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  1. Re: placing beeswax in a hive to help build comb?

    we better not let our bees leave the hive they might be visiting the same flowers as the wild bees that might have AFB lol im joking
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    Re: pricing my honey for retail sales!

    i have been working at a peach stand and we sell honey for 10$ a pint.
    sell a few cases on the weekends and maybe 10 pints a day during the week
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    Re: Queen Expelling Egg

    ive noticed something on this site for a few years now, everything acebird has said makes me scratch my head, if im not careful i could get a bald spot. dont chickens lay in nests or do they build...
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    Re: My first graft . . .

    About a month ago I found a runt queen in Nuc I had that wasnt laying eggs. I pinched her and took a piece of wire I had and shaped it into a grafting tool and grafted 2 larvae into 2 of the queen...
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    Re: Plan for Increase

    I got 2 nucs my first year in July and then by November I had split them into 4 single deep 10 frames. Going into this year I split those into nucs and have 8 hives with supers and a few nucs from...
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    Re: Egg laying cells

    Don't open the hive later in the day. If the queen was mated she won't leave to mate again. Open the hive between 1 and 5 pm when many of the workers are out. If they are bringing in pollen you are...
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    Re: Bee Suit ?

    i wore a tyvek suit when i got my first bees out of an old house, i was soaking wet under it. prolly had to drink a gallon of water. it was the hottest longest most difficult day of my life but i got...
  8. Re: Who has experience with the "new" U.S. made Honey Super Cell?

    what if you lightly hit it with a flame to melt those burs back?
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    Re: How many supers?

    He said he was new at beekeeping. Do you think he had 2 drawn frames?
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    Re: Beehives and woodenware from China

    even if they were the best hives in the world i wont buy from china unless i have no other choice, and people wonder why theres no jobs, ive helped shut down and ship out to china more factories in...
  11. Re: Class Action Lawsuit Against Honey Retailers in Florida

    i wasnt saying you are a liar or a cheat scrapfe sorry if it looked that way really sorry , i was just saying its not that hard to figure out, that if were smuggling honey into the the US from china...
  12. Re: Class Action Lawsuit Against Honey Retailers in Florida

    scrapfe, you almost seem mad about this. they were obviously filtering it so much to make it untraceable, because its most likely not clover honey or orange blossom. prolly smuggled in from china....
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    Re: my first born

    saturday, i was puling out queen cells to put in nucs and my girlfreind noticed one was hatching at that very moment. she was so excited to see it, a big black queen( big for a virgin) came out . so...
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    Re: I got a theory on splits:

    ace, they cover those skeps with cow crap. and thats all i have to say about that
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    Re: Late season drones

    i had queens mating and the end of october, just saw larvae today, and i still have one nuc with a virgin queen today, i still have drones so i hope she mates as well
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    Re: mutiple larva in cells

    I have old queen I put in a nuc because i looked how dark she is, and the hive i took her out of re-queened itself. Anyways the nuc i put her in has a lot more drone come than usual. I figured she...
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    Re: what happened ?

    My first give absconded. I will never forget the feeling. I have come up with like 29 billion reasons why they did. Mainly that I was a bad beekeeper. Not saying that you were or are. I'm just...
  18. Re: Mike Palmer Video Talk: The Sustainable Apiary - April 2011

    i have watched these vids so many times that my girlfriend is jealous of mike! just kidding but she is getting annoyed.
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    Re: Organic Mite Control

    i knit socks for mine
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    Re: Such a thing as too much honey???

    I hope that that's more than enough, because I'm gunna let my bees winter on backfilled boxes. I'm thinking about putting feeder cans on inner covers filled with 2:1. Maybe someone else around knows...
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    Re: moving hives into open shed

    Yeah Acebird thats a good point but trees are a little better insulated than hive bodies are.
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    Re: Bucket feeders drown bees?

    There is this cloth like mesh stuff covered in a type of foam. Some people have it in their tool boxes some people have it as place mats some people use it to open jars . I don't know what it's...
  23. Re: Weak hive (one out of three), what are my options.

    i would just leave them outside with a paint can of thick syrup with holes in the lid, on top of an inner cover, then place a empty box over that. It will look like a two story nuc but its not. Mike...
  24. Re: Weak hive (one out of three), what are my options.

    mike palmer over winters nucs in Vermont. he said to make nucs from your weaker hives in the fall make sure they have a good queen and feed them. he did a speech on the subject of self sustaining...
  25. Re: Weak hive (one out of three), what are my options.

    i would buy a mated queen and overwinter them in a nucs. buying a nuc is 125 buying a queen is 25ish if you were planning to buy nucs in the spring why not try it. thats just me
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