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    Hive with all/mostly drone brood

    I have a hive that went queenlees in the middle of January. I left them to raise their own and hoped that she got mated. Apparently she didn't because now the hive is almost completely drone brood. ...
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    Sticky: Re: Please Post your Swarm Dates?

    2/7 I picked up a swarm from Irvington Alabama(gulf coast). It was slightly larger than what a 3lb package would contain. First nice day in a while with temps around 70. It's definitely early in the...
  3. Re: Queenless hive with a handful of queen cells but no drones. What to do

    Sometime right around January 10th I completed an inspection. During that I found a handful of capped queen cells. Knowing the timing I would assume I went queenless right around new years day. First...
  4. Re: Queenless hive with a handful of queen cells but no drones. What to do

    Update 2 With the weather in the 70s today I couldn't resist going in for another look. I found the queen right away and this time there were plenty of eggs to be seen. Hopefully this means this...
  5. Re: Queenless hive with a handful of queen cells but no drones. What to do

    We have had sunny weather but I don't believe it has been warm enough. I have read it needs to be up above 70. We have had mostly weather in the high 50 to low 60 All of my hives have some drones...
  6. Re: Queenless hive with a handful of queen cells but no drones. What to do

    Update: After transferring 2 frames of eggs, larva, and capped brood to keep the numbers up I left the hive alone for 2 weeks. I just went in yesterday for a quick peek. I found a very small queen...
  7. Queenless hive with a handful of queen cells but no drones. What to do

    On the gulf coast we just had a few days of weather with lows in the teens. This is unusual for us. Today it is up around 70 so i opened them up to take a look. What i found was two hives busting at...
  8. Re: Reoccurring robbing! How can I prevent it.

    Thanks for the input guys. The hive is still jam packed with bees and lots of brood just very very little stores. I plan on making these and...
  9. Reoccurring robbing! How can I prevent it.

    Straight to the point! How can I prevent robbing on hives that I am trying to feed 1/1 + HbH because they have already been picked bone dry just a little while ago? Currently I am using a 1 gallon...
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    Observation Hive experiments?

    I have had a single wide 6 medium frame OB Hive going all summer and would like some ideas on things to do with it. Other than adding food coloring to the syrup what are some other experiments to try?
  11. Hive with an excess of bees but won't draw new comb

    I have a hive that is just busting at the seems with bees. Right now it consists of 5 medium 8 frame boxes. Three are all brood, one is all capped honey and the other is 8 empty frames with the...
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    Re: OB hive problems / beetle larva

    Thanks for the idea Michael. Today I took it outside and cut away the part being annihilated by the larva. By the time I had gotten home from work today the problem was 10x as bad from the night...
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    OB hive problems / beetle larva

    I am in my first year with the bees. I have two hives outside and then I also built a single wide 6 medium frame observation hive. During the package install on the OB hive I lost the queen and it...
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    Re: dwindling attendants with queen.

    Sorry for the lack of detail. I have been giving them one drop off water twice a day since picking them up. They also have a candy plug. I have been keeping the cave in a drawer in our spare...
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    dwindling attendants with queen.

    I just received a queen cage in the mail. It originally came with 4 attendants. One was dead when I picked the package up from the USPS. Through the first night two more had died. This leaves me with...
  16. Migrating bees after install of two packages?

    I just installed my very first two packages yesterday afternoon. It went smooth with the exception of cutting myself pretty good with the hive tool trying to pull the cork from the queen cage. I...
  17. Varying dimensions from different suppliers?

    I have purchased all of my 8 frame medium boxes so far from one of the major bee supply companies however I have found the same equipment cheaper on another site. How important is it to stick with...
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    Just getting started in Mobile Alabama

    Hello everyone and thanks in advance for all the knowledge I plan to gain from everyone. I am starting from scratch this spring and have just the knowhow that I have gained from the internet. You...
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