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    Re: Deeps or Mediums

    I started with all 8 frame mediums. I am pretty sure that had I gotten deeps, I'd have quit beekeeping because I wouldn't be able to lift them...the weight is not significant.

    I sealed my boxes...
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    Re: List of Beekeeping Rules

    I like my frame grips too. Don't like working without them.

    Every rule has an exception. I think the best we can hope for are some guidelines.

    Washing a suit removes the stingers, which attract...
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    Re: Varroa Bomb?

    It very much alarmed me that the counts jumped that much in just 3 weeks. Sugar rolls (done on dryish days -- I don't work bees on hot, humid days for my comfort) also showed a spike. Inspections...
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    Varroa Bomb?

    All summer my rolls and drops have been consistently 3 mites per roll with drops usually 0-2. I have checked every 3 weeks.

    Pulled my drop boards today after a three day drop test, and...
  5. Re: Alternative Protein for extra brood rearing (For overwintering success) Need Reci

    It seemed to work better. The quarter patties were too big, but quarter sized (like the size of a coin) were eaten before the bugs got them.
  6. Re: Reoccurring robbing! How can I prevent it.

    I used fondant to feed my nucs, which got rolling just about when our nectar flow dried up. That and robber screens pretty much stopped robbing for me. I made my own robber screens with some small...
  7. Re: Alternative Protein for extra brood rearing (For overwintering success) Need Reci

    True that. I used pollen patties earlier this summer, when no pollen was coming in, to help some nucs out. They were rapidly filled with larvae. I gave just quarter sized pieces after that and...
  8. Re: Trying to decide if I should buy and extractor.

    Brushy Mountain has a starter extraction kit on sale this month.

    I've seen extraction services on Craigslist. The local clubs here will also rent extractors for a day, and a couple local bee...
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    Re: Aggressive bees

    If there is no food coming in, they get grumpy too. Lots of bees just hanging out, and when the beekeeper comes along, all hands on deck to defend the stores and brood.

    My hives have gotten...
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    Re: Protective gear

    Blue Sky has great ventilated suits, and I got one on sale so the price was excellent.

    Go with a ventilated suit....especially if you want someone else involved. Sting resistance is excellent,...
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    Re: Treat or not to treat

    All summer I had zero mites on drop tests, but when I did a sugar roll this last time, I finally picked up a few. Maybe follow up with a sugar roll and double check? Then you can decide what to do...
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    Re: Bee Biology 101

    +1. Ventilated suit was the best investment ever.

    They can't sting through the ventilated suit...but they can sting through gloves, and one got me in the forehead through the hat of my ventilated...
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    Re: Sting virgin & first aid

    Anybody can develop a severe, life threatening allergy to anything at any time. So capturing a bee and making it sting you is silly....that might not be the sting that causes a reaction.

    My BIL...
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    Re: Something went very wrong, very fast ...

    I'm so glad some of them survived!

    I'd feed too...anything to help the bees not have to expend energy looking for food but spending their time rebuilding the colony, especially with winter...
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    Re: I've got 1600 lbs of honey, now what?

    That's what I did, and it was all gone within 36 hours, with people begging for more. Too bad mine is all gone...otherwise I'd put up another photo around the holidays and market it as easy and...
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    Re: Furious bees

    I am brand new to beekeeping myself. But I had one very good hive I started this year, and I took a frame of eggs and very young larvae from that hive and put it in another with nurse bees and food...
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    Re: Northeast PA. Swarm in swarm trap

    I'd give it a whirl, put them in something, and feed as much as they would possibly take...see what happens. All you have to lose is some sugar syrup and maybe winter feed.

    Otherwise they are...
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    Re: Shelter & insulation

    I'm going to use straw bales and T posts to build a windbreak. I've thought about adding a little roof to it as well, simply to help reduce snow around the hives.

    I've read mixed reports about...
  19. Thread: Mowing?

    by SpringGreen

    Re: Mowing? depends.

    This spring, we mowed right next to the hives. Like right next to them. No suit needed. We made hay off the field the hives sit in. Bees didn't bother us at all. The bees...
  20. Re: Did feeding/cost of feeding discourage you?

    I have black foundation, which makes the eggs pop right out. They blend into the wax in the foundationless frames, so I can't see them. I'm nearsighted, so I should be able to see them, but I can't...
  21. Re: Did feeding/cost of feeding discourage you?

    I really wanted to start with a TBH. But I read they actually take more time, as you really have to get in there more often and ensure they are not cross combing. That made me think twice.

    I also...
  22. Re: How to know if there is a Nectar (aka honey) flow

    Nope. I'm in MD too. They are bringing in some pollen, but they are not working the goldenrod. I have several empty frames in each hive right now, just waiting to be filled....and they aren't working...
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    Re: Newbie mite check

    Me too. I did sticky boards every 3 weeks, starting way back in April when I first got my bees. Did sugar rolls starting in June. Pulled a good amount of drone brood every 21 days (not all of it, as...
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    Re: Robbing problems

    +1. I had one nuc robbed to oblivion in just a few hours. All of my hives now have a robbing screen, to slow robbers leaving to go wreak havoc and to keep robbers out.

    Here is a picture of mine:...
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    Re: Split gone wrong?

    My strong hives have looked like that since June, with tons of bees covering the lower two boxes constantly, unless it's was just bearding because of the heat inside strong hives and a...
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