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    Re: Confused about winter feeding

    My experience is limited as well, but I think the difference is timing. We think of sugar (whether dry or brick) as "emergency" feed, but the bees don't. It may be just that in January or February if...
  2. Re: Who wants to talk about unusually warm winter weather?

    The thing I DO like is the bees are making cleansing flights in December. Lauri you already know, I put sugar blocks on most of my hives already, as insurance, rather than wait until January. People...
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    Re: Carnolian Bee Reviews

    Weird, I've only been keeping bees three seasons, but the only hive I've had swarm was the only Italian colony I've had (one hive of Italians, ten of Carniolan so far). I watch for backfilling with...
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    Re: Best Carniolan Queens

    Sue Cobey spoke at our state association's regional meeting in October. She doesn't sell production queens. Last I heard, a club in WA state bought an I.I. queen from her for $900 (YIKES). She works...
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    Re: Wasps,wasps and more wasps..

    Rob, here, a couple hours south of you. Same problem. Some times the guards repel them, others walk right past them. The wasps are after honey/sugar this time of year. At least they're not eating...
  6. Thread: Broodless?

    by rsjohnson2u

    Re: Broodless?

    I'm pretty new (third season), but my understanding from reading and talking to locals in Washington state is broodless near the solstice, or roughly Dec 20-Jan 1 for broodless treatments such as...
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    Re: Fall Protein and Brood Stimulation

    Thanks for the well thought out responses.
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    Fall Protein and Brood Stimulation

    So, many say not to give pollen or protein substitute/supplement in late fall or winter so as not to stimulate the rearing of brood during winter, as it may be too early for build up (thinking...
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    Re: 8 frame box width

    Had the same problem. No info in catalogs. I DID drive to an outyard. Mann Lake 8 frame measured 14 inches across.
  10. Re: Mite count still high after treating with Mite Away Quick Strips

    If memory serves, MAQS instructions say NO retreatment for first 30 days after initial treatment. Locally, we follow up with something softer, like thymol or Hopguard. Interesting to read from others...
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    MAQS and brood loss

    I've read about MAQS and possible queen loss, but this is what I found:

    Two hives treated with two pads of MAQS each, between the brood boxes as per instructions. Daytime air temps never above 80...
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    Re: EFB Can they be saved?

    I, too having been waiting to read/hear about freezing. Glacial acetic acid or irradiation seem like generally accepted methods of treating frames. I did cross infect a second hive by giving...
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    Top feeders and dehydrating syrup

    When using a top feeder, how much does it interfere with the bees' efforts to dehydrate the syrup and nectar that is below the feeder? I added a Mann Lake style feeder today on a light hive, and the...
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    Re: EFB Can they be saved?

    I've had it this year as well. and I inadvertently transferred it to an adjoining hive. One hive recovered well, the original weaker hive struggled all season, even with new comb and three different...
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    Re: one 8 frame deep for winter?

    As Michael Bush points out, one important factor is the race of your bees. I had a ten frame single survive in WA state my first year that was really only six to eight frames. It was made from a...
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    Add bees or add comb?

    I put a new queen in a hive made from a virgin led swarm that turned out to be have drone layer. The bees in the swarm are getting old, and I'm not sure if they'll revert to wax making. The problem...
  17. Re: OA vaporizer - dedicated battery or the one in the truck?

    Thanks, I was thinking scooter/lawnmower. I'll have to look up amps.
  18. Re: OA vaporizer - dedicated battery or the one in the truck?

    What about something smaller and more portable, like a scooter or wheelchair battery?
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    Re: Pseudo Laying Workers

    The smaller, originally "infected" hive struggled all summer. Perhaps I should have cut my losses, as advised by some. I'm on my FIFTH queen on that hive (it came with two-a virgin that...
  20. Re: How successful are double screen boards for overwintering a small hive on a big o

    WBVC, last year, the consensus of our bee club was that in our climate, it would be better to overwinter a stacked nuc above a full hive with a solid board in between. It is so wet here in the...
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    Re: Western Washington Beekeepers 2014

    This is/was the season of queen issues. I'm not expecting much honey, but so far, have gone from 3 hives surviving as of March to 8 plus 2 nucs struggling along. I may get 3 mediums of honey, maybe a...
  22. Re: Anyone seen large queen losses/supercedures

    As I posted earlier, I MAY have just squished them, but seems odd, and many others seeing similar results. See marked queen, CAREFULLY put frame back in, ten days later: no queen. Also, the bees seem...
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    New Queen Question

    So, after checking on a swarm with a suspected virgin queen, that was captured 24 days ago, I finally saw larvae. Nothing is capped yet. The bees have only drawn worker comb, no drone comb. There is...
  24. Re: Anyone seen large queen losses/supercedures

    That the weirdest part. Some of the queens just "disappeared". No supercedure. The queens were in there laying away, and then poof, next inspection, there are emergency cells around the outer edges...
  25. Re: Anyone seen large queen losses/supercedures

    As for raising my own in response to the losses, I had failed queen cells/virgin returns in April. Although I had one hive out of four with good drone numbers, and used that as a gauge that other...
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