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    Re: Need a Bee keeper to check my hives?

    Did you see how they were supported. Best I could tell they were sitting on metal rods driven into the rock face. I am impressed with the amount of effort expended on getting them up there and what...
  2. Re: Stinging with other bee species or wasps?

    All I can say is wow. I have read everything previously listed in the archives here, and Bee Bliss and the others come to the rescue. What a great group of people we have here. I have learned so...
  3. Re: Stinging with other bee species or wasps?

    Expert . Not in this. New beekeeper here. I have been stung by almost everything thou. I have had a problem with my back. Pain running down my right leg to my knee. Got stung on my left ankle ...
  4. Re: Stinging with other bee species or wasps?

    I think it is more like in real estate . Location , Location, Location. Hitting the pressure points to redirect the poison to the desired area is the key. Catching the other wasp and getting them to...
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    Re: Identify this plant.

    I think it is Lespodisa bicolor. pea family, quail love the seed.
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    Re: What kind of plant is this???

    arelia spinosis,, also known as devils walking stick. Bark has been used as a tonic for several ailments.
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    Re: Weird thing happened...

    at least you got a good knight
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    Re: Removing Your Honey Soon?

    Are these adds allowed?
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    Re: Can someone identify this tree?

    golden rain tree, native to china
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    Re: Putting hives in a swamp

    What about building a raised deck or a tree house.
  11. Beekeeper wanted for trap out Montgomery, Alabama

    Was contacted today about doing a trap out on a house. They are in a stone column. 20 feet high. I am too far away, not enough experience either. Any takers...PM me for the guys number.
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    Re: dead bees some undeveloped and larva

    I am new here also. But to me it looks like you are right. Drone brood. Anyone else out there with a different opinion.
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    Re: Where do you get your 1.25" frame nails?

    The gun won't care if you shoot your fingers. So keep them safe. They call it a gun so treat it as one. The jig should help keep them out of the way. And yes I have had a miss hap with one. I love...
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    Re: Two frame or three frame mating nucs?

    Thought I would jump in and ask why would you want to. I realize a nuke uses a few more frames and a little more bench space. Giving them a little room and resources means I have a little more time...
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    Re: Cheap top feeder

    Its what I have been looking for. I knew there was a way to do this and you beat me to it. Spilling a little should run into the slot or be cleaned up by the bees. Great job.
  16. Re: Bright yellow wax and gooey sticky propolis

    I think mine are visiting the pines also, am half hour south of you.
    Either way its some sticky stuff. Nice new suit and gloves this year. They now look like I have been doing this for a long time.
  17. Re: Michigan residents loose right to beehives and back yard chickens

    Who is going to enforce this. With all the major problems we have to have some one to chase chickens and bees out of michigan. Another good reason to move south.
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    Re: Scouts or Hive?

    what i would do
  19. Re: Changing from 9-frame deep body on 5.4mm foundation to 8-frame medium foundationl

    I did not mean to get you to beat your self up. Or for me to beat up on you either. We learn our best lessons for the mistakes we make. The more painful ones we seem to remember the longest. With...
  20. Re: Changing from 9-frame deep body on 5.4mm foundation to 8-frame medium foundationl

    Slap yourself again. Are medium nukes marketable. Or as marketable as deeps.
    Michael had me sold on the mediums also till this snag hit me. He is right about his points till the extra work to get...
  21. Re: Changing from 9-frame deep body on 5.4mm foundation to 8-frame medium foundationl

    Like you, I am a new beek. I wanted to go all medium 8 s for the weight factor. I can tell you what I did and why. The key word for me in your list of products that you want to produce is nukes. I...
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    Re: Robber bees or swarm scouts?

    I would think that many are scouting it out. The swarm I captured and was able to watch move in three weeks ago acted like that. There were bee's checking out every box on our farm. They were realy...
  23. Re: If this is your first year and you plan to expand next year, READ THIS

    Brad; I have swarm traps out in 3 counties, Two near 2 different feral hive. The other 6 are blind. The one that hit was on our upper deck 10 foot high at our house. Was going to get a couple of...
  24. Re: If this is your first year and you plan to expand next year, READ THIS

    I am behind already trying to get set up for 2 hives. Much less the 10 I hope to grow into.
    Swarm trapping seems to be the way to go, 1 for 8 so far. The bees I had move into a old deep trap...
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    Re: Advice desperately needed

    I have room to keep them for a bit, and empty deeps if you need it. Been working on my bee yard, the hive stands need to be leveled thou. I have swarm traps spread out in 3 counties and hope to be...
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