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    Re: Another harvesting question

    WE still haven't had the goldenrod flow here in Michigan. I think you could pull some and then get the drawn comb right back on the hives for them to start refilling-
    Where in lower MI are you? ...
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    Re: Honey harvesting question

    I have been successful extracting frames with no foundation at all in a radial extractor. Just the comb that the bees drew. I made sure they were well seated and brought the the speed up slowly.
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    Re: Harvesting Honey Soon - Looking for input

    I just pull frame by frame like angel describes and shake the bees back in the hive then brush the last few off and put in an empty super with a cover (and base!). Blower seems like overkill unless...
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    Re: Shallow super actual weight

    Fusion_Power, by "shallow super" do you mean a true shallow or are you referring to medium? We just harvested 90 pounds of honey (net weight in jars) from 25 medium frames this weekend.
  5. Re: Best advice I EVER got starting out: use ALL one-size boxes

    I'm a He

    NO question that the nuc demand exceeds supply around me. And I hope I can get to the point where I am proficient enough to produce and sell nucs. But so far I am still in the, "look...
  6. Re: Best advice I EVER got starting out: use ALL one-size boxes

    I tried to go "all medium" but found it very difficult to find medium nucs for sale.
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