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    What to do about aggressive Ants?

    I was checking on one of my hives last week and found the population is way lower than expected and that ants were coming in and out of the hive and attacking bees in the entrance. I've had my hives...
  2. Re: lowest temp to inspect without harming bees?

    Today was 49 degrees here in Great Falls MT, and I took a look in at my bees. (last one for the season) As long as you keep it very brief you can do it at this temp w/o harming the hive (in my...
  3. Re: Oxalic Acid Mite Treatment Approved by FDA?........

    Thanks for the info. From the reading I've done, Oxalic Acid seems like the best value in mite treatment while still being effective. I'm just a hobbyist and don't know any legal implications of...
  4. Oxalic Acid Mite Treatment Approved by FDA?........

    Hello All,
    A fellow beekeeper told me that the FDA has approved Oxalic Acid for treatment of mites. I am not aware of any way to verify if this is true or not.

    Was he right?..... or just...
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    Re: Carniolans over Italians

    I have found Carniolans to be a bit more frugal with their stores over the winter. That helps where I'm at.
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    Ever Used a Spacer Block?

    Hello All,
    I've had an idea that I thought was worth throwing out there and seeing if anyone else had any experience with it.
    I'd like to build a pair of spacer blocks to approximately the same...
  7. Re: 24 Day Old Package / Will They Make It?

    I installed 3 packages a little over a month ago, and like you I was worried when I checked on them on memorial day and saw that my populations had declined in all 3 hives since the week before when...
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    Sewing a Bee-Suit

    Hello All,
    I'm looking for anyone who might have a pattern for making a beesuit. I'd like to bring my 4 and 6 year old son and daughter to the hives with me this spring, but I don't want to make...
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    Re: Apairy Management Software

    Im not the best with excel but I can giter done ;)
    Unless we have an excel guru around that would be willing to whip something up for the community... :D[/QUOTE]

    I'm a structural engineer,...
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    Re: Checking it out in Idaho

    Bees are fun. Are you in a rural area? Good Luck with your endeavor.
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    Re: Cheap but good

    I've had good luck with Western Bee Supply out of Polson Montana.

    the wood was fairly clear the joints were tight and the price worked for me
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    Re: Looking for Russian packages

    Yes I'm looking for a package for 2011. I wasn't planning on installing them until late april or early may. Thanks for the advice and the help. I may end up re-queening as a simple solution, but...
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    Looking for Russian packages

    With all this talk about Russians lately, I've decided to give them a try, but I'm having a heck of a time finding any sources that sell Russian packages. Montana winters are normally pretty rough,...
  14. Re: Dreams of beekeeping, squashed (share your experiences so I don't feel so alone!)

    I'm in agreement with BWrangler. I live in a town that makes you jump through a million hoops to put a beehive on your own property in town. So I found a likely looking place just...
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    Re: Old Bee Comb - Usable or not

    I had the same question about old comb, and I'm really glad to see these answers posted. I feel better about using my old comb next spring. Can't wait to get my packages of bees!! One thing a...
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    Re: How far north do you get wax moths?

    Thanks for the responses. Perhaps I just got lucky that no damage was done over the years. Thanks again.
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    How far north do you get wax moths?

    Hello All,
    I bought several hives from the father of a good friend. These hives sat unused out in his barn in northwestern Montana for about 12-15 years before I bought them. The comb all seems...
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    how old is too old for reusing comb?

    Howdy all,
    I purchased four brood chambers and about 6 honey supers from the father of a good friend. He (the father) hasn't done any beekeeping for about 12 -15 years now. The comb and frames all...
  19. Re: what am I doing wrong??? I got stung 25+ times

    What was the weather like when you opened the hive?

    Did you have a bee suit on? A friend of mine whose parents were commercial beekeepers told me that you should have as much protection on as you...
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