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    Re: Are we being greedy and foolish

    Since you have been feeding since you established the hive, what you see in the hive for stores is not considered honey by most folks. While you are in no danger consuming it, please never market it...
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    Re: Too late in the year to split?

    Finding a queen locally sounds like your best bet.

    However, if that options fails, the bee mags are full of ads for queens. The ads are one reason to subscribe.
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    Re: Putting a Nuc into a Deep Lang

    It is a bit late now but a nuc provider not providing boxes for transporting (requiring either a deposit or included in the price of the nuc) would be crossed off my list of potential suppliers. ...
  4. Re: How important is it to find the queen?

    I rarely look for a queen unless there is something I want to do with her.

    The exception being a newly captured swarm - I want to make sure she is there.

    Eggs/larvae/brood are good enough for...
  5. Re: Newbee question- Putting second brood chamber (deep) today

    I did 5 today where I took a frame with brood from the edge of the brood nest and centered it in the new box. My empty but drawn frame went where it seemed like it would get used quickest in the...
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    Re: NUCs value

    @OP - depending how you choose to market, it sure sounds like you could easily get $150 or more for these. It also sounds like you are a decent person, are concerned that the bees could be "hot"...
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    Re: NUCs value

    Much depends on when the bees are available compared with when other bees are available. As a seller you get to decide on lots of things - how long have the bees lived with the other bees in the...
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    Re: Questions on used boxes

    I hope you haven't wasted your time. Before you started with the boxes, the boxes and frames should have been inspected. There are ways to scorch boxes, bottom boards and covers so you can be...
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    Re: Natural Beekeeping Trust?

    I took a quick look at their web site. It seems to be a project of the rich with no stated projects or even goals - other than those implied as industrial age beekeeping is doing it all wrong. That...
  10. Re: Lots of Capped Brood - What if it Hatches Just as Dearth Begins?

    No rule of thumb I'm afraid. You need to make your best guess as to how much food they have and how long it is going to last. Getting in the hive and seeing what they've got for stores helps make...
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    Re: Apiara Hive Scale Question

    I believe Alex is a one man show at this point. There are risks of small operations - you've identified one. I don't foresee the company going under any time soon but it is hard to imagine the...
  12. Re: New Hives - Very different activity levels

    Hi John,

    Activity levels on both hives seem fine to me. As you started from packages you ought to go in sometime soon to check for queen release, or did you do a direct release?

    I imagine the...
  13. Re: How much honey to leave after harvest

    You really need local information.

    In my neck of the woods we never harvest from the brood nest. Honey in supers is considered surplus and available for the beekeeper to harvest.

    Winter prep...
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    Re: Small cell bees and Survivor bees

    Come now - as I said - skip the abstracts and look at the findings for yourself. I have not looked at the studies you mentioned but believe you're reporting what the abstracts say and not the...
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    Re: Small cell bees and Survivor bees

    Crux of the matter: if the results are reproducible (which should be the case if good science was done), funding doesn't matter. You are right to be suspicious though. I regard abstracts as what...
  16. Re: When do you guys feel comfortable not to wear protection?

    I've always thought the anticipation of being stung is what makes you nervous, rather than the actual sting.

    I do not own a full suit, wear a jacket 99% of the time, and use latex type gloves.
  17. Re: When to stop feeding pollen and other newbie stuff

    The biggie is that the bees seem to slow their expansion.
  18. Re: When to stop feeding pollen and other newbie stuff

    Way too soon to add your second brood box. There has been tons of discussion on this of late. Welcome to beekeeping.
  19. Re: Beekeeping Software & Privacy Concerns

    Old foggies like me have the ingrained belief that all data stored to the cloud will eventually get used by someone or some entity for a purpose different from what I put it there for. Mostly for...
  20. Re: Understanding Brood Boxes and Honey Supers

    There is not anything you can do about it now - I think you added your second brood box too soon and you are now experiencing resultant complications.

    Swapping boxes is most often done as...
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    Re: Bee management plan

    I like your attitude!
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    Re: Drone comb what to do with it ????

    Don't worry about drone comb. Presuming the colony is queen right, the bees are going to want some drones and foundation makes it harder on them to produce. If the drone cells concern you, follow...
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    Re: Just a rant

    Where in Maine are you? What does your mentor have to say about all of this? I'd be deeply embarrassed if it turns out you took one of my classes.

    I get all my frames that require foundation...
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    Re: When did CCD problem start

    I got all bent out of shape yesterday over an e-mail that laid the blame for CCD solely on neonics. It turns out that the e-mail was written by an intern and they got their facts very wrong. A...
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    Re: Mite question

    I think OA dribble is largely done when the colony is broodless - as OA does not penetrate the cell cappings. This time of year if you want to use OA you are far better off with vaporization (which...
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