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    Re: white eyed drone

    Very cool. Drones are awesome. Your bees look healthy:)
  2. Re: super slow motion educational bee film 2 mins long please watch

    Fantastic! When the bees were landing and fanning the hive it was super intense along with the soundtrack. I really like it! Great Job!
  3. Re: Been playing around with a label/t-shirt design...

    Can you make a version with a more sensual bee? That would appeal to me. I like your work but have a little issue in general with the portrayal of bees in advertising. I have been seeing bees...
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    Re: Light colored bees

    Sometimes you can get golden colored bees. It is normal.
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    Re: Bee Math-Queen

    Now you have a new queen :) Just when you think it didn't work it did:) Got any pictures of her? :)
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    Re: Colonies slow to build up

    I am south of you.... but I think that what you said about the colder temperatures had an impact. My bees are the slowest to build up this year in comparison to the last several years. Things look...
  7. Re: super is not getting drawn. Am I being impatient, or should I do something?

    If you have it.....? It was advised to me to roll some extra wax on new frames and that can help get them started drawing the wax out. Feeding is key also with one to one syrup. If it is a first...
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    Re: Dying bees?

    I think that they were starved and ate the brood for nutrients. If you feed them and perhaps give them some pollen they should turn around soon. Good luck!!!
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    Re: Now I know why beekeepers wear white

    I was all around my bees in a black shirt this weekend without a veil for a long while with no incident... but I was behind the hives. I was quite aware that I was wearing black and was cautious...
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    Re: Taking Photos

    Beautiful bees ForrestB
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    Re: Miller Bee Supply

    I got some nuc boxes from them this year when Mann Lake had them back ordered. The Nuc boxes are good and the shipping was quick. I was happy with Miller Bee Supply!!!
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    Re: should i add supers ?

    I'm with Greg Lowe on this one. I have some hives that are just getting started but I gave them supers. The oldtimers in our bee club always remind us younger beekeepers that you better get the...
  13. Re: First stage of house trap out in place

    I have never done this before but I have read some things about it. From what I understand it works like little by little with patience eventually the hive expands and then the queen will go in...
  14. Re: Big Rig Transporting to Maine blueberries goes over

    Thank you for explaining that Mark. I always imagined that the driver of the truck with bees on it is the beekeeper that owns the bees. This article got me thinking more in depth on it and I...
  15. Re: Please help diagnose what this is... Video..

    It was already covered well but I will take a stab at explaining what I was thinking when I saw your video....(not enough bees)..It's important that the brood area be together so that the bees can...
  16. Re: Big Rig Transporting to Maine blueberries goes over

    Do truckers that are not beekeepers often move bees? I figure you would want to have a bee suit at least when hauling them.
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    Re: Now I know why beekeepers wear white

    I put my hands over my face and gradually walk away. Usually once I get far enough away the bees will go back to the hive but not always. I think black does have an impact. I wear black shirts often...
  18. Re: Big Rig Transporting to Maine blueberries goes over

    Mixing the bees up together and all that drama surely got the bees to defensive mode. If they were in their hives with their queens they may have been gentle bees. That scene was a mess. I'm glad...
  19. Re: hi all from up in Pa, need info on local queens for late spring

    Welcome to Beesource....Here is someone in PA that I would trust to have good queens. Bjorn seems like a good one also. I haven't bought from either one but I intend to get some bees from Varner's. I...
  20. Re: I really like this song by Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds

    Cool I will Thanks!!
  21. Re: To those who claim they never ever get stung

    When I have looked in on my Italians this year they will be okay and then all of the sudden the way that I move the frame or something sets them alert and they all at once come after my gloves and...
  22. Re: I really like this song by Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds

    Very Nice!! That banjo sounds sweet!!! Mastertone. I like Modest Mouse also. I checked out Daniel Lanois - Still Water (1989) on you tube. I like him and his band. Thank You for sharing that!!
  23. Re: What to use if you forgot or can't find your hive tool?

    Painting them bright yellow is a good idea as well as hooking them hear and there. I thought about this thread as I worked hives this weekend. I must just get so in the zone as I am working on bees...
  24. Re: I really like this song by Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds

    Nice! I like the additions. This is my brothers band. I shot and made the video. I think it's a David Byrne cover but I'm not sure.
    The drummer is a beekeeper and we have worked bees together a...
  25. Re: People Can't TakeTheir Eyes Off My Shirt

    I like it. It is fun to play around with pictures of bees. I need a better camera but still get some suitable pictures some times :)
    I wish you well with your shirt and the experiences that will...
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