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  1. Re: Easiest type of cell builder for a beginner

    I used to do it exactly like this and never could get those impressively large cells that everyone likes to show off - Until Ray Marler suggested putting a frame of open brood in the space where the...
  2. Re: Difference between two hives question

    You can't find time to inspect your two hives, and one swarmed 9 months ago, and you Assume it has a new queen?

    Don't get mad. Seriously no offense intended here - but beekeeping may not really...
  3. Re: Easiest type of cell builder for a beginner

    Lots of good ways to do it, but the question was Easiest - which is probably almost surely a strong queenless hive to both start and finish.
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    Re: Population explosion and feeding

    With a little luck we might get to rob a few frames of it - the ten day forecast only has about 2 non-foraging days in it. You gotta love this when it happens.
  5. Re: Central Maryland Beekeepers Association (CMBA) taken over by extreme alarmists

    If you don't like how things are going be sure and participate in club elections. Better yet, run for president yourself.
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    Re: Population explosion and feeding

    There's been tons of maple nectar coming in here for the last 2 weeks. Some of my hives have filled a dozen or so medium frames with it. I suspect some folks will lose swarms before they notice...
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    Re: Cheap Nucs?

    Honesty or fairness isn't really the pricing issue, but you do need to be competitive with other sellers to some extent I think. I Want to sell out, so that I can move on to other things.

  8. Re: Getting bees NEXT spring - how to become sustainable?

    Make your own increase as soon as possible - you can always combine if you want to. How you want to go foreward will become more clear as you progress. Try to keep an open mind - it is likely that...
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    Re: My new nuc swarmed

    During swarm season undrawn comb does not equal more room. When all of the comb is full they are out of space. You have to manipulate them to get them started drawing comb.
  10. Re: I should Combine Much more aggressively

    "i've had more honey produced from colonies that were very small coming out of winter and didn't swarm than ones that were bigger coming out of winter and ended up swarming."

    I agree completely -...
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    Re: To use or not to use a QUEEN EXLCUDER

    Sorry. Alexandria VA is a main location on the TV series "Walking Dead."
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    Re: To use or not to use a QUEEN EXLCUDER

    I add excluders around May 20 when the main flow is ending, and swarming is much less likely.

    Brood above the excluder emerges and gets backfilled with honey. You have to provide a drone escape,...
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    Re: no eggs, 4 queen cells

    Anything is possible, but It's not likely that they have already swarmed - and if they had the hive would typically still have a large population of bees and lots of brood, and your Q cells would be...
  14. I should Combine Much more aggressively

    I just finished working my hives for the first time this year, and I realized that some of my strongest hives are the result of combining dinky ones last September that I thought were too puny to cut...
  15. Re: walkaway split more successful during a nectar flow?

    The spring flow/reproductive season is the best time for any kind of split - also queen rearing.
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    Re: cleaning plastic frames

    I just scrape them - no wax, syrup, honey-b-healthy. No power wash, bleach, simple green, no magic words - just scrape off the spooge and put them in a strong hive that needs more comb during the...
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    Re: Torn-Down QC's In Mating Nucs

    What do you think about giving the ripe cell to the nuc as soon as possible so that they don't commit to starting their own?
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    Re: cleaning plastic frames

    Assuming that they haven't been exposed to AFB, and you don't have many many of them - just scrape them off with a putty knife and insert them between brood frames during the spring nectar flow.
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    Re: Cell Builder

    Good magnification and light sure do help. I use an optivisor.
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    Re: OAV Finally registered

    I'm still gonna stock up on wood bleach - just in case theres a tu..... something bad in the punchbowl.

    But, yeah. This is good.
  21. Re: Why I have never lost an over-wintered hive

    It's because you started in 2009.

    I also started in '09 and 4 of those 6 winters I had 0 losses. This has been a bad year - I've lost 1 of 33.

    Keep them well fed, stay on top of mites - and...
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    Re: Spring feeding - for how long?

    We tell our new beekeepers to feed if a hive has less than 15 pounds of stores which include significant amt of open nectar.

    It's a little arbitrary, but not completely. If stores are low...
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    Re: Screened bottom? Ventilation?

    Francois Huber who died in 1831 - 20 years before the Langstroth hive? Not saying he was incorrect, but has it really been almost 200 years since any research has been done on this? Was Hubers...
  24. Re: What Advice Would You Give to Someone That is Open Feeding Honey From Unknown Sou

    It's illegal in TN.
  25. Re: This is what a queen that produces MEAN bees looks like.

    How do you know it's not the drones that produce mean bees?
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