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    Re: Hello From Hungary! :)

    Orommel hallunk feloled! Kivancsian varjuk majd a kepeket, tapasztalatokat, jo hallani hogy ilyen koran - 16 evesen mar elkezdted. Sok sikert hozza.
    Hany csaladdal dolgozol? Hallottam a...
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    Re: Best way to start out foundationless?

    Look up Kelly,s foundation less frames, I think they are the best having tried the flipping and inserting methods on a long run it saves you time. the bees I have never cross combed on these frames.
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    going into rainy season S. CA

    Looking for ideas on what to do.
    3rd year, 8 hives. Treatment fee, foundation less, running only mediums.5 of them are 5 medium tall, 3 of them are 2 medium tall. Tall ones are 3rd year queens,...
  4. use of pollen/solids on the bottom of melted wax

    I have been melting my wax, pressing it through a mesh and letting it harden in a bucket.
    Under the wax there is a lot of pollen/gunk solids.
    Can it be used for feeding it back tot he bees mixed...
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    Re: Crushing honey comb

    I ended up purchasing a grape press, works really well on shot day.
    In case I don't have too much to crush I just use a strainer and a fork to break the capping and let it drain.
    patience will...
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    Re: Greetings from Hungary

    and in case your English fails, feel free to ask for translation:) I used to be fluent and could use some practice.
    I will do my best!
  7. Re: check before you assemble - if you ordered Walter Kelly medium super hive body

    applause W.Kelly and the customer service they have, after some back and forth they made it right for me and I am satisfied how they handled this problem.
    They did not disclose what happened with...
  8. Re: I think my bees might be foundation challenged. . . pics included

    PM me and I can give you some drawn out comb, you can place into your frames.
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    baling a queen

    On my last visit to collect some bees for apitherapy I noticed that at the entrance of a hive there was a bigger than golfball size ball of bees.
    I have seen bees balling a queen before and picked...
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    looking for beekeeper in Adalucia, Spain

    I am planning on a trip to Spain this spring and would not mind spending some time with a beekeeper in the southern part of Spain. Traveling from Sevilla down to Malaga and Granada and back to...
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    S. Ca. checkerboard timing

    I have several hives at various stages from swarms and rescues.
    Started 2 years ago, foundation-less so far treatment free. All mediums.
    I have a colony that is 3 med. tall, screen-board. ...
  12. Re: Ultimate Hive Cover / HAs any one here utilized yet?

    I bought one at the beginning .
    yes you need a block to keep it on top.
    yes they did glue it down but it was not harder to remove it than a migratory top. it did great letting the moisture out but...
  13. Re: Starting with Foundationless Frames...looking for advice/clarification

    Have fun, do not stress over things the bees will know what to do.
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    Re: Drones already?

    just spotted the first one today. Opened up another hive and there are many capped drone cells. I checked to see if there is a laying worker but it was not.
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    first drone spotted today - short winter?

    out of a "hot" hive came a young drone. Today. :scratch:
    I know it is S. Ca and the temperatures are mid 80's during the day and mid 30's overnight but is not this a little too early?
  16. Re: check before you assemble - if you ordered Walter Kelly medium super hive body

    Changing the way they made their boxes made them weaker. The last finger joint at the bottom is smaller and does not have a hole to nail it. If you tried nailing it it could split since it is narrow....
  17. Re: check before you assemble - if you ordered Walter Kelly medium super hive body

    Yes, the long sides are cut too short. I had ordered frames from them - only from them since I am foundation-less and their frames were great - and it does not fit. I cleaned the frames I had, and I...
  18. Re: check before you assemble - if you ordered Walter Kelly medium super hive body

    I never had an issue with any other orders but this one since they changed the manufacturing process. I think the older ones were better.
  19. Re: check before you assemble - if you ordered Walter Kelly medium super hive body

    I use foundation-less frames.
    They have changed the way they manufacture the bodies, I think it is not better than the old ways were. I will try to post some pictures of the differences.
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    Re: Poisened comb uses?

    not even for fire, who would want to breath the vapors???
  21. check before you assemble - if you ordered Walter Kelly medium super hive body

    Ordered 20 boxes, unassembled, commercial grade.
    Did not check - did not think I would need to - the dimensions and assembled them.
    Frames do not fit!!!!
    It turned out the long sides are 1/8"...
  22. How do you prevent robbing during fall inspection?

    Looking for ideas on how to prevent robbing during my inspections.
    I can only open up 3 hives max ( would like to inspect all 13 ) and bees are attracted to the honey in the hive I am inspecting. ...
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    Re: What to do with extracted wax>?

    this is only my second year but so far with the live removals I collected a fair amount of honey and comb and this is what I did with it:
    I assume you have foundations and used an extractor, in...
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    Re: Hive removal ?

    That is not a question that can be answered! Every established hive is different.
    I think if you know that you are a handy person, can adopt to changing situations and resourceful, patient than you...
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    S. Cal - can I still expand

    I am in Ojai, have 13 hives.
    Second year for me and first year for most queens. I split them in february an now they are filling up supers, at least 2 or 3. I only use supers.
    They are in an...
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