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    Re: First Bee Sting

    You might think about just wearing a veil for minor inspections etc. I hate any stings from the shoulders up!
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    Re: What exactly does a drone do?

    If you want to observe typical drone behavior up close go to any bar or night club on a Saturday night after 10pm. :)
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    Re: Bad Luck with Africanized bees ??

    Sorry for your Dad's pain. If I get bit once I swell up like a balloon For 1-2 days and is hurts like hell. Maybe time for a new/ better suit. I've never heard of anyone being bit 20-30 times with a...
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    Re: starting with a feral colony?

    Yes, It is doable and will be a great experience. Read up on capturing a hive and go slow. You will have to get the queen into the transfer box usually by getting the main pile of bees into the box...
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    Re: "Raw Unfiltered Honey"

    I think you are confusing filtering and straining. Commercial businesses usually run honey under pressure through a actual filter. Most of us at home strain our honey by gravity. Sometimes "filtered"...
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    Re: bee parasites?

    Look up "parasitic fly of bumble bees". They are now being found to use honey bees as hosts also. That would be my best guess.
  7. Thread: Gloves

    by Michael Pawelek

    Re: Gloves

    When I get stung the area swells up and spreads 6-8 inches from the initial site for 2-3 days and I cannot move any joints within foot of the sting so for me all this talk of " I don't wear a suit or...
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    Re: Number of hives in one location

    In my area of the Texas Gulf Coast the larger semi-hobby Beeks keep 20-25 hives in hive cities and most are spaced close together on the properties, 2-3 feet between hives, probably due to the fact...
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    Re: Time For Honey???

    Bees have exacting space requirements within a box hive and if the spaces are just a fraction of a inch too wide they will bridge those gaps with wax and fill with honey eventually. I cannot think of...
  10. Re: Report On New IPM (Wet) Bottom Boards....

    A update after using the wet bottom boards for over ten days with a new bonus! I am now only finding 4-5 small hive beetles per day in the bottom boards which is still great considering how many...
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    Re: Bees getting grumpier?

    Out of my 5 hives the one that is much more aggressive is also a better producer when it comes to pounds of honey. My hot hive is two 8 frame mediums ahead of the other hives at this time.
  12. Re: Don't save the bees, save the plants!

    There has been a large increase in membership to my local county bee club in the last two years and by coincidence the State of Texas now allows a Agricultural tax exemption for a certain amount of...
  13. Re: Can you harvest honey without an extractor without ruining your drawn comb?

    Google "honey harvesting gravity".
    Probably one of the most popular ways to extract before spinners! :)
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    Re: Do bees consume blood?

    Vampire Bees !!! Go and find your silver hive tool right now.
  15. Re: How Long Can A Swarm Stay in a Cardboard Box?

    If it is a healthy swarm they will start drawing comb almost immediately. This is why I only use swarm boxes with frames installed. Otherwise the cut out could be messy!:)
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    Re: Ah, the joys of keeping bees

    Are the bees cleaning up what you cold not?
  17. Re: What beetle control methods have worked the best for you?

    I believe part of the life cycle of the shb is to crawl out of the hive as a pupae and burrow into the ground for a while then emerge as a beetle. The pupae do not last in sunlight and heat too well....
  18. What Diameter Holes In Feeder Lids?

    I have some old metal jar lids that fit on quart jars for feeding I used years ago. The metal lids eventually rust at the tiny holes and the metal lids stick really bad to the jars due to the syrup...
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    Re: How strong are your hives?

    My hives are so strong they can make a grown man go running and screaming down the road while swatting at his head! :)
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    Re: What is this plant and bee??

    Asclepius tuberosa-Butterfly Weed
    It is the larval food plant of the Queen and Monarch butterflies.
  21. Re: Report On New IPM (Wet) Bottom Boards....

    Used the design from in which the pan covers the whole area under the screen. The only adaptation I plan to make this next week is to add some sort of "stiffener" inside the trays...
  22. Re: What beetle control methods have worked the best for you?

    I have my hives in full sun but a huge problem at my location is that we generally have really mild Winters and some have no freezing temperatures at all. With no freezes insect populations are not...
  23. Re: Report On New IPM (Wet) Bottom Boards....

    Did another strain of the 5 hives after waiting 5 days and WOW found another 300+ small hive beetles drowned in the bottom boards. This time around they were not the huge pregnant females but very...
  24. Re: What beetle control methods have worked the best for you?

    See my post from this last week....
  25. Re: Some bees drowned while cleaning up honey equipment

    Yes, It is sad how easily bees can get stuck in even thin honey and die in the process. Apparently they need something to grasp onto and if the surface is slick or the liquid too deep they are in...
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