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  1. Shaking in nurse bees from another hive.

    When you are building a cell starter can you shake in additional nurse bees from another hive? Will there bee any in fighting?
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    Re: 8 to space?

    I plan to sand down my frames and get 9. I have one hive that likes to get a bit crazy on the foundationless up in the brood chamber so I will see if this helps....
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    Re: Grants for beginners

    Man I want to bite that baited hook so bad.. but it would add nothing to the conversation:( on thee other hand if you wanted to PM for a response to open up a respectful dialog on the topic of how...
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    Re: Grants for beginners

    maybe the responses from a few of the bee keepers have to do with chapter 6. Yes I know it has to do with getting money for farming and not bees but it still is relevant in my opinion.
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    Re: What to do after winter?

    OAV.. treatment as their realy should be no brood to speak of. Then either pray for thanks or more wisdom the next time around..based upon the out come of the hive.
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    Re: Vegans don't eat honey?
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    Re: oxalic acid

    Mode of Action

    Many plants use oxalic acid, and/or its oxalate salts, to discourage insects...
  8. Re: Is this noraml behavior with bee suppliers?

    Things ended up well for me as far as getting bees last year when all was said and done and I am blessed. I think Langstroth saying to the effect that "love of bee often cause love of home and many...
  9. Re: Is this noraml behavior with bee suppliers?

    Not wanting to really drag out a dead horse but I just got a notification from face book on a review that I left on this suppliers facebook page back in MAY OF LAST YEAR which was to inform me that...
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    Re: eco wood treatment

    Those are some fine looking hives!!
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    Re: Should I give up or try again?

    I have not seen the list of books you plan to read. If you have a Kindle or an E-reader you can get a lot of them for free. Also your local Library can get them for you. Their are also a fair amount...
  12. Re: Nucs or packages near Kansas city

    I dont know if desmoies is to far
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    Re: Aronia berries

    As far as the flavor is concerned let me say this. My 2 year old daughter will pop a few in her mouth, chew them up and then get a sour face and spit them out. Then she will do it again and again its...
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    Re: 8 frame hives

    Number of Frames
    Now that we have a frame size you need to pick a hive size. Standard is 10 frames. There is much to be said for being...
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    Re: Aronia berries

    I live 4 miles from here.
    One of the largest in the usa.
    I have one bush my self. Any where between 5-15 dollars per pound for organic and it does not take too many...
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    Re: Bees are gone, now what?

    I don’t know if varroa is your issue but I do know that dusting has to be done more than just monthly (two to three times weekly seems to work best) and even when done its only one part of an IPM...
  17. Re: Why do bees leave the hive to n December?

    How many times do you go back and check the fridge even though you checked it a second ago and there was nothing good to eat then either.
  18. Re: Good source for foundationless guides

    Walter T Kelly sales a frame just for this use.
  19. Re: is there natural die off durring the winter?

    I have quilt boards on the top and will be putting up wind blocks this coming week. I can honestly say that I have done everything I reasonably can to stack the deck. Still it’s a card game. Just did...
  20. Re: Packing organic honey without certification

    If a consumer is going to spend the money to buy organic then they need to know what organic honey means. You can’t be fraudulent on something that has no standard too pin an expectation too.

  21. is there natural die off durring the winter?

    I have mouse guards on my hives and a hand full of dead bees on the screen bottom boards (the bottom boards are closed). I wonder if the care taker bees could not get the die off out of the hive as...
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    Re: Public Land For Apiaries

    QUOTE=minz;1183611]We have had some big forest fires out here this last year fairly close. I was trying to get access to a place by the burn to get some hives on for fireweed honey. This may be the...
  23. Re: What made you decide to keep bees?

    My wife and I teach self-reliant class on the side, down on our homestead and have been working to make a lot of our transactions with other homesteaders via the barter system. Anyone can be semi...
  24. Re: Raising queens/ is it practical for a hobbyist?
    take a look here
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    Re: Raising my own Queens.

    This is using the NICOT system

    Here is the power point for use of the NICOT system...
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