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    Re: bee equipment for kids

    Blue Sky has the smallest suits that I was able to find. My son is almost 3, their smallest suit fits him well with some room to grow. He is about 3' tall. It is a well made, quality product. Had...
  2. Re: The billion little things that make a beekeeper's life easier

    To clarify, I only use one hive tool, but I keep more than one in my bucket. I usually have a j hook tool for really stubborn frames, and a regular hive tool for 99.9% of work. I have never worried...
  3. Re: The billion little things that make a beekeeper's life easier

    Oh yeah, and when the grass gets too tall for mowing in you're bee yards use a string trimmer, let it dry for a few days and you have smoker fuel waiting for you when you get there.
  4. Re: The billion little things that make a beekeeper's life easier

    Get an old washing machine to mix sugar syrup. You can leave it out side if you want. It will mix with cold water and pump into you're tank or buckets. Just add sugar and water put the drain hose...
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    Re: New from Maine

  6. Re: brood chamber is in the top deep....what should I do?

    If the nectar is starting to flow in you're area you should reverse them. Take the top box and put it on the bottom. They will naturally work up. No need to move frames just put the whole top box...
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    Re: Deer Rifle thoughts please

    I use a .270 savage bolt rifle. Grew up with the model 94 30-30. I have recently discovered 7mm08, that will be the next rifle I purchase. Better ballistics than .243, wide range of bullet...
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    Re: Ring shank Nails or Staples?

    I use a Bostitch coiled siding nailer with 2" galvanized nails. Deck screws top and bottom finger joints. Titebond II, because I still have a 1/2 gallon. Two coats of latex. Seems to hold up well.
  9. Re: Will live hive swarm into deadout hive with honey still in there?

    Vance is right. Wait until they start swarm cells, and then take the queen and some bees and brood for you're split. Control the swarm, and put it where you want it to go. Don't wait or they will...
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    Re: Cell Starter and cell finisher?

    I also use 1 hive for both. Move the queen above another hive the day before you graft. Put her back when the cells are capped, with an excluder between her and the cells.
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    Re: Bears and Honeybees

    Hey Mike. Sorry to see all that damage. Did you contact the game warden? Technically the state is liable for damage that their bear caused. They are supposed to pay for damages, although I have...
  12. Re: how do you get your girls to fill out the comb in a mini mating nuc?c

    I put them on top of a strong hive during a good flow and the bees draw them out nicely. This is just for comb, the queen usually will not go up and lay in them. This is also a good way to get some...
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    Re: Economical way to re-queen 5 hives

    You should read Fifty Years Among The Bees by C.C. Miller. There is a lot of good info on the subject.
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    Re: Virgin through an excluder

    Sorry for the double post. Queen rearing went well this summer. We had a baby June 27th, and I still managed to get three rounds in. I did not sell many, but I have a lot of nucs to overwinter, good...
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    Re: Virgin through an excluder

    Yes, I think the virgins that have destroyed my cells came from outside the cell builder, but I assume they came in the front entrance and went up through the excluder.
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    Virgin through an excluder

    Hello Everyone

    I am still trying to decide if a vigin queen can fit through a queen excluder. I have had a few batches of ruined cells that make me think that they can. Just wondering what...
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    Re: Maxant-Mraz-marvel uncapper

    I wanted to know if it is a good machine. Thanks for the advice about the guards. How old are they? How fast are they?
    It looks like it is all galvanized. How did you know I am looking at it...
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    Maxant-Mraz-marvel uncapper

    Hello Everyone

    I have a chance to buy a mraz-marvel. Can not find any info about them online. Does anyone know anything about them?
  19. Thread: New Member

    by Jennings

    New Member

    My name is Jennings, and I am a beeaholic. I do not have any plans to reform, nor do I want to. :)
    I have been lurking for a while, maybe a year, so I figured it was time register so I could...
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