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    Re: how do i make wax candles?

    I've made soy wax candles in mason jars. I get tons of compliments on them.
  2. Thread: BeeHaus

    by bigevilgrape

    Re: BeeHaus

    Do a search, they come up from time to time. It would be a lot cheaper to build yourself a long hive.
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    Re: When Can I Take Wax?

    Have you already purchased an extractor? Why not just do a crush and strain harvest as Michael Bush suggests on his website? beekeeper linda did a blog post on the method with a video in it.
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    Re: Salt water swimming pools

    Is it at all feasible to close your hives for a morning to see if the bees are still at the pool? I'm guessing you have too many hives and its too hot there to make it worth it.
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    Re: Fresh comb sure is fragile...

    geebob, I haven't waxed my Popsicle sticks and they seem to build OK. I've read on here that it doesn't really make a difference if you wax or not.

    If its just the ends of the comb that are a...
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    Re: Bees and Antifreeze??

    I have been told that purple loostrife nectar is green, but I havn't seen it in person to verify what kind of green it is.
  7. Re: Can anyone tell me whats blooming in CT?

    Thanks. I looked up pictures of Linden and milkweed (I never noticed what that looked like in flower) and know what to keep my eyes out for while I'm driving around.
  8. Can anyone tell me whats blooming in CT?

    I'm right next to Hartford on the CT river and my bees are building comb and packing it in like crazy. I know we have lots of clover in our yard, but I don't see any bees on it. This is my second...
  9. Re: busting a vein over this one..posting links in chat

    I can drag the url over to the text box, but that is the only way I have ever been able to get it to work.
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    Re: What exactly is needed to make candles?

    I have pondered making candle lantern candles in the past as well. Once I get up enough wax I am probably going to make a silicone mold of an existing candle. There are a TON of tutorials on this...
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    Re: Bee microbiota study

    I do have a hard time killing my bees (yes I know they get squished all the time when I inspect them), but I think I can suck it up for science.
  12. Re: Banner ads.: 'I think that was meant for me.'

    I dont mind the adds either, as long as they don't turn into those tacky "top tips to burn belly fat" type ads, or ads that make noises/ play videos when the page loads.
  13. Re: Banner ads.: 'I think that was meant for me.'

    They can also do adds based on website syou recently visited. I have a campmor ad right now because I was browsing their online shop recently, and it certinly has nothing to do with this thread.
  14. Re: Banner ads.: 'I think that was meant for me.'

    I have an add for google ads.
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    Re: Why not to go barefoot

    I go barefoot as much as I can too. I'm surprised I haven't stepped on a bee yet. Five fingers are nice, but you can't feel the grass and dirt between your toes with them.
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    Re: Using a TBH in Canada

    I met these guys last year. Their whole operation was TBH.
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    Re: Ready for some more PM space Barry....

    CSV is comma separated values. It uses commas to tell excel (or whatever other program you open it in) how to split the data up into different cells. I just tried it and my version of excel does...
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    Re: Rattlesnakes

    I live in the middle of CT and my dad has seen rattlesnakes while he is out hunting. I'm not saying that we have problems in the north east like they have down south, but you may want to look at...
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    Re: Best Swarm Call Ever!

    I have a pair of five fingers that I like a lot too, but I was also wondering what you were wearing :)
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    Re: Doing a TBH Nucleus Colony

    Looks good. If you wanted to make a habbit of nucs to sell maybe you could make the bars extra long so they would fit a few different width hives and would just hang over then ends of the nuc. I'm...
  21. Re: Inspection, how many bars removed at a time?

    I have some buckets that used to hold bubble gum. Similar to the milkcrates idea. The buckets came from someone at my office.
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    Re: Value of FACEBOOK ?

    If you set up a buisness page that people can "like" then you can update your customers on what the bees are up to, how things are shapping up, and when products are available. If make regular...
  23. Re: Inspection, how many bars removed at a time?

    I take out like three bars from the back to give me some working room. Like this...
    vvvvv___------ (V's are comb and --- empty bars.

    Then I inspect one bar at a time. When I'm done with...
  24. Re: ventilation - "screened bottom board/dead air space configuration"

    This is interesting. My dad and I where brainstorming plans for my next TBH and the design we decided on was a screened bottom board with a dead air space underneath with a removable bottom board. ...
  25. Re: Our new Hive Stand, Comment? Suggestions?

    i wouldn't want to spray round up near my bees. (Ok I wouldn't want to spray round up near anything) some simple landscapers fabric would do the work with no chemicals needed.
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