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    Re: Purple Pollen

    Perhaps this Wikipedia article can help.
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    Re: 4.9 plastic insert foundation

    Dadant used to sell some, that was made in China. It worked okay, for me, but many had trouble getting their bees to draw comb on it. It had poorly defined cell walls. Others used it to create...
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    Re: Home Depot Bucket Repair

    For me, the answer is to use a piece of old garden hose, similar to Rader Sidetrack. But I simply cut the old hose piece, so it's a spiral (looks like a spring), then wrap it around the...
  4. Re: Wax moth issue where to get Bt 'Aizawai'

    If you used the forum search feature, for "bt", you might have located this post. And in that thread there is contact info on obtaining Bt 'Aizawai'.

    I've also purchased it from Beeworks, in...
  5. Re: will bees make queen cells w eggs given to them if there is a young virgin in hiv

    If a virgin queen is present, they are quite unlikely to attempt to produce another one. Most likely, if they grew additional queen cells, the virgin you saw, did not remain with them. Virgin queens...
  6. Re: bunches of tore down queen cells cant find a queen.

    Yes, what you describe, is what virgin queens, do.
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    Re: why wire frames?

    Several times now, I've even caught the bees starting their combs, on the wires only, and in several places, then building both, up, down, and side to side, in order to completely fill the frames...
  8. Re: hives never stopped taking sugar syrup.

    Fortunately I've had the privilege to be a beekeeper since 1966, and having long before and since been a son whose parents believed in a quasi-nomadic way of life, relocating our family to distant...
  9. Re: Considering all medium box hives, any reasons not to?

    I make my own medium depth "frame feeders". They're easier to make than frames, and they're my favorite feeders. So, a lack of commercially produced frame feeders is not a con for my own use of...
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    Re: Buying nucs on medium frames

    Almost all the nucs I produce are on medium frames. I also produce a few Top Bar nucs, that are also in medium depth nuc boxes. It is problematic to transport Top Bar nucs that are in deep nuc boxes....
  11. Re: Africanized Honey Bee's? Coastal Virginia...

    Honestly, why would their continent of origin, determine whether or not they are worth keeping?

    If they are more defensive than you prefer, depending on any extraneous circumstances affecting...
  12. Re: Considering all medium box hives, any reasons not to?

    I became a new beekeeper, when I was ten years old (1966). My beginner's kit came with one 10-frame deep super and one 10-frame medium super. The location of my first hive was on top of our garden...
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    Re: Aggressive Bees

    Requeening may certainly help the situation. However, if you are unable to locate your queen, how then do you plan to accomplish requeening? Locating and removing the resident queen is usually the...
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    Re: Thanks for accepting me as a member

    Yes, welcome. I see you are dedicated and determined to succeed with beekeeping in a rewarding but challenging environment.

    I too am looking forward to hearing about your efforts. I also wish for...
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    Re: Foundationless frames

    Here's a link to one of my earlier posts, with SketchUp plans linked to the image. There are several others, if you run a forum search.
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    Re: Deeps vs mediums for brood

    I think you should read what Michael Bush has to say on the subject. He's in a colder climate than I am. Closer to what you might have, there in Michigan. What I experience, here in Tucson, would be...
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    Re: What kind of plant is this???

    Maybe, Moringa?
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    Re: Useless gadgets

    For me, the one-handed frame grabber, was extremely handy after my shoulder surgery. It was gifted to me, and made my beekeeping chores much easier while I was limited to only the use of one hand,...
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    Re: Bees not capping honey

    Some hives, for whatever reason, leave some honey uncapped, because they are using it. Others seem to leave areas uncapped for extended periods, sometimes they finally cap it, other times they start...
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    Re: How many of you lose hives to ants?

    I've had problems, as you describe, with "Imported Fire Ants". These ants most often attack the brood. I've had issues with them in California, Florida, New Mexico, and now Arizona. When I had just a...
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    Re: Old Man Grafting

    I used to take off my glasses when I was transplanting piles of tiny seedlings. These were so tiny they make grafting age larva, look like telephone poles. That was back when I was 40 y.o. or...
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    Re: colonies absconding from nucs

    In my area, deep shade and a cooling (high pressure fogging system) help to keep my nucs occupied and functional. I already know that any the sun can reach, will either be dead or quickly abandoned....
  23. Re: Where to find local forage information?

    For me, the best resource for determining what you are asking about, is to watch the returning foragers at your hives. Then to drive, walk, and hike around within the normal foraging distance of your...
  24. Re: Dearth near Pittsburgh? What plants to help?

    I live on a one acre property. I plant a few flowering plants, so I can watch the bees and butterflies, but have no delusions that I am contributing more than a minuscule amount of forage for either....
  25. Re: Hole Saw Sizes for bee escape and feeders

    I just use a regular 3/8" diameter drill bit, or sometimes a 3/8" spade bit - either work just fine. I'm not even sure they make hole saws that small.
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