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  1. Re: Already ordered a nuc for spring, but now in love with top bar hives...

    I too have both, just build a long-lang.

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    Re: The do nots in beekeeping

    No fire but a nice wax coat to nearly everything and I can no longer pour candles in the kitchen.
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    Re: The do nots in beekeeping

    Don't melt 20 lbs of comb and wax in the kitchen and leave it unattended.

  4. Re: Top Bar Design Questions (The Bars Not The Hive)

    This is a pain in the rump, I have done it and agree Mr. Bush it doesn't work that well.
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    Re: SoFLA Winter inspection

    Good for them.

    20 degrees here and suppose to be -13 tomorrow. I am hoping I fed my little colonies enough.
  6. Re: Top Bar Design Questions (The Bars Not The Hive)

    I go with a mix of 35 and 38mm. They never seem to choose the right ones though. Ripping commercial 2"(1 1/2" planned ) works nice for one consistent size.

    For comb guides I root through my scrap...
  7. Re: Who wants to talk about unusually warm winter weather?

    Regarding the weather

    We have been mild for most of the fall but -25 last month with a week below freezing probably averages out to normal temps.
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    Re: Heard a taLL tail. Is it true?

    Sounds like how the University of Minnesota recommends managing langs. You split off a young colony every year and use the old one to make honey and take everything. They have a good set of books....
  9. Re: Which length is best for a Top Bar Hive? 3 or 4 feet?

    4-5 feet.

    Some of my fours don't have enough room in the summer, but five can be a pain to move. Both will flex in the middle if the legs are on end and they are full.

    I have some 3' and...
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    Re: roughcut lumber

    I use rough. Have to adjust the box size a bit. Nail it up quick though or it will warp or stack and sticker it for a few weeks in the garage or keep it covered and it will dry ok. I save more than...
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    Re: TBH Entrance

    I do mine on the end at the top or just set the top bar back some.
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    Re: Slow year for honey

    Slow/low year for me too. Cold spring I think.
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    Re: AHHHHH RATS!!!!

    Sounds like what I have read about Colony collapse disorder?

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    Re: Black Hairless Virus conibued

    Chronic bee paralysis?
  15. Re: What do you think about this book?

    The honey bee democracy is an ok read. Good information with a unique writing style.

    Haven't read the others.
  16. Re: How can I make hive boxes that are perfectly stackable-a necessary requirement.

    Take a hand plane to the high corners, that is what I do. You can buy one for ~$20.

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    Re: Nearly full in July?

    Build another hive 4-5 foot long and move them, and use the 3 footer as a big nuc. If you think you will get some more "flow" then take a couple bars, if not then leave it all(I would steal one just...
  18. Re: Wanting to build TBH for next year - Q's on construction material

    Use what you can get the cheapest. I use rough cut pine on my langs and top bars. I don't have a planer so some of mine look a little rough/warped but the bees don't mind.

  19. Re: Re-Use the package bee sugar syrup can

    I reuse them to feed nucs
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    Re: Now I know why beekeepers wear white

    I have some black rimmed glasses they really don't like. :)

    I helped a guy with his first install the other day and they were not to fond of his cologne.
  21. Re: Three deeps as a winter plan in the North - Good or bad idea?

    Beekeeping publications from the Univ of Minn suggest using three deeps. I think they are plant zones 3 and 4.
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    Re: Bees Died

    The dead one abscond?
  23. Re: Does anyone have any of these laying around? Would make great top bar hives

    Iron lungs...
    A good reason for vaccination. Most adults today never had to live through a time when their childhood friends would not come back to school in the fall from polio outbreaks in the...
  24. Re: Minimum number of bees to start with queen

    One of mine that came out of this winter only had a handful of bees. So I would guess a frame of capped brood and a queen would keep them going.

    If you aren't having to buy the queen you don't...
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    Re: Bees congregating by hot tub

    Mine do the same. When you are small and an ectothermic in need of a big drink cold water can be a killer. Water in the bee yard is suppose to help.

    I don't worry about it. There was a similar...
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