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  1. Re: newbi look over my plans give advice thanks

    Your plan is confusingly worded. As I understand it, your plan is to take the one, double-deep hive you have then:

    1. add a third deep of undrawn, foundationless frames, let them draw it out;...
  2. Re: Feeding Bees - Could they give up foraging?

    No, you won't make them lazy. In fact, if I feed a light hive in the spring, they will stop taking syrup as soon as a major nectar source opens up. The syrup will sit while the bees go get the real...
  3. Re: Raising the Sugar Content Orchid Bees Overcome the Constraints of Suction Feedi

    "Rhythmic movements of the proboscis may help to increase convection."

    That's what she said....

    Thanks for this post--I'll definitely need this when I start raising those orchid bees...?!
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    Re: Mouse invader/what to do with honey?

    Sterling, that may be true, but that doesn't mean that I would willingly and knowingly put it in my mouth or bottle it and give it to friends and lived ones.

    If you are so cavalier about it, you...
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    Re: Management Strategy Impasse

    I vote #1 or #3. It depends on what you want out of beekeeping. I talked to an Amish guy once. He said he farmed 30 acres. I asked him if he was looking for more land. He said "No, 30 acres is all...
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    Re: Mouse invader/what to do with honey?

    I wouldn't eat anything that had rodent feces near it.

    Feed it back to the bees in the spring. They will clean the frames. It will be fine for...
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    Re: Hi from Portugal

    Welcome Eduardo.

    I honeymooned in Portugal. A beautiful country! Do you get any honey or pollen from all those cork trees?
  8. Re: Bees are gone and now what to do with beehive for winter?

    I second both of Enj.'s points.

    Try to learn something about why they died. Mites? A late swarm? A late-fall queen failure? Disease? Poison? Rob-out? They all could be culprits.

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    What's wrong with this foundation?

    I bought a hive off an acquaintance and opened it up for the first time today. I think the hives were neglected somewhat over the last few years. The top box was full of frames that look like...
  10. Re: What trees do you wish you had more of for your bees?

    Who knows. Such a question is impossible to answer; there are way too many variables. That said, the one big linden in my front yard positively hums with thousands of bees for a week every summer. ...
  11. Re: What trees do you wish you had more of for your bees?

    +1 on the linden/basswood tree
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    Re: My head is spinning

    Welcome. Rader's advice is spot-on: learn first before you decide on equipment you have lots of time. Also ,IMO, foundationless is really hard to start on.
  13. Thread: new in ohio

    by awebber96

    Re: new in ohio

    Welcome from Dayton.

    Three thoughts on your post:

    1. Take it from someone who started with one hive: you'll want two to start. There are dozens of posts on beesource extolling the virtues of...
  14. Re: Planting 1 1/2 acres of Yellow Sweet clover. Cost approx 150.00. Is it worth it

    Haha. But don't forget GOHoney, our honey bees aren't exactly natives! It's all relative, my friend. :)
  15. Re: Planting 1 1/2 acres of Yellow Sweet clover. Cost approx 150.00. Is it worth it

    You ask how many hives 1.5 acres will support. First, such a question is impossible to answer--there are faaaar too many variables to account for. Second, I don't think any one nectar source -no...
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    Re: Hi fom SW Ohio

    Hullo from Dayton
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    Re: bee pond a mosquito haven

    Bought two feeder goldfish for 14 cents. Problem solved overnight
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    Re: Bee tree help

    I agree with previous posts: If all you have is a baseball sized entrance, I cant imagine how you are going to do this without creating a huge mess of things. The amount of suction needed to pull a...
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    Sticky: Re: Post your bloom dates 2014!

    45432-Dayton ohio
    Linden/basswood - 6/19/14
    How cool is it to hear a 60' tree literally buzzing?
  20. Re: Post your Ohio swarm calls 2013 and 2014

    3 calls here in Montgomery co. (Including one this afternoon)
  21. Re: How much honey to leave after Spring harvest?

    Here in Dayton, we are still having a good clover flow and linden/basswood trees will start soon. So long as we keep getting timely rain, I don't see the clover ending anytime soon.

    I'd leave...
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    Re: new member from Ohio

    Welcome from Dayton
  23. Re: Will bees remove pollen from frames in honey super?

    I just dealt with this issue. I extracted some frames that had a little pollen in them. The pollen stayed put during extracting. The bees cleaned up everything when I put the wet frames back on...
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    Re: Sealing Top Feeders

    I also sealed mine with melted beeswax in the corners and joints.

    Throw in a handful or two of straw or whatever, and you will fix your drowning problem.

    If it's getting moldy, you might be...
  25. Re: Another newbee question - Hive appears queenless

    It sounds like you are on the right path. If your inspections are helping you learn, that's great.

    Your plans to add the 2nd box sound spot-on. Once that's added, though, you still will want to...
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