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    bees are thriving, not dying

    Was not sure where to put this.. if in wrong area .. feel free to move it.

    its been a while since i have been on here. been busy.. still have bees and im going to be setting up for topbars .lol...
  2. Re: 25,000 bumblebees killed, dropping from trees in Wilsonville; pesticide suspected

    if that's clover then it looks like red clover .. and am i right in saying red clover is hard for most bees and pollinators to get to? i think that is why someone said not to plant red clover but...
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    Re: concealing a colony in a shed or garage

    why not put.. a one way bee excape into the side or top of the hive.. instead of having it set for bees to go out and not in.. turn it they can go in.. not out.. that might work.. once in...
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    Re: Will Kudzu herbicide harm bees?

    if you could try not to spray what is around your place.. make use of it instead if you can.
    find out when the others will be spraying and try to keep the bees away. i don't know what damage the...
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    Re: Day before Thanksgiving hive check..

    we have soybean fields and corn fields nearby.. but the drought sort of nixed that.. tho they were bringing in pollen thanksgiving day.. i believe most of it was from gardens and such.. we have a...
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    Re: Day before Thanksgiving hive check..

    they were fed .. matter of fact.. i was feeding from end july beginning of august. summer on.. we had a horrific drought this year.. im in missouri.that is why i was surprised the other hive was not...
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    Day before Thanksgiving hive check..

    this might ramble a bit.. but.. .
    I have 2 hives.. hive A and hive B... now the setup this year i moved to under the large fishing shelter.. its a roof about 20 x 12 and about 8 ft up. next to the...
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    hive top feeder and fondant

    can i use my hive-top feeder(the kind used for feeding syrup usually). if i take the screen off it.. to feed fondant to the bees.. its the kind of feeder hive top that mann lake sells.. i can take...
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    Re: Citronella plants?

    Citronella comes from a grass, Cymbopogon nardus. This grass has lemon-scented, stiff leaves that reach 2 to 3 feet long. Cymbopogon nardus is used in the production of commercial citronella oil.

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    Re: bee theft in Canada

    its possible.. maybe someone saw a vehicle there.. that he didn't mention... they have vacumes for bees. and its not hard to grab a queen.. if you leave original boxes and no one saw what you did.. ...
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    bee theft in Canada

    saw this on a new channel i was on. people are pretty brazen...
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    Re: 1 deep hives.

    you can actually start your hive with all mediums.. alot of beeks go that rout.. as they are easier to lift . some are even using shallows. me i want all mediums.. unfortunately i have a few deeps.....
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    Re: Fire danger from smoker

    i have that model.. personally.. rubber and plastic that close to a heat source is asking for trouble.. i constantly watch mine.. im right now looking for a older type.. non plastic..
  14. Re: Friend in Dobbs Ferry, NY received notice from Code Enforcement Officer

    this might help..
    some excerpts from the site.
    York Prep School

    New York, N.Y.

    The bees that live on the...
  15. Re: 1. Put wax moth comb on strong hive? 2. Did the Bt work...or not?

    that.. is why i said take the wax off. unfortunately there is usually a little on the frame bake it at a low temperature..lower than i bake bacon...(its how resturants get that nice evenly...
  16. Re: 1. Put wax moth comb on strong hive? 2. Did the Bt work...or not?

    why not after you take most of the wax off. bake the frames in the oven at about 150 to 200. put them on a cookie sheet tho to catch drippings.. a lipped cookie sheet works.. if not put them on tin...
  17. Re: Wondering if this beek is still alive ...

    i know the grove was no more than 2 acres .. might have been more.. there was either 2-4 hives.ahh i miss those days
  18. Wondering if this beek is still alive ...

    it was mostly musing . and it got me to wondering if this gentleman was still around.. i just dont remember his name tho.

    About 30 years ago.. i used to visit my grandfather in the sandiego area.....
  19. Re: What do you use for smoker fuel? Any tips on keeping it lit?

    tried that.. smells horible lol..i like using old oak leaves. they smolder really well and since we are surrounded by huge old oaks.... i have an unlimited supply
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    Re: Do I have to use a queen excluder?

    probally to make sure drones are not up there.. as they cant fit through the excluder.. and to make sure the queen didn't make it there as well
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    Re: Worse case scenario

    My guess is it depends on how pissed the girls are.. some people can go in totally nekkid.. sans bee outfit.. just normal clothes and not get stung.. others can be in total bee armor.. and get...
  22. Re: Do many of these threads belong in the beginner area?

    """I just feel that we spend a lot of time answering really basic questions, e.g. "how do I know when a flow is over?", "how many boxes to winter in?", "Extracting first time any tips" which seems...
  23. Re: what is this tree that is blooming in missouri?

    ok got some photos.. the flower is similar to sourwood.. but yet the positioning of the flowers is not the same. the flowers have a heavy sweet honey like scent. had my nose in one as i was taking...
  24. Re: what is this tree that is blooming in missouri?

    definately not a catalpa.. flowers are the size of blueberry flower as well as shape. leaves are .. trying to remember without going to the other side of the pond. lol if i remember right.. without...
  25. what is this tree that is blooming in missouri?

    I'm hoping someone can help me id this flowering tree. we have a bunch of these trees. thought at first they were basswood? but the flowers are different.. they for all it matters. look like...
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