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  1. Re: 8 swarms captured, only 1 viable colony so far

    1. add a frame of open brood and they will stay.
    2. some people like to re-queen swarms to have a more fertile egg layer.
    3. you can't win them all
  2. bt? correct ratio? I'm mixing only 1/2 gallon

    bt? correct ratio? I'm mixing only 1/2 gallon. I hate wax moths. I'm setting out some swarm traps and want to protect my old brood comb.
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    Re: Plastic or wax?

    And to all the people that said plastic works during a heavy flow........I agree can't really control the flow and when it's over you are stuck with plastic frames that bees don't like...
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    Re: Plastic or wax?

    I agree with the poster that said bees see plastics as a barrier and will build on one side and then stop thinking it's the end of the cavity. I've had lots of hives with this issue. It's very...
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    Re: Plastic or wax?

    4 years I've tried plastic, even during the heavy flow around the soybean crops and sometimes they work with fair results. I'm certain that I can't use plastic. I've tried adding a coating of wax and...
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    Re: Plastic or wax?

    I would like to find the guy that came up with the idea of plastic foundation and punch him in the face until I got really tired.
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    Re: Extractor-rusty interior

    throw it away
  8. Re: seems like my bees quit laying in several of my deeps

    my problem is not sbb because I am no longer using them!
  9. seems like my bees quit laying in several of my deeps

    I run a deep hive bottom with medium super on top. Then I add a medium super when I think I need to in the early spring. More if need be sometimes. This year it seems like lots of my hives have...
  10. Re: Tried to stop robbing for seven days, but the robbers come back

    move it
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    Re: Maxant 3100 Extractor

    you aren't loading it right. try to balance the load. all 3 frames to the right or try to guess the weight of the frames as they go in and balance all 6 this way. balance the load and you will be good
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    Re: Swarm trap locations

    In a deer stand is a good starting place. They are usually the right height off the ground and in the shade.
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    I'm done with 9 frame spacers in supers

    I'm standardizing with 10 frames in a 10 frame box. I decided its just too complicated having both 9 and 10. you got to draw out new foundation with 10 frame boxes so I'm just going to all 10. I...
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    Re: Foundationless frame extraction

    I saw where somebody put kabob skewers through the bottom area so bee would attach and this seems better than wire
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    Re: Old Brood Comb

    don't worry, you will have hives die and you will have more old brood comb than you know what to do with!
  16. Re: what size metal lid to order for quart jars in mm?

    what is the item number there?
  17. what size metal lid to order for quart jars in mm?

    what size metal lid to order for quart jars in mm?
  18. Re: in-house observation hive recommendations

    yes of course
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    Re: How fragile are capped Queen cells?

    newer ones ar soft, older ones are tougher
  20. Re: Post Swarm - Source Hive, buy a mated queen or let nature take course

    let it go, commercial queen might be superseded, then you are another month behind!
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    Re: Beeweaver queens in the north

    I just killed my b weaver queen. I never had a hive so mean! I've had hives I've been scared of but this one was worse. I gave her about 6 weeks and finally killed her. All other b weaver queens have...
  22. Re: Picked up my first hive yesterday. Advice?

    don't feed it, mouse guard on in the fall, keep your frames centered, get ready for small hive beetles since you are in the south, get another hive because you need a backup in case things go bad you...
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    queen castle success rates?

    What are your queen castle success rates? Sometimes they make it, sometimes the queen doesn't make it back or even the hive gets slimed by SHB. What are your odds of success?
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    Re: plastic frames introduction

    I think this thread is about plastic frames, not foundation. I gave up on my plastic frames this year. I only had 10 but they never seemed to work no matter what I did they eventually quit laying in...
  25. Re: frames in question, were they small hive beetle slimed?

    What about washing out the supers ?
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