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  1. Re: Survey of Mite Infestation in Drone and Worker Brood in a Treatment Free Colony

    I as well have done the sort of take apart frame and count the mite deal. My results where very near yours and that got me to use drone frames in all my hives. After breeding is over, those same...
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    Re: Cleaning frames & hive bodies

    I'm sure I will get blasted for this one, and that's ok. I see the water and bleach solution as preventative maintenance and have not observed the bees doing anything different on those frames than...
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    hello from Quebec Canada

    Hi all. I'm Robin and as of yet, it is still winter here and I have been waiting spring to get back into the thick of things
  4. Re: Water jacketed bottling tank maintenance

    something you may want to try is remove the chains and use stainlees steel screen, I simply fold mine over the bars that held the chains, after uncapping,, just remove the screen,,no tools and...
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