as my Russians.
  5. Thread: Humbled.

    by Dacypher


    Such an awesome resource! Indeed I am honored to be able to glean knowledge from the collective.
    I am a fifteen year beekeeper and am learning so much more since finding this site.
    Thank you.
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