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  1. Re: Getting bees NEXT spring - how to become sustainable?

    OK here is what I did. notice I said DID. I started with a nuc and caught a swarm. spent my first summer opening them almost every day to see what was going on. hey I learned a lot. they were not...
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    Re: Booming to dead in 5 weeks

    i have had booming hives before and thought I should ad some patties. and then found them soaking wet and dead later. I feel I put moister into the hive when doing so. now if I put any pollen sub or...
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    Re: colony expansion?

    today i just popped tops for a look in the hole on the crown board, and listen for bees that I could not see on top. I would not go looking for expansion in the brood nest yet better to leave them...
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    Re: Horizontal vs vertical hive question

    i like agitated bees. but I also like my jacket and hood.
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    Re: Reasons for hive not to requeen?

    I went through the same thing a bout 3 weeks ago. kept adding frames of eggs and finaly told myself she has got to be there. and started a thorough
    search frame to frame. AND THERE SHE WAS
  6. Re: I need ideas on setting up a bee yard (pics would be great too!)

    a lot of nice yards. I would set it up how ever it suits your needs and goals. here is a picture of mine.
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    Re: Goldenrod flow is on

    here in Vermont generaly to lo temps at night near frost at this time.
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    Re: Goldenrod flow is on

    are golden rod has come to an end. and brought in more of the smelly socks today .
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    Re: Captured a swarm! Will it survive?

    NICE ! your on your way. just keep feeding. if it were me I would put them in a 5 frame nuc. and have another 5 frame box ready to go on top for increase. even if they don't make it. I think it is...
  10. Re: Fair Warning About this type Entrance / Mouse Guard / Queen trap

    welcome to the wonderful world of beekeeping. every time I make a mistake I learn several new things.
  11. Re: Hi There! I'm moments away from ordering a complete hive kit! Any Advice?

    start looking around as you drive around ,when you see a beehive or two at some ones house stop and ask questions, see what beekeepers are using and ask why. I cant think of any beekeeper that...
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    Re: moving 12 double deep colonies

    I only have a few hives, some at my fathers house and some at mine. I always prepare at night and move first thing in the morning. and yes I put something in front of hive to cause them to reorient.
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    Re: Should I spend more money or let my bees die

    See what bees will do to ya !
  14. Re: Can I safely combine a laying worker hive with a queen right hive?

    I put a queen right hive in place of the laying worker hive, and moved the laying worker hive forward about 30 feet. did it early in morning before flight. through the day those that left the laying...
  15. Re: Zom-bees? Weak hive turns bizarre...couple questions.

    if it were me, I would take the best 4 frames and put them in a 4 frame nuc box. BUILD ONE IF YA DONT HAVE ONE. and shake all those bees in, and start over, let them build from there. but that's just...
  16. Re: Using fishing line for foundation support doesn't work !!

    use all 4 I do the better the beginning the better the end.
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    Re: newspaper method with grocery bag?

    always put a slit in the paper. my last combine was done with untreated building paper and they chewed through it fine.
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    Re: Am I going to be swarmed on?

    lets get a super on that hive !
  19. Re: Using fishing line for foundation support doesn't work !!

    I reuse the wire. and have had bad luck with duraguilt. but that's just my experience.
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    Re: They must hate plastic

    my best results have been with wax foundation. I stear away from plastic especialy DURAGUILT, that stuff should just be thrown away .
  21. Re: Using fishing line for foundation support doesn't work !!

    I have had some work and some not. but I quit fooling around and went to 28 guage wire. setting up a frame with new foundation and expecting to get a few years out of it, requires it to be done right...
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    Re: Can't find my queen. When do I panic?

    since I stopped looking for the queen I seem to see her more often as I am looking at and inspecting other things. as long as I have eggs and brood I eather have a queen right now or I have the...
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    Re: Man, what a bad idea!!

    sometimes ya can and sometimes ya cant . keeps it interesting !
  24. Thread: michaelg

    by curios1

    Re: michaelg

    whatever you do. the sooner the better .
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    Re: laying worker drew queen cells on drone egg

    im not sure but shouldn't you shake all bees out of the L W hive before introduceing the frame of eggs and larva. I am of the understanding that when you do that the L W does not make it back to...
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