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    Re: Oh so not nailing all these frames.

    In addition to a crown stapler, I have found a frame assembly jig that holds all the end bars in place to be invaluable.
  2. Just hived packages, now subfreezing temps. Feeding question.

    Just hived 3 packages yesterday, now on the first day of spring we are supposed to go to 30 deg. tonight. I have top feeders full of syrup on them, now I'm worried about condensation with it...
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    Re-using moth damaged frames?

    I'm installing packages today, i have some brood comb from a deadout that I want to use but it had moths. I'm pretty sure there are no more active moth eggs or larva as we recently had a good hard...
  4. Adding brood/eggs to a package install?

    It there any advantage to adding a frame or two of brood and eggs to a package install in a new hive? I have packages coming in next Monday, and wanted to kill two birds with one stone by both...
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    Hiving packages questions?

    I am planning on adding to the backyard apiary this year and have 3 new hives to fill. Have packages coming next weekend.

    With limited space in the beeyard, I plan to have all my hives...
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    Frame assembly??

    I have over 100 frames to assemble this weekend, going to go get an air nailer to speed things up. Question is brads vs. staples?

    Definitely do not want to sit all weekend with the hammer and...
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    Re: Tennessee Canola Growers?

    Hey Jason-
    Deer hunters plant a ton of rape(canola) and other brassicas (as well as a lot of clover) on their greenfields to attract deer and feed the herd. Maybe look around and see if there are...
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