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    Heavy Syrup Keeps Crystalizing

    I have a hive that was a late trap out. They are doing well even though they are somewhat small in population are pretty vigourous as far as pollen and nectar collection.

    Since it was a small...
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    Re: queen has stop laying what do i do

    Let the hive be until spring and then requeen. If they have the stores they should get along thru the winter just fine.

    Just cause it will be in the 70's one week does not guarantee it won't be in...
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    A first for me...flying SHB

    Went to feed the cut out hive today and while there had this black looking beetle come flying in and going back and forth across the entrance. To many guard bees up front prevented him from landing...
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    Re: On the subject of Golden Rod

    Goldenrod is just starting here in NW Florida....not sure how well it will do with our drought conditions. Bees are bringing in pollen but appears to be from late blooming crepe myrtles as well as...
  5. Re: bees moved into my nuc today.... When should I check for a queen?

    I have a Boardman feeder at the front of my cut out hive and my worst problem now is bull ants. I filled the feeder today and within 5 minutes I heard this loud buzzing coming from within the feeder....
  6. Re: Update to advice needed....need more advice

    bt....I had thought of that but have no experience with it. Guess I need to read up and study it.
  7. Re: Update to advice needed....need more advice

    I prefer not to go that route but yes I could but like I said I prefer not to and leave that to the free form keepers..

    Eventually I want to get them normal in a Lang type hive.
  8. Re: Update to advice needed....need more advice

    AB....I have been feeding them syrup for the last 3 weeks but they are just expanding on thier rubberbanded comb and have no interest in frames with foundation.

    Gypsi....hard to attach comb like...
  9. Re: bees moved into my nuc today.... When should I check for a queen?

    Reduce the entrance and wait about 7-10 days and checked for eggs and brood.

    I have just learned this from a cut out that within a week had a queen cell that hatched but afterward saw no sign of...
  10. Re: Update to advice needed....need more advice

    Gypsi...I understand what you are saying but I don'y have any drawn comb to spare and had attached their natural drawn comb to empty frames via rubber band method and hoped they would get on the new...
  11. Update to advice needed....need more advice

    Since I had to go and feed syrup today to the hive I decided to look again. This time I noticed eggs and uncapped larvae so this is a good sign. Still did not see the queen, I think she is Carl Lewis...
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    Re: Advice Needed - Update

    Since I had to go and feed syrup today to the hive I decided to look again. This time I noticed eggs and uncapped larvae so this is a good sign. Still did not see the queen, I think she is Carl Lewis...
  13. Re: Bees in vent hood / duct at McDonald's - anyone ever do something similar?

    Yeah....I will have 2 McFatties and a honeycomb milkshake plus a order of fries with cooked brood

    Can't even begin to give you an answer but my first thought is you don't have to worry about...
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    Advice Needed

    I have a hive that I cutout August 23rd out of a crate. Left the hive there for a few days to catch stragglers and them moved across town.

    Basically 2 weeks ago I was able to check on them and...
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    Advice Needed

    Hello is my situation.

    Over at my FIL's he has this large wooden crate on a covered concrete slab that contains a cast iron wood burning stove. I guess during the heat of summer and...
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    Re: Starter fuel for bee smoker

    I think the fumes produced by the insta light types of charcoal would poison the bees. The charcoal is infused with lighter type fluid. I know you said that you would let them burn down but do you...
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    Re: How many Hives?

    In your area I would rather have less hives going into winter with heavy stores vs having an additional 3-5 more competing over the same source and all 5-8 having lighter stores.

    I think the same...
  18. Re: Preventing Bees from Pollinating Citrus Trees

    OK, had to double check to make sure my calender did not say April 1st.

    Don't worry the mud slides will cover and protect your tree from the awful bees.:D
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    Re: Saw My First Swarm Today

    This is only my second one I have seen in motion and the first I chased after. It was getting to the point I was debating do I leave the wife and kids 3 hours from home if the bees land. I wanted the...
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    Saw My First Swarm Today

    Was in Foley, Alabama stopped at a red light on Hwy 59 about a mile or so South of where Hwy 98 crosses. I looked over and saw this mass of bugs coming across the road and right away knew it was...
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    Re: Hives that didn't generate honey...

    Not sure in your area but if you had a cool rainy spring/summer the girls were probably not able to get out to collect pollen and nectar to its fullest. Even the plant life that blooms in these...
  22. Re: Merry christmas beeks from rush river honey company 2010!

    Merry Christmas from the Panhandle of Florida where now it is a balmy 58.:D

    My wish to all beeks is that your hives survive winter, the honey is great tasting and bountiful and you do not have any...
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    I read all the post and appreciate what RRussell is doing along with others. I got some good tips and pointers about controlling SHB. Where I live just out my back door the farmer alternates crops,...
  24. Re: Take Action ! U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

    I will stay out of this Bayer and farmers discussion but I did sign the petition.

    If it helps to wake up some folks at EPA then it will be worth it.
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    Re: Do bees fill top supra's last?

    A Toyota Supra is a lot of space to fill with bees and honey:lpf:

    Like Wayne suggested reverse the boxes or do splits.
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