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    Re: Hive in my wall.

    I would connect the super to the wall at the entrance the bees use, forcing them to go through the super to get into the wall. Plug up all other openings. I would not have an elbow in the pipe, and I...
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    Re: 1.6 miles ≠ 2 miles ...

    Me too Broundbuff75 I've always heard 5 miles, which makes sense. A bee flies 2+ miles so moving less than five, they may get confused and go to the old location.

    One time in the past I had 16...
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    Burt Shavitz Dead At 80

    Burt's Bees Co-Founder Burt Shavitz Dead At 80

    Burt Shavitz attends 'Burt's Buzz' screening at Crosby Street...
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    Re: Queen(s) Question

    Move her into a nuc or she will disappear.
    I had one like that one year that swarmed.
  5. Re: Dry pollen substitute feeding during dearth and in the fall

    I agree, an acre of some types of plantings can really help, for a time...
    The problem is how long does the bloom cycle last? You can get great flows off of a bloom, but the cycle ends and then what...
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    Re: My first Cutout SoCal

    I'm glad it went easy for you Josh and look forward to hearing all about it in the chat room tonight!
    You will be the entertainment of the evening there tonight. :}
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    Re: Wax production and summer solstice...

    With constant sugar water feeding (that will depend on your area flows whether it is needed or not) I get combs drawn here through the middle to end of October. I'm in zone 9b.
  8. Re: Dry pollen substitute feeding during dearth and in the fall

    A suggestion I have not seen mentioned yet, is you can fill empty drawn combs with the dry powder and then give a light mist of sugar water spray.
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    Re: Picking the queen, to cage her?

    Michael Palmer gives an excellent lesson on a youtube video for catching, marking, and caging queens...

    This next one, he shows how queens have a...
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    Re: When do yall check mating nucs?

    Placing 10 day old cells, I check in two days to see if they've emerged correctly. I just check the queen cell for the nice round hole in the bottom. Then I check in 2 weeks for eggs. So, 16 days...
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    Re: How many 16oz jars per frame?

    about 3 1/2 or a bit over per frame, 16oz jars.
    Honey weighs an average of 1lb per 12 fluid ounces.
    A 16 Fluid Oz jar holds 1.33 lbs honey.
    A quart jar holds 2.66 pounds of honey on average, I...
  12. Re: Best smoker fuel I have ever found, what do you use?

    I use pine needles, dead but not overly dry. When they get too dry, they don't stay lit as well.

    I like your pine pellet bedding material, looks easier to use than my pine needles, and, I don't...
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    Re: Queen Identification

    The queen will have a shiny hairless thorax. Her abdomen will be longer and more tapered, and will be longer than the tips of her wings by three to four rings of color on the abdomen.
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    Re: I Think I'm a Comb Farmer

    I've found the same thing here David. I'm running a few 4 frame nucs, and they draw out the comb really fast. I'm using mostly foundationless, and since the bees are in such small space, they draw it...
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    Re: Hive shrinking instead of growing?

    That sounds like an excellent idea and plan of action to me.
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    Re: Will honey get capped after flow?

    They will not cap a cell until the cell is full. If it is only 1/2 or 3/4 full they don't cap it even once it gets dried out. Once it is dried out as ripened honey, it is OK to extract it. One year...
  17. Re: Help with feeding some hives, and not others.

    In addition to what has already been said...
    Don't feed the weaker hives. Rob stores from your strongest hives to give to the weaker hives. If you still need to feed, then feed the strongest hive...
  18. Re: I brought home honey and found some what?

    Is there a queen in each nuc?
    If not, join them all into one hive.
    OR, you can give each nuc a frame of eggs from your other hives,
    and have them make a queen for themselves.
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    Re: best way to feed back uncapped comb

    Put it on top of the inner cover, put and empty super on, then the tele cover. The bees can then go up thru the hole in the inner cover and will move the honey down into the nest. It's covered with a...
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    Re: Hive Proximity

    SugarbeatCo makes some good points.
    I've set hives right up next to each other, pushed tightly together, but the hives were queen-right and of fairly equal strength. A weak queenless or virgin queen...
  21. Re: Help with Expenisve Breeder queen introduction problem

    It's easier to introduce a queen into a small weak nuc than into a more populated stonger hive. It's also easier if there are not any field force aged bees. Even so, with some bees, if there are...
  22. Re: Built up swarm being agressive. Should I requeen?

    The stronger they get, the harder it is to requeen them. My thinking is that If you are going to requeen them, then do it now.
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    Re: applying beeswax to plasticell

    On a warm day, I just rub a block of wax on the plastic, it goes on fast enough and leaves wax behind on the cell wall imprints. Bees then draw them out nicely if there is a flow on, if not, then I...
  24. Re: My last attempt at grafting was abysmal!

    Hi Janne,
    I theorize that part of your recent problem is the time of year. It's now past the summer solstice so the bees are not as forgiving of us now as they were earlier in the year. Swarm season...
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    Re: Combining weak hive

    I think I'd leave them in the top box for now, just put your current box on top of the nuc below it over newspaper, fill in the box below with foundation frames. We are after the summer solstice now,...
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