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  1. Re: Recognizing Rader Sidetrack............

    he caught me twice posting the wrong information, always helpful from what I can see:applause: I just hope he doesn't go back and check the rest:thumbsup:
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    Re: speeding up filtering?

    what kind of uncapper are you using? we use a cowens and are processing much more than 36 frames per hour. If you are using a chain uncapper I would listen to ted n ms post above.
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    Re: Failing Queens

    did the queens in the good yard, come from the same batch of queens in the bad yards? sounds like they just didn't get mated to well.
  4. Re: Measuring varroa based on number found in brood

    when you start to see more than one mite per drone cell, I start using other methods to get a better mite count.
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    Re: Pesticide bee kill?

    Is there food in the hive? How hot has it been, any ventilation problems? Did you see any mites on the dead bees or the bottom of the nuc box?
  6. Re: Maxant clarifier and filter questions

    on the double filter, don't hang it too high on the wall, if you run enough honey through it to plug up the bags, they get very heavy to remove. If you get some small bags made of slightly wider...
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    Re: Another first in the bee yard.

    I have the same affect on women, I tried singing to them, but that only made it worse, not sure what to try next.:scratch:
  8. Re: New Study on Neonics, in Nature (journal), out of Netherlands

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    Re: Any cons to buckwheat?

    after about 11am your bees may get a bit testy as the buckwheat stops abruptly. I love the honey but never could get it to go through my filters, to thick. If you do get black honey, please post...
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    Re: Honey with a string Mint taste

    I wouldn't try to sell that stuff, I could pick it up if you would like to get rid off it, I have some crazy people down the street that think that stuff is good.:shhhh:
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    Re: Hop Guard II

    who is selling it?
  12. Thread: Kelleys

    by wildbranch2007

    Re: Kelleys

    placed an order late thursday, received it sat morning.
  13. Re: Farm license plates (benefits or regulations)

    The hours of service exemption provides relief from federal hours of service rules during the planting and harvesting...
  14. Re: Farm license plates (benefits or regulations)

    One question I still have, anyone know the answer. Previous to the map-21 HOS were exempt during planting season, does map-21 change this?
    It's also my understanding, if I read the laws correctly...
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    Re: Is the northeast in a dearth now?

    napp weed is flowering if you have it.
  16. Re: This may get interestiong, bird decline and neonicotinoid link...

    trying to convince the wife, we spent more than enough this winter feeding birds including the migratory red wing black birds that eat me out of house and home. Nope she brought more seed home...
  17. Re: Old Dadant 20 Frame Trouble Shooting

    the first thing I would check is the bearing in the bottom of the tank, if not maintained and cleaned they need replacing.
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    Re: Dr. Jeffery Pettis Steps Down

    I don't see much speculation. From his own document:
    "I would like to address the recent decision by ARS to change the leadership of the Beltsville Bee Laboratory. While I have strong reservations...
  19. Re: Infra-Population and -Community Dynamics of the Parasites Nosema apis and Nosema

    Hate to say it but why waste money telling us what we already know, find some way to fix the problem would probably get someones interest.
  20. Re: Farm license plates (benefits or regulations)

    I assume this is the Map-21 wording that HarryVanderpool is talking about.

    A ‘‘covered farm vehicle’’ (CFV), as defined in Sec. 32934, is a straight truck or articulated vehicle (e.g., a large...
  21. Re: Farm license plates (benefits or regulations)

    I read that multiple times, BUT, I can never figure out what statements override what statements. where does it say no 150 mile limit, could you cut and past it into a post.
    off the top of my head...
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    Re: uncapping for 100 hives

    her is a link to reconditioned silver queen, no price given. I bought my silver queen here, had it shipped in, along time ago for a reasonable price. silver queen is down toward the bottom.
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    Re: What is happening to these drones?

    drones one and two from the left look like they have DWV, have you checked for mite levels?
  24. Re: NEW YORK- new legislation, anyone know about this??

    who asked for the legislation and what they hope to accomplish with it, and the pay scale they intend to offer the people on the aiac committee members to do the work, may get me more enthuses to get...
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    Re: Dead Hive Help

    was there any honey in the hive, were you feeding?
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