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  1. Re: Are carpenter ants a nuisance or big trouble?

    Odfrank. There wouldn't probably be any ants if you removed the deep super surrounding your feeder bottles. Many commercial beekeepers just leave the bottles out in the open above the inner...
  2. Re: Aha, it's not just me, NH seems to be having a problem with honey supply

    How much did you feed your bees in the spring? I have found that if you feed the hives abundantly in the spring so that the population is increased proportionately that the honey crop that will...
  3. Re: Newspaper combine with 2 queen right hives?

    What's the purpose? Find and kill the inferior queen and let the better one thrive. Otherwise, you are standing the chance of having one injured queen and a mess later. OMTCW
  4. Re: Are carpenter ants a nuisance or big trouble?

    As mentioned, ants love moisture therein lies the reason they are on the inner covers. I just raise the front of the top cover and rest it on the front of the inner cover, allowing air to flow...
  5. Re: Bees in a tree .. when , and how to trap

    You have been given a gift. Leave them alone and set a swarm trap in the spring near them. I would do it every spring. Once had a similar situation from which I harvested swarms at least every...
  6. Re: How successful are double screen boards for overwintering a small hive on a big o

    "The one thing I'm a little nervous about is how a one super hive has enough feed to overwinter. Guess I'll just be visiting them a lot, and have lots of fondant on hand." No problem, just feed...
  7. Re: How successful are double screen boards for overwintering a small hive on a big o

    It would be far better to use a double screen and place each medium super on very strong hives. I do this nearly every year with late July swarms that I have caught. Feed them to the fullest and...
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    Re: Drones got the boot!

    LOL (laughing out loud) It's sort of a disclaimer. Only My Two Cents Worth.
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    Re: Drones got the boot!

    July 29th my hives got rid of their drones as well. Found it kind of early for my area but every hive did it all around the same time frame. It may be a worse winter than the last....... OMTCW
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    Re: How do you know?

    The bees land very "heavily" as if they were bombers with their bombs still in the racks. They will also miss the landing board more often. OMTCW
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    Re: Swarm won't stay in hive?

    Try placing a queen excluder underthe bottom super then open the entrance. Make sure that the top does not have any holes where the queen could escape. A frame of brood will help. OMTCW
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    Re: benefits and myths about SBB

    It certainly does. I use them on all of my hives. During our northern winters they are closed, however come late spring they are open, the inner cover is pushed back about a half inch opening,...
  13. Re: Interesting DC editorial countering the pesticide CCD hysteria the media loves

    Maybe the journalist took some of his inspiration from the report "Honey production - 2013" in Bee Culture pp. 16-18 OMTCW
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    Re: Burr comb on inner cover

    Usually that is a sign that you need to add a honey super to be filled. OMTCW
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    Re: help with a swarm trap

    Go on You Tube and do a search "Swarm Traps" There are quite a few instructive videos that should give you much more info concerning the use of your hive bodies. OMTCW
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    Re: drill holes in honey super?

    Personally, I find it useless. From now on, with the hole in it, that super will always have to be facing front where the hole has been drilled. When moving bees for pollination purposes, just...
  17. Re: Need advice tonight: How early is too early to attempt to box a swarm?

    The longer you wait, the less honey they will have, then they will become mean. Suit up and maybe during the morning coolness they will be more lethargic. A light spray of sugar water might help...
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    Re: Loss in Mid April

    Chip, don't forget that the condensation should be exhausted through the front top lip right under the edge of the inner cover during the winter. I just take any 3/8" twig that might be lying...
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    Re: Loss in Mid April

    Hi Chip. My pleasure! Yes, you are in my opinion wrong in one aspect but correct otherwise. Let's remind ourselves of how our bee hives look in the winter when there is snow on top of their outer...
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    Re: Feeding honey back to bees

    I have found that the easiest way was to use my gallon jars (mayonnaise jars), with many 1/16 holes drilled into the jar covers but drilled according to the shape of the inner cover hole. Placed...
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    Re: feeding back honey from an extraction

    If you took the material to be "cleaned" out into the open area about three to four hours before dusk, the bees will clean it and then just bring the cart or wheelbarrow of the remains in when it is...
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    Re: Loss in Mid April

    Hi Chip, "Bees were in a small cluster and had moved up high in hive, above the 75% full deep and into the medium." Why would you think the bees would move up bypassing a deep super, eating nearly...
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    Re: reincorporating swarms

    Sure you can do it, but you will have to wait. I would try to maximize the amount of brood and honey from all "hives" so let them do their thing and in the Fall, unite the weak one that you think...
  24. Re: Proper Hive Ventilation for Hot Weather

    We don't have your weather but I have always pushed back about an inch, each deep super and also push back on the honey supers in extreme heat. Push the inner cover back an inch and raise your top...
  25. Re: nuc brood hatched, no new eggs or larvae, Help!

    Am wondering if whoever made up the nucs forgot to put the queens in them or may have been relying on them to make their own...... "heavy with capped brood" no mention of eggs, or larvae..... Might...
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