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    Re: Wax moth larva under SBB!

    If they're down there they're not ruining comb, might just put a little indentation in the wood is all. I wouldn't worry a bit about them if you like using SBB. You clearly need some jumping spider...
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    Re: My two hives are killing each other.

    Top feeders are great but closing that top entrance is key. Make the robbers go the entire way from the bottom entrance all the way through the hive to the top feeder, nab some syrup, and then have...
  3. Re: Is this a crazy idea? Preparing for Winter..

    When putting on 2:1 syrup in the fall, get it in them as fast as you can, otherwise depending on your bees they'll just want to eat it and not store it. This means no quart jar, this means a gallon...
  4. Thread: mite numbers

    by libhart

    Re: mite numbers


    Are you saying that your alcohol wash had an additional 1-2 mites drop above the sugar roll?

    Also, in reading about sugar roll techniques I've noticed that waiting a good 3-4 minutes...
  5. Re: Please post your varroa mite count and information!

    I believe treatment free success is just as local, and possibly more local, as all the other aspects of beekeeping. Because of this idea, I think the general hobby beekeeper population is done a...
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    Re: Control poison ivy

    As marshmasterpat said, a good product with triclopyr in it will kill the poison simply by spraying a bit, and I mean from a small spray bottle, onto the base of the main stem. No need to have a big...
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    Re: Foundationless mistake?

    I find there is very little certainty in where a queen will and will not go. She "generally" won't cross an entire box of honey, but I've had workers take a box of honey, uncap and move the honey...
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    Re: temperature of honey to stay liquid

    I've heard 100-104 as well but at that temp it will take a few days, don't expect it to be liquid in an hour or two.
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    Re: Wouldn't you know it!!

    +1 just for finding her before putting one of your new ones in there and for sure having them off her. :)
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    Re: Overwinter queen only?

    I don't think the is feasible. Worker bees need the colony to survive, just a few would likely die fairly quickly, at least relative to the goal of surviving an entire winter. I'm sure you'll get a...
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    Re: Selling Your Honey

    You'll want to understand the food safety laws that now include honey in PA. Just like those that make food and sell it out of their home, there are things you'll have to understand and possibly do...
  12. Re: Failing(ed) Hive - Suspect Mites and Robbing???

    I'm almost certain you're correct on the mite diagnosis.

    That is an enormously high mite count. Not just sort of high, but through the roof high. The highest limit I've seen where treatment is...
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    Re: Make 15 year old help with sideline business?

    Lots of 2c on this thread, almost up to $1...but I guess you asked for it :)

    At 15, especially at 16, a kid needs to be making his/her own money. They need a job plus they need to help around the...
  14. Thread: Honey b health

    by libhart

    Re: Honey b health

    I think the key to prevent robbing when feeding something scented (or any time really) is to ensure that a robber bee has a hard time getting to the feed. Feed on top, and close upper entrances. ...
  15. Thread: Raw Honey

    by libhart

    Re: Raw Honey

    Laughing so hard at that Nabber...your customers and mine must be on some of the same internet forums, cause you know, if it's on the interwebs, it's gotta be true. I'm totally with you on that foil...
  16. Re: Timing of ApiGuard treatment for winter bees

    In the article itself there are many more graphs where the triangles show up as treatments and you can see the modeled effects on the other numbers.

    ~300 bees is 1/2 cup :) so that was just a bit...
  17. Re: Timing of ApiGuard treatment for winter bees

    I don't really think the bees are going to be bringing in enormous levels of mites in that final month or two. I would think that many immigrant mites are brought in by drones, and drones are...
  18. Re: Timing of ApiGuard treatment for winter bees

    I forget who said/wrote it, I want to say Kim Flottum....that a good goal to shoot for is that your winter bees grandmothers are quite healthy (where grandmothers aren't genetic, but the bees that...
  19. Thread: honey cappings

    by libhart

    Re: honey cappings

    I'd wonder about the actual average weight of the honey you have in those jars. I'd base the price on that. Maybe sacrifice a few of the jars you have made up. Weigh each first, squeeze the honey...
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    Re: Do I need a electric uncapping knife?

    +1 for the serrated bread knife, but two points. Get a good one. I bought a used Cutco 1724. Cutco will sharpen their knives for free forever. You have to pay shipping to get it there and back,...
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    Re: Swarm at the DC Capitol

    WRT the Whitehouse hive, I'm skeptical as to whether or not there are any bees in that hive. It looks nice sitting out there, but I went down last August on a day trip with someone from way...
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    Re: OAV - is this the stuff

    BTW, here's the product by that company that is OA:
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    Re: OAV - is this the stuff

    Definitely, definitely, DEFINITELY NOT oxalic acid. Return it or clean your deck. Don't use it on your bees.
  24. Re: When does the queen bee's abdomen fully expand?

    I'm sure that her largest is when she's finally laying, maybe a week after mating. But queens do come in all sizes. It's hard to tell from her size what's up. I've seen large virgins and small...
  25. Re: My first frame with foundation. My evolution as a beekeeper. I feel kind of dir

    I feel your growing pains.....started 5 years ago foundationless in langs. Worked fine, did well for those years and loved the fact that I had 0 burr comb between my frames because my bees just...
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