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    Sticky: Re: Bulk honey prices and market outlook

    Got a call ftom a honey buyer looking for light amber honey. Sonce we pack most of our honey we seldom sell in bulk to big processors. He said honey prices were down and he was suprised. Light...
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    Re: Kentucky Bloom season, when to feed?

    Stacy m got it right. Kentucky has 4 or 5 beekeeping regions where things are totally differant. Eastern ky mountains..good early tree bloom followed bysourwood blooms early july. Western Ky has...
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    Re: terrible swarming issues in midwest??

    I run bees from orange to Ky. I seldom have swarming issues but have had about 4 years it drove me nuts. First one was back around 1997 BEFORE I was migratory. The others,were this year,...
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    Re: Duragilt opinion?

    Most commercial beeks call it durash!++ need I say more?
  5. Re: Overwhelmed by the strength of my flow

    Capped doesnt always mean its nit too thin nor if its uncapped dies it mean it wont keep. Extract a box at room temp (75 to 80) if the honey "stacks" running out of extractor it will keep. By...
  6. Re: We had a commercial pollinator drop pallets too close.

    Silverback...he had no idea what he,was talking about or was being a donkeys rear end. Now if someone dropped a 100 and there were many yards within a couple of miles with 24 or 48 that would be...
  7. Re: We had a commercial pollinator drop pallets too close.

    6 or 7 pallets will not make a differance..not gonna affect your crop. Back when I started keeping bees there were 3 of us that had significant number of hives. Within a mile and half of center of...
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    Re: Million dollar rain

    Michael...rained almost every day in Ky in April and first part of May. Wettest april ever. Put bees in swarm mode which has kept me busy. Then hot and sunny 80's)shortening the locust bloom. Now...
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    Re: I HATE Foundationless!

    Why anyone would go foundationless is beyond my mental comprehension. There are NO advantages.
  10. Re: who hauls their own bees on their own semi

    I have a 26 ft Kenworth with 48" sleeper. We tag behind it a 24'slide axle air ride trailer. Other than moving on 100 plus mile hauls I use the 10 wheeler to move bees from and into holding yards,...
  11. Re: Paramount Farms buys out Headwater Honey (David Mendes)

    Ive seen his bees after almonds. Very Very nice bees but mean as hell. Had some in my front yard two yrs ago after almonds and had tovwear a veil if outside. Bought some 300 cells three yrs ago. ...
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    Re: commercial beekeeping in ky

    Luck...but sometimes its BAD luck like getting stuck in sand at 2 am last week and walking thru orange groves 3 miles in deep loose sand to get pulled out. I was NOT happy. Ended up with 5 hrs...
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    Re: commercial beekeeping in ky

    If you want to stay treatment free with a 1,000 colonies good luck. Almost impossable as a commercial as you pick up mites and disease when pollinating.(i assume when you say send bees to pollinate...
  14. Re: Ag commissioner of Ventura county forces bee hive to move! Help needed

    I havent had this issue but have had problems at the ag check station at border. First off do not under any circumstances give in. Be a mad bulldog. Call the ag commissiones office and politely...
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    Re: Artic blast

    MOUNTAIN MAN...We sure played flat tonight. maybe too cold
  16. Re: Oxalic Acid ... soon approved for use in beehives

    I love it Michael
  17. Re: If gas prices stay low ($2/gal. aver.) what impact will it have for you as a BKP

    Wont affect most beeks as diesel hasnt dropped like gas. Big ripoff. But diesel and trucking is my biggest single cost so it will make usxa little more profitablle
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    Re: Can I use Mqs after expire date

    I used some one month out of date...killed mites but not as good. If kept in cold area would probably be fine. After talking with NOAD if they get too hot or stay warm for a period and you see...
  19. Re: State apiarist says oxalic is about to be approved.

    Tammy is a go getter and knowledgeable. Our state apiarist before her was a political hire and knew as much about bees as i know about working on a airplane engine. When hired it was stated he had...
  20. Re: State apiarist says oxalic is about to be approved.

    Yoy got that exactly right.
  21. Re: Best Forklift for all around Apiary usage?

    Kubota is a really good engine but cummins is the best. Leave. It to CA or the federal gov to mess things up. Either one could make a wet dream a nightmare.
  22. Re: How Many Lbs of Honey will a 2 deep colony produce a year?

    In 37 years of best year 275 lb ave oer hive(1982) my worst year 3 (2005)
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    Re: mite count after oav

    Rookie..i finished going thru my hives tuesdsy. Some were already broodless while most still had some capped brood. Only the ones i started in sept were still laying. This is the earliest ivecseen...
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    Re: What made you decide to keep bees?

    My advisor in college taught a begining beekeeping class and although i had no interest in bees he wanted more students and talked me into taking the class. I ended up taking the lab class the next...
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    Re: Need to seal floor on honey house

    Sherwin wiliams two part epoxy is the best. Ive had it on my bottling and extracting areas for 17 years with pallet jacks and forklifts on it...still there.
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