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  1. Re: robbing problem (I'm pretty sure) plz advise

    Thanks for the detailed explanations!!! Per the earlier suggestions, I turned the hive last night and reduced to a single bee's width. I had taken out the solid board to leave only the screened...
  2. Re: robbing problem (I'm pretty sure) plz advise

    Thank you, both. I will try turning it around tonight. I did have an entrance reducer in when I first brought it home. It wasn't reduced to one bee, but a small, maybe 2" opening. I wonder if I...
  3. robbing problem (I'm pretty sure) plz advise

    I just brought home a nuc on the 23rd of May. I noticed a frenzy of activity last week-- and they have been hostile. I have had wet sheet on for a few days and husband made a quick screened robber...
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    Newbies in Missouri

    Hello to all,
    I am homeschooling mom to five kids, graduating my second from homeschool this year. I try to find some special thing that I can do/learn with each child, and with my third (son) we...
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    Newbie question feeding package

    We just installed a package five days ago (our first time to do this--our nuc from last year didn't make it thru the winter:( ). I have been feeding just over a qt of syrup a day since...
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