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    Re: 9 weeks later: Varroa update

    Use a jar feeder over the hole in the top cover and go to 50/50 on the syrup. Sometimes I'll move the frames where they are clustering under the hole and they'll take the syrup even if it is cool. ...
  2. Re: I've got a disease puzzle for you guys to think about...

    You may be on to something re woodland fungus. There may be something in the pine woods that affects them. I had ten or so hives in this location in the spring and five or six developed...
  3. Re: Results from Beltsville are in...

    Over the years I've seen these kinds of fall dwindling but not typically so late. I've usually attributed it something I could treat. It appears in this case there was nothing that I could do except...
  4. Re: Results from Beltsville are in...

    I just realized the error. It was trachael mites.
  5. Results from Beltsville are in...

    The sample I sent was from a hive that had crashed from five or six frames of bees and brood in late september to around 100 bees with queen. They tested for nosema, varroa mites and nosema. They...
  6. Re: Answers to a few of your questions

    samples have been sent and will report when I get results.
  7. Thread: SBH in Europe

    by Tim B

    You can't get rid of beetles by destroying hives...

    The beetles can live and propagate in any sort of over ripe and or rotting fruit. That is the reason that hive near gardens with melons or orchards have such a terrible time with them. They can...
  8. Re: Answers to a few of your questions

    All of the queens are this year's queens mostly hatched and mated in may and produced good brood patterns as evidenced by their ability to fill their hives in the fall flow.
  9. Thread: SBH in Europe

    by Tim B

    Re: SBH in Europe

    Sorry to hear that the continent has been infested with this scourge. They're not too bad in winter and spring but by late july they'll take out any weakened hives sliming your equipment in the...
  10. Answers to a few of your questions

    Generally there is no brood or a two or three inch patch at most.
    Queens are generally still in the hive with a handful of bees.
    There is no sign of ant infestation.
    There are no crawlers, few...
  11. Re: I've got a disease puzzle for you guys to think about...

    I'll do the trachael mite test this afternoon. I'm working to get my hands on a microscope to look for nosema as I don't have fumagillin in supply.
  12. Re: I've got a disease puzzle for you guys to think about...

    Skunks could be a possibility and I have seen what I believe to be signs of skunk activity at some other places. One of the hives that crashed was sitting a stump about 24 inches off the ground so...
  13. Re: I've got a disease puzzle for you guys to think about...

    All my hives got apivar from early july-August. There should not be any resistance since that is the first time I used apivar. I did no mite testing but I am not seeing any dwv at all. There are...
  14. I've got a disease puzzle for you guys to think about...

    I have four bee yards. Two bee yards consist of bees that were distributed from a fifth bee yard that I had to move in late August. One of those two yards has about 30 hives. 4 weeks ago I had a...
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    Re: African hive inspection

    That's just a brutal reaction by the bees. I was at 10,000 feet in the Andes last week and by chance met a beekeeper. We got into a conversation about his bees and he invited me to come see his...
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    Re: whats going on here?

    looks like some melting larva. Probably efb possibly connected to weakness due to mites or insufficient feeding. If that's all the bees you have then the hive is gone. What you fed was probably...
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    Re: EFB Can they be saved?

    What I am dealing with definitely responds to oxytetracycline (so it isn't a virus) and definitely isn't afb. It is indiscriminate among various queen lineages. Apparently the uk has the same...
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    Re: EFB Can they be saved?

    Efb does at times seem to jump from one hive to the next in a given apiary. Spring infections seem to show up in hives with older frames. Summer infections tend to pop up in those hives and in nucs...
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    Re: EFB Can they be saved?

    i've dealt with plenty of efb. It can show up at any time once an apiary has been infected. I've tried freezing, acetic acid and everything else but am not convinced that I have been able to...
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    Re: Major SHB problem

    Why not put the traps with bait above the screen where they hide to escape the bees. Maybe the answer would be to vacuum the beetles up with a portable battery powered vacuum cleaner since they...
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    Re: Varroa? Yes. But What Else is Going On?

    How many bees are in the hive and how much ventilation do they have? Heat can cause brood to die like this. Varroa and/or efb can also cause a similar pattern. If this hive were mine I'd count mites...
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    Re: SHB - Varroa issues

    You did the right thing in removing the extra space. The hive probably superseded the old and the new one hasn't started laying yet. Check for larva in week or two. This time of year a lot of...
  23. Re: How can I get my queen to increase egg production, before Fall arrives!

    The challenge to getting numerical buildup in the fall is that the bees and queens are not thinking about building up numbers but of conserving stores and situating the boundaries of their brood...
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    Re: Another Hive has absconded due to shb

    The problems is that the bees are getting too hot and bearding leaving no on inside. The beetles then are free to do their deed. No need to close the entrance....the beetles will get in no matter...
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    Re: Best way to move bees

    Depends on how many bees are in the nuc and how much time they will be closed. Having had a several hives melt down overnight with only screens over the entrances, I no longer take a chance in the...
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