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    Re: What's going on?

    Last year in summer dearth I had over 200 drones ejected/killed making a big pile beside the hive,while other drones came and went. The workers get rid of the ones they want to get rid of. Several...
  2. Re: Harvest honey from swarmed TBH or leave for remaining bees?

    Hi Donna
    There is a great time table for bees on Michael Bush' website. Days from capped queen cell to laying queen (when you should find eggs or wait another week for larvae you can see better!)and...
  3. Re: Harvest honey from swarmed TBH or leave for remaining bees?

    I didn't give the queen enough spaces up front last year either.My first package of bees from mid April,last year,swarmed mid June, leaving less than a package size population (very sad for me At...
  4. Re: hottest weather temp you safely inspect TB in?

    Yes,I understand that and I doubt if I myself would do more than put in a queen cage,at over 85,even in the shade! I can't stand being out there in a suit when it's over 85 anyway! I figure the "way...
  5. Re: Bees not foraging/no honey stores in July

    I did a split this year with a couple of different aged queen cells put in there (in case something went wrong with the first one).Last year I only had one hive and they made a great queen after...
  6. Re: Not seeing much discussion on harvests- how's everyone doing?

    This Spring when flow began I got 1/2 gallon from last year's TB hive's bees extra stores(honey in partially filled combs from last Fall). 3 partial combs gave medium color brownish-orange and...
  7. Re: hottest weather temp you safely inspect TB in?

    Thank you for pitching in Michael,and all the replies! For some reason despite bee temp being 93 I still thought people would say "cooler" than that to inspect, so it's good to know .
    I Will get...
  8. Re: hottest weather temp you safely inspect TB in?

    Thanks Harley, but I have a shade canopy over the whole bee area (only 3 hives)and have never needed extra ventilation (yet) since I've never had comb collapse (except when I was adjusting a cross...
  9. Re: hottest weather temp you safely inspect TB in?

    Yeah,southern(I'm almost at Calif boarder) and east of the Cascades in Oregon gets Very hot...we hit 107 here almost every summer July and/or August. Good to know 88 is already wiggly since last...
  10. hottest weather temp you safely inspect TB in?

    Curious as to how hot the weather is when your experience inspecting is still least if no comb has to be adjusted. It's going to be around 100 for a couple of weeks and I need to get in...
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    Re: Swarm leaving home

    I agree with the above suggestions. A drop of lemongrass smeared on the back,nice and dark in there,shaded with a canopy removed my own need to try to vent somehow,and a feeder, really should do the...
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    Re: Orange shop soap for the "stickies"

    The one I used was called "Fast Orange" from Permatex;but we had a different brand before that also was "Orange" something. It worked great on the waxy residue sticking all over my fingers. It...
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    Orange shop soap for the "stickies"

    Hi All
    I had a "beezaster" with a fallen comb when I had to push several into alignment. It fell and I couldn't put it back on it smashed so badly(a new one full of nectar). Then I guess I was...
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    Re: learning everyday

    One of my hives was like that and I didn't like how far spaced the holes were. I drilled easy wine cork size holes with a spade bit beside the front hole,even to it, 1 1/2 inches over.On my hive I...
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    Re: New Hive with comb but bees missing

    I don't have bears that come in yet but I read that's a common misconception. The bears want the protein of brood first and the honey second. A couple of hundred is so few that I'd combine them with...
  16. Re: HELP!! I think I lost my hive but maybe I can save them???!!!

    It just seems that there is Something about your hive they don't like. Top bars are not the problem, it's the bees or the hive set up;it seems to me. Honey bee healthy will help get rid of their...
  17. Re: HELP!! I think I lost my hive but maybe I can save them???!!!

    Your second note confused me;did they All abscond?
    I've had 3 TB starts and not one cross comb. Are you using a level every direction when you set up and have bars with guides? Is the hive facing...
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    Re: What are these bees doing?

    Without the arching,bees do house-cleaning too,sometimes licking all over! What are those white "beads" on the floor?
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    If you want to keep or bees and there are plenty to keep brood warm around spaces, DO "disturb them,or lose them.It helps to put blank bars right in the brood area front and middle,every other bar or...
  20. Re: Photographs from 3rd Inspection, May 31st, Day 38 - Is that a Queen Cup?

    Last year was my first top bar and my April 9 package swarmed on June 14. I wasn't ready--couldn't get an empty nuc made in time-- Plus my mind was already overloaded with new beek info. But I ended...
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    Re: giving shade to a new TBH

    Only one year experience but this worked for me. I put up shade when the forecast is for 90s for a whole week(it could hit over 100 easy cause forecasts aren't perfect).

    Last year it was over 100...
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    Re: Experience with bee behavior

    The group orienting all depends on how your queen lays her drones. I've seen pictures of worker brood,comb after comb with a smattering of drone within. Not mine! My Carnie queens always lay a bunch...
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    Experience with bee behavior

    Hi msscha--You do know your own hive's drones are all big and dark and sound different than your workers,right? The first time I saw a group of drones orienting instead of workers it sounded really...
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    Re: Drone bee's kicked to the curb.

    I agree to double check for problems. If "all is good" ,to my knowledge,the girls leave the drones to "do their thing" and they are booted out only in Fall. Sounds unusual. The only time I had drones...
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    Re: Booming Hive - Do I need to split?

    I think they will swarm and they may not fill the last bars first either.I personally don't think it's the hive ;it's the speed of your bees. I got a second package this year and they are calm,slow...
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