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    Re: USPS FAILS at delivering queens

    But the service that MangoBee said was used in post #1 was Priority Mail Express. This service does offer next day delivery to most US zipcodes, (with a money-back guarantee) as you can see at...
  2. Re: Did feeding/cost of feeding discourage you?

    Some people think Harris Teeter is an expensive grocery store,:D but a $177 bag of sugar is really a bit much ...:lookout:

    To make up for all that money spent on sugar,:) build some of your...
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    Re: USPS FAILS at delivering queens

    Miksa Honey Farms in Groveland FL (about 40 minutes from Orlando) sells queens. Other listings also at this link:
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    Re: Oxalic Acid Vaporising Bulk Hives

    While it may seem odd that an "organic" beekeeper treats bees with copper, copper solutions may be a form of varroa control. See this study:
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    Re: Digital Refractometers?

    The yellow box sidebar at this page:
    discusses some of the issues in using a brix refractometer in an effort to measure honey moisture.
  6. Re: Temporary "Greenhouse" type shelter

    Aside from the issues mentioned above, honeybees do not do well with transparent materials like glass and plastic. The bees orient to the sun, and reports are that the bees wear themselves out...
  7. Re: Did feeding/cost of feeding discourage you?

    If you want to open only part of a horizontal lang hive at a time, just cut the wood lid into convenient sections.

    You can can have a sheet of tin on top of the wood sections to deal with the...
  8. Re: Did feeding/cost of feeding discourage you?

    You could instead have foundationless frames in a standard Lang style hive which would also allow the "the bees to build the comb to the size they need most at the time."

    More on foundationless...
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    Re: New Beekeepers - Need advice

    Welcome to Beesource!

    > the comb is being built up on top of the ready made frame in layers and weird shapes.

    Hmmm. Do those frames have foundation installed, or are they foundationless? ...
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    Re: USPS FAILS at delivering queens

    Sorry to hear about your queen issues.

    You can file a USPS Insurance claim yourself assuming you have a tracking number - see this page to start: ...
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    Re: 3 out of 4 queens dead

    If you want to have USPS shipped queens kept at the post office (not hauled around by the route carrier and left in a hot mailbox) you can have your queen package addressed to you with "General...
  12. Re: Frames with more than 18.6% moisture

    Are the frames capped or uncapped?
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    Re: Condensing my hives

    If you are concerned about removing boxes because they have brood in them, insert a queen excluder in the stack where you want to remove the excess boxes. Once the brood in the boxes above the...
  14. Re: Howdy everyone from SW Texas (desert/mountains)

    Welcome to Beesource!

    Aside from the bees/hives themselves, did you get the ancillary equipment also? A veil and a smoker at a minimum should be on hand.

    The 14 threads in this forum:...
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    Re: Human Made Feral Hives

    So, Ace, do you also have an alternative:rolleyes: interpretation for "deceased"? :lpf:
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    Re: Tri Clamp Honey Gate Valves?

    Welcome to Beesource!

    > wondering if anyone knows where to (if available) get tri clamp gate valves

    Like these?
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    Re: Human Made Feral Hives

    The City of Issaquah (located in King County WA) has even more ridiculous regulations in its municipal code.

    If a hive swarms, it automatically qualifies as a "nuisance" hive. :eek:
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    Re: Where should I place my hives?

    Alfalfa fields that are cut for hay may be cut before significant bloom occurs - reportedly the highest quality alfalfa hay is with no more than 15% bloom. IF the alfalfa fields are used for seed...
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    Re: Varroa Mite Control Methods

    A significant portion of post #1 was copy-n-pasted from this page:
    (including the part about open brood likely to be killed by oxalic...
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    Re: Who sells plastic bird baths?

    Like this?

    Note the comments in one of the reviews about...
  21. Re: The "Branch" method of harvesting honey

    If you want to use a 'plug-in' appliance, how about one of these instead?:lookout: photo credit
  22. Re: The "Branch" method of harvesting honey

    As a public service,:) here is a photo of a variety of shoe buffer/polishers .... photo credit
  23. Re: Gallon Glass Jar With Standard Mason Lid?

    Beeonefarms, a standard mason lid fits in a 2 3/4" hole . The jar with lid you provided a link and photo to will [I]not fit in a 2 3/4" hole.

    Its that simple.

    I'm sure your link is a fine...
  24. Re: Gallon Glass Jar With Standard Mason Lid?

    I'm not sure what that image in post #4 is supposed to illustrate, but its pretty clear that the photo is NOT a gallon jar with a standard mason lid.
  25. Re: Michigan Loses Right to Farm Farewell to Backyard Chickens and Beekeepers

    If you prefer to read what the Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development released itself about this issue, here is the link:
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