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  1. Re: How many of you started with just one hive?

    I guess I'm fortunate that I can do woodwork and had access to scrap wood or it would have been difficult for me to justify the expense - at the time I started with bees the economy was in the dumper...
  2. Re: How do you prevent robbing during fall inspection?

    Where I live we are just about to the point that inspections are irrelevant. Some queens have shut down, so looking for brood is pointless. If it is early in the day you can still open a few hives...
  3. Re: Trying to avoid another lousy winter

    Other than feeding in October what else have you done?

    This is what I do...

    Ensure hives have plentiful nutrition - 12 months but especially starting August 1st.

    Keep diseases and parasites...
  4. Re: Beekeeping Club website - software question uses wordpress, and in the past spam comments and memberships were huge problems, but since I implemented google recaptcha and mailchimp double opt in for emails those...
  5. Re: How many of you started with just one hive?

    I started with one 3 pound mail ordered package - which arrived on May 12. I split it on July 4 and nursed both small hives successfully through that winter. All of my woodenware was home built out...
  6. Re: Raising queens/ is it practical for a hobbyist?

    In my experience new beekeepers who make increase are much less likely to become discouraged and quit. Partly because it makes you a better beekeeper.
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    Re: Raising my own Queens.

    Unless you put an awful lot of virgin queens in the air they will probably get mated just fine - but even if they don't queen rearing accelerates the learning process so much that the experience will...
  8. Re: Dead Queen or just normal fall situation?

    I have queens that have already shut down too. A bit early maybe.
  9. Re: Follower boards to reduce 10 frame hive

    You can also just use a frame of plastic foundation for what you are doing. I have many times and it works great.

    Any time I can do what I need to do without specialized gear I do... after I...
  10. Re: Tried MB fall harvest but issues, ideas?

    Whenever I leave an entrance - intentional or not - above an excluder I often get large amounts of pollen in the honey frames near the entrance even when there is no brood present. I Usually give...
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    Re: Why a nuc instead of a full colony?

    You are even farther South than I am, and I overwinter "nucs" every winter without stacking them or doing anything at all to keep them warmer. Lost zero last winter. Whatever you do you don't want...
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    Re: Why a nuc instead of a full colony?

    I'm glad to hear that your far greater experience agrees with what I have seen. If you start nucs in hive bodies or nuc boxes seems to make less difference than the difference between individuals....
  13. Re: Amount bees eat seems to be related to feeder type

    I'm sure that how quickly a feeder is emptied is somewhat proportional to how many bees can feed at one time, but my 2 gal pail feeders only have holes in about a 2 1/2" circle and they get emptied...
  14. Re: Wax Moths, Pollen Filled Frames and BT Azawaii

    It will prevent wax moths but not shb. I give pollen frames back to hives.
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    Re: Stop the madness!!! Robbing is real

    My experience has been that even a strong hive of carnis is vulnerable to being robbed by italians when a dearth gets going. I think that un recognized robbing may be a factor of many failures.
  16. Re: Roach Stations inside hive for SHB control.

    A few adult hive beetles are not a big deal and certainly are not sufficient cause to put illegal untried chemicals in your bee hives. I am not extremely anti chemical BTW.

    Hives that "fail...
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    Re: Acebirds one hive

    That's a lot of beetles, but if the hive doesn't have some other problem (especially queenlessness) I wouldn't write it off at all. They usually are not the only thing involved when a hive goes down.
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    You might consider one of those hitch mounted cargo carriers. I cover my stacks of pulled honey supers with simple homemade bee escapes, and unless they contain brood they are almost completely...
  19. Re: 30% overwintering that accurate?

    Based on show of hands at our club meetings I think that 30% is a good ballpark figure for hobbyists at least. Is it accurate overall - heaven knows.

    However, if you make all the right moves you...
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    Re: Winding Up First Year

    Congratulations on making it this far, but your first year isn't over until you have had bees for a year. Seriously congratulations and good luck. If you successfully made increase your first...
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    Re: Hallmarks of a distressed colony

    Sure they do. Sometimes you can get a great deal on close outs, and replacing an iffy one with a fresh new queen can help to insure that you don't have a failure in the middle of the winter when it...
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    Re: Hallmarks of a distressed colony

    Hives behave differently. Sometimes the one that has low entrance activity is doing great - sometimes the busy hive is just being robbed. You really need to inspect to tell for sure.

    However, if...
  23. Re: Is it true that bees only bring in Pollen when they have a queen?

    I have observed residual bees from a queenless shake out - no queen, no brood, no frames or comb - bringing in pollen.
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    Re: Fumeboard product questions?

    The price of these products may seem a little expensive, but even a small bottle goes pretty far. It is well worth it.
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    Re: Robber Screen Entrance Question

    It can be like that, but a lot of low key stealth robbing goes on as well. I have had nucs where everything looked fine, but after feeding a quart a day for 2-3 days they were still completely dry. ...
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