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  1. Re: Removing Moisture From Honey Before Extracting

    You might check the moisture content of the capped honey. I have seen come crazy times when the bees capped too thin of honey and it would ferment, bubble and blow the caps. If it was capped too...
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    Re: Flash heating honey question

    Well here’s my two cents. I have been bottling honey on a small scale for about 30 years. For the 30 years I have heated the honey in 55g drums to around 150 degrees and the honey is almost always...
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    Re: Hi from nwga

    tjMax, welcome to the forum. There are beeclubs in your area, Chattanooga, Lafayette, Summerville, Canton and a bit further Cartersville. Holcomb's Garden Center at Ft. Oglethorpe has bee supplies...
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    Re: Large scale Nuc production

    In a migratory operation we make up several hundred double nuc boxes out of 10 frame hives with the bottom board nailed on each hive and divided with tin or Masonite. On the double nuc a 7 or 8 inch...
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    Re: uncapping for 100 hives

    Jim, in the old photo of the load of bees it looks like they are loaded 5 hives wide so I assume there are some type of "loading sticks" as we called them to hold the hive apart a couple of inches...
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    Re: uncapping for 100 hives

    Jim, Thanks for the retro photos knife uncapping and others, I love looking at those old photos. By the way is that orange or citrus trees in the background of the one photo labeled 'Archie"?
  7. Re: Transporting hives to pollination jobs w/o a forklift

    There is an motorized hand truck from HaulzAll but it is a bit high priced.
  8. Re: Transporting hives to pollination jobs w/o a forklift


    Here are a couple photos of my way of moving bees. I run about 200 hives as sideline. I use a 16' car hauling trailer behind my pickup truck. I can flat out 33 hives, double stack for 66...
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    Re: uncapping for 100 hives

    Jim Lyon, You brought back good memories. I also grew up in a 5,000 hive operation that used a hot knife to uncap. It is an amazing thing to watch a skilled person at work. I wish I had a video of...
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    Re: Inspiration to keep going

    Experiencing contrast is a good teacher.
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    Re: Inspiration to keep going

    Mr. Woods, IMO going into beekeeping for your living is not something you ‘jump’ into. You need to grow into it which will take years not months. Many of the posts here have stated it over and...
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    Re: Inspiration to keep going

    Hey CWood, My personal experience has directed the path I am on now. I grew up in a large family migratory bee business, Dad running 5,000 hives of bees in Nebraska/Texas. When I was brilliant at...
  13. Re: Growth on limited budget/ waiting on financing

    Josh W
    I have some experience with double nuc hives. I try to keep about 50 of them going year around. It is completely different then running 10 frame hives. Here are some of my experiences….a 5...
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    Re: Pool of trouble?

    A frienldy jar of honey to the neighbors helps a bunch.
  15. Re: No brrod , see gueen cups. Should I combine?

    I would put them together. Are they very close to each other? If they are you can do it any time of day. Sounds like you need to feed, feed, feed them after you set them together of course with...
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    Re: IBDS syndrome [ snot brood]

    Here is what I call snot brood: The photo is from Randy Oliver's; Sick Bees Part 4


    I find this in my hives usually in the fall, the dead brood starts out white then turns gray. I don't...
  17. Re: First winter - getting nervous and have some questions

    Are you using an excluder? If so have you pulled it for the winter?
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    Re: SHB increasing then....

    It seems to me that the beetles move into the cluster of bees when it gets cool or cold to keep warm. When the weather warms up good you will see them under the lid again.
  19. Re: I would like to be a Commercial Beekeeper

    My first time into the bee business I bought in with loans and when a bump in the road come I could not make the payments. This time I am pay as I go. So first I would say, stay out of debt. What a...
  20. Re: How heavy should my hives be by winter?

    When I lived in NE we made sure wintering double deep hives weighed at least 120 lbs. Those under and not migrating south were feed up to weigh that or more. If you don't get them fed up in time you...
  21. Re: Building up hives in time for almonds - Help!

    I agree with RM to move two frames of brood up into your box of foundation. My opinion is to use wax foundation this time of year. I can not get my bees to pull plastic foundation very well with...
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    Re: coming up with the right solution

    Ben Little, I was full time in the bees and went broke 18 years ago. I dug out of all the debt I created then and I started over in the bees several years ago. What I took away from my first...
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    Re: Wax moth destruction

    The comb in the photo has some problems but does not need to be destroyed to me. Freeze it for a day or two to kill the moth, SHB and eggs. Let it thaw out and but it in a strong hive, they will...
  24. Re: Thinner dividers (plastic or vinyl perhaps?) for divided nucs 2way, 4way, queen c

    I think it depends on how you are using your double, triple or quad nucs…are you wintering in them…or are you starting them in early spring with freezing nights….or do you start your nucs later...
  25. Re: Rebuilding Colonies after Sub Lethal Pesticide Kills

    As you know the brood is the engine for building a strong hive. My experience sometimes has been a quick knock down of the bees with the pesticide and not much ‘bad’ pollen made it into the stored...
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